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This page contains references to publications which contain Cure related articles. This list was compiled by me (to the best of my knowledge). It is meant to be a repository to keep track of all Cure related publications. So, if you know of any other publications that the Cure are in that are not on this list, please feel free to e-mail me with the details of the publication (Date of Publication, Name of Publication, Article Title, Volume/Number of Publication, Country it was published, Is the Cure on the cover?, How many pages long is the article (including the cover if there is one)?, Does the article contain pictures?). If possible, send a scan of the Cure on the cover of the publication(only if it does not already exist on this page). This will allow me to link the picture to the record of the publication. Thanks in advance for all of those people who wish to contribute!

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There are 6028 publications listed.

Article Date Magazine Title Cover Article Title Country # Pages Pics C/O Notes Date Added


1/1/1989 Unknown  N Under The Spotlight: Disintegration Album Review (Begins with '1989 marks the tenth anniversary...')
US  1 Y C US or England?
1/1/1989 Unknown  N 5-13-89 Lorelei, Germany Show Advert (Different)
Germany  0.25 Y C
1/1/1989 Unknown  N The Cure: A History
Spain  3 N C
1/1/1989 Unknown  N German Prayer Tour Advert
Germany  0.5 Y C
1/1/1989 Unknown  N En Ferro No Paso One (Cartoon)
Spain  1 Y C
6/30/1989 Unknown  N OCIO: De Bellos Y Bestias
Spain  1 Y C #LVII
8/29/1989 Unknown  N 8-29-89 Cleveland, Ohio Coliseum Theatre Show Advert (Different)
US  0.25 Y C
8/29/1989 Unknown  N 8-29-89 Cleveland, Ohio Coliseum Theatre Show Advert (Different)
US  0.25 Y C
1/1/1990 Unknown  N Achter De Schermen: The Cure Voetbalfans
Belgium  1 N C Author: DVJ
1/1/1990 Unknown  N 7-7/8-90 Torhout/Werchter, Belgium Show Advert
Belgium  1 N C
1/1/1990 Unknown  N The Oakenfold Cure
England  0.25 N C
1/1/1992 Unknown  N Unknown
Russia  1 Y C With Transcript
1/1/1986 Unknown Newspaper  N Horror At Cure Show
US  0.25 Y C
8/6/1987 Unknown Newspaper  N 8-6-87 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Spectrum Show Advert
US  0.5 Y C
1/1/1989 Unknown Newspaper  N Rock: 'The Cure' D'amour
France  1 Y C Author: Patrick Scarzello
1/1/1990 Unknown Newspaper  P Weergoden Sparen Het Rockfeest Niet
Belgium  1 N C
1/1/1990 Unknown Newspaper  N Torhout/Werchter: Nat En Mat
Belgium  1 N C Author: DVJ/DTG
1/1/1990 Unknown Newspaper  N En Toen Kwan De Kater.. (7-8-90 Werchter, Belgium Show Review)
Germany  1 N C
1/1/1986 Var Matin  N The Cure A Rebours
France  1 Y C Author: Marie-Pierre Paulicevich (M.2.P.)
3/1/1986 Video Rock Stars  N A Question Of Faith
Band Poster (Robert W/Crimped Hair In Middle Of Band)
Video Clips (Begins with 'Video camera, hanging on the wire, who is the scariest...')
Video Rock Scene - Dirocktery (The Cure - Elektra Records Address)
US  3.25 Y O Van Halen Cover, Author: Toby Goldstein
7/1/1987 Viva Rock  Y The Cure In New York
Japan  4 Y C #64
11/1/1991 VOX  N Picture Of Robert Smith
England  1 Y O Erasure Cover, No Article - Only Photo of Robert Smith
11/1/1992 VOX  N Making Up The Cure
Summer 92 Concerts…
England  4 Y O Sinead O'Connor Cover, Author: Shaun Phillips
1/1/1989 What's On  N On The Beat (Small Cure Content)
England  1 Y C Author: MD
1/1/1986 WHSmith Advert  N Staring At The Sea: The Images Video Advert
England  1 Y C
1/1/1986 Woolworth's Ad  N Staring At The Sea Video Advert
England  1 Y C
3/1/1985 Zig Zag  Y Coy Boy (Interview - Part 1)
England  6 Y O #18, Authors: Antonella And Tom Robbins
9/1/1985 Zig Zag  N Hearing Aid: Good Morning Britain
England  1 Y C
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