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This page contains references to publications which contain Cure related articles. This list was compiled by me (to the best of my knowledge). It is meant to be a repository to keep track of all Cure related publications. So, if you know of any other publications that the Cure are in that are not on this list, please feel free to e-mail me with the details of the publication (Date of Publication, Name of Publication, Article Title, Volume/Number of Publication, Country it was published, Is the Cure on the cover?, How many pages long is the article (including the cover if there is one)?, Does the article contain pictures?). If possible, send a scan of the Cure on the cover of the publication(only if it does not already exist on this page). This will allow me to link the picture to the record of the publication. Thanks in advance for all of those people who wish to contribute!

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There are 6028 publications listed.

Article Date Magazine Title Cover Article Title Country # Pages Pics C/O Notes Date Added
3/2/1996 Melody Maker  N Begins with 'The Cure have recorded 24 songs for their new album...'
England  0.25 N O
5/11/1996 Melody Maker  N Get Cured!
Wild Mood Swings Album Advert (Full Page)
England  2 Y O I only have WMS Advert
11/9/1996 Melody Maker  N Gone! Single Advert
Gone! Single Review
England  1.25 Skunk Anansie Cover
12/21/1996 Melody Maker  N 12-10-96 London, England Wembley Show Review
Review Of The Year '96
England  2 Y O Review Author: Jennifer Nine, I only have Wembley review.
11/13/1996 Musik  N Lichtspiele Im Dunkeln
Germany  0.75 Y C Author: Claudia Wiegand
1/1/1993 Musik Express/Sounds  N The Crow
Germany  2
1/1/1993 Musik Express/Sounds  N Das Licht Im Schwarzen Loch
Robert Poster (Close Up Of Robert, Purple Tint With Scratches, Like Creem '92 Photo)
Wish Album Review (Begins With 'Das lachelnde Bekenntnis zum Leben...')
Germany  3.25 Y O Special '92/'93 Edition, Many Artists Cover, Author: Werner Theurich, Review Author: WT
4/1/1996 Musik Express/Sounds  N Vorschau The Cure Gram Und Leid
Germany  1
5/1/1996 Musik Express/Sounds  N Allein Unterhalter
Germany  2 Y O Cranberries Cover, Author: Helmut Lichtenberg
10/1/1996 Musik Express/Sounds  N Tour Des Monats - Musik Express/Sounds Prasentiert: The Cure
Germany  1 Y O Sheryl Crow Cover, Author: HM, Have 1 of 2 pages?
2/1/1997 Musik Express/Sounds  N Let's Dance - Robert Smith At Bowie's 50th Birthday Concert
Germany  2
10/1/1996 Musix  N The Cure
Germany  0.5
12/1/1996 MZ  N Schwarzer November, The Cure Verdustern Leipzig
Germany  0.5
11/22/1996 MZD  N Musikalischer Weltschmerz In Ublichen Portionen (The Cure In Leipzig)
Germany  1
6/15/1985 New Musical Express  N NME Goes To Glastonbury
The Cure At Glastonbury
England  2 Sting Cover
3/20/1993 New Musical Express  N 6-13-93 Finsbury Park, England XFM Show Advert
New Live Album And Film
England  0.75 Y O David Bowie/Suede Cover, I only have advert.
5/22/1993 New Musical Express  N What An X-Pectacle!
England  0.25 Y O
8/20/1994 New Musical Express  N Tim Pope
England  2 Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover
9/1/1995 New Musical Express  N 104.9 XFM Album Review
David Bowie And Robert Smith Interview
England  1
5/11/1996 New Musical Express  N Lights, Camera, Delayed Action
Wild Mood Swings Album Advert (Full Page)
England  1.5 Y O Manic Street Preachers Cover
5/18/1996 New Musical Express  N Bob's Dull House (5-7-96 London, England Show Review)
Swing Tour '96 Changing Dates
England  2.5 Y O Skinner/Baddiel Cover, Author: Steve Sutherland, I only have review.
5/25/1996 New Musical Express  N NME Gig Guide
The Cure Announces Drastic Image Overhaul!
Wild Mood Swings Album Review
England  2.25 Dodgy
6/1/1996 New Musical Express  N Ear We Don't Go
England  0.5 Y O BIS Cover
6/1/1996 New Musical Express  N Rubbish Collection
England  1
7/20/1996 New Musical Express  N Tournews UK Tour Dates
England  0.25 Bjork Cover
11/9/1996 New Musical Express  N Gone! Single Advert
Gone! Single Review
England  1.25 Y O Kula Shaker Cover, Only have single advert.
11/16/1996 New Musical Express  N UK Tour Dates
England  0.5 The Fugees Cover
12/7/1996 New Musical Express  N Gone Single Advert W/UK Swing Tour Dates (Full Page)
UK Tour Dates (Pic of Robert In CCCR Jersey Singing And Playing Guitar)
England  2 Y O Sleeper Cover
8/1/1996 Oldie-Markt  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
Germany  0.25
1/1/1998 Orkus  N Midlife Crisis Abschied Auf Raten-Famous Last Words
Germany  4
8/1/1995 Piste  N Pop Shop
Germany  0.25
5/1/1996 Play Magazin  N Von Dunkler Qual Hin Zu Schonem Pop
Germany  0.5 Y O Scorpions Cover, Author: Andreas Borcholte
5/1/1996 Poggini Magazine  N Cure Di Massimo
Italy  8
1/1/1996 Popcorn  N Robert Poster (Robert Singing Into Microphone '95 Festival Tour, Robert Smith Spelled Downward)
Germany  2 Y O
11/16/1996 Pop-Zombie News  N Letzte GruBe
Austria  1
5/1/1996 Prinz  N Schlechte Laune, Robert?
Germany  1
11/1/1996 Prinz  N Konzert Des Monats: The Cure
Germany  0.5 Y O Author: D.W.
6/1/1996 Record Collector  N Promotional Toolbox
England  1
5/1/1996 Rock Show  N The Cure Wild Mood Swings
Italy  2
6/1/1996 ROJournal  N Cure Auf Kur
Austria  1
7/20/1996 Salzburger Nachrichten  N Bombenstimmung In Der Gruft (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
Austria  0.5
6/1/1995 Sudkurier  N Rock Am See
Sudkurier Feiert Geburtstag
Germany  1
6/16/1995 Sudkurier  N Auch Die Sonne Kommt Zu Rock Am See
Germany  1
6/18/1995 Sudkurier  N Bei The Cure Wurden Viele Fans Ganz Schwach
Drei Starke Frauen Und The Cure
Germany  2
5/5/1996 Sunday Times Newspaper  N In The Mood Again
England  1
6/21/1996 SZ  N Spiderman Ist Wieder Da
Germany  1
11/22/1996 SZ  N The Cure Gaben In Leipzig Uberzeugendes Konzert
Wild Taurig Schon
Germany  0.5
11/23/1996 SZ  N The Cure: Krach Und Alter (11-21-96 Munich, Germany Show Review)
Germany  0.5 N C Author: Christine Lemke
1/1/1995 The Curse  N Fanzine
England  12 #1
5/1/1996 Tutto  N Sempre Piu' Insieme... (Sonoria Festival)
Italy  4 Y O Author: S.B.
7/1/1996 TV Karstadt  N Music News: Zwei Neue Bei The Cure
Germany  2
1/1/1996 TV Movie  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
Zuruck Aus Der Gruft
Germany  1
2/1/1997 Uncle Sallys  N The Cure Wild And Moody As Ever
Germany  2
1/1/1996 Unknown  N Die Imagefalle
Germany  2
5/1/1996 Unknown  N Zuruck Aus Der Gruft
Germany  1
5/1/1996 Unknown  N Stimmungswechsel Mit Geschichte
Germany  2
6/1/1996 Unknown  N The Cure: Comeback
Austria  1
11/1/1996 Unknown  N The Cure, Der Beginn Ihrer Coolen Europatournee In Rotterdam
Germany  1
11/1/1996 Unknown  N Grufties Schadelspalter
Germany  0.5
11/1/1996 Unknown  N The Cure In Hamburg Piste
Germany  0.5
11/1/1996 Unknown  N Spinnenmann Entdeckt Das Licht Plusz
Germany  1
11/1/1996 Unknown  N KuB Mich! (11-25-96 Essen, Germany Show Review)
Germany  1
11/1/1996 Unknown  N Melancholische Evergreens Schadelspalter
Germany  1
11/9/1996 Unknown  N Robert Der Nette Psycho. Die Cure Sind Wieder Da Alles (11-16-96 Vienna, Austria Show Review)
Austria  1
11/13/1996 Unknown  N Geschichten Aus Der Gruft
Germany  0.5
11/20/1996 Unknown  N Cure-Kopf Scheut Die Menschen-Trotzdem Konzert Im November In Leipzig
Germany  0.5 Y C
11/25/1996 Unknown  N Frohliche Stimmung Mit Der Grufti-Gruppe Bild
Germany  0.25
11/26/1996 Unknown  N Cure? Kieler Nachrichten
Quo Vadis
Germany  1
4/21/1996 Unknown Newspaper  N Verlosung 'Wild Mood Swings'
Austria  0.25
10/19/1996 Unknown Newspaper  N In Der Puppenstube, Vergnugt: The Cure Im Zuricher Hallenstadion
Switzerland  0.5
11/1/1996 Unknown Newspaper  N Kiss Me, Kiss Me! (11-16-96 Vienna, Austria Show Review)
Austria  1
11/1/1996 Unknown Newspaper  N Cure Dustermanner Ungewohnt Frohlich
Germany  0.5
11/13/1996 Unknown Newspaper  N Pop-Perlen Aus Der Dark-Wave-Gruft
Germany  1
11/16/1996 Unknown Newspaper  N Ein Untoter Mit Qualend Schlechter Laune
Austria  0.5
5/1/1996 VAWS  N CD Wild Mood Swings
Germany  0.5
6/1/1996 Visions  N Secret Lieblingsband
Wild Mood Swings Album Review
Germany  2.25 Y C Soundgarden Cover, I only have article.
7/1/1996 VOX  N Bob's Full House
England  1
5/1/1996 WOM Journal  N Nur Noch Angst Vor Spinnen
Germany  2.25 Y O The Underworld Cover, Author: Kirsten Borchardt
10/1/1996 WOM Journal  N Nie Mehr Geschlossene Gesellschaft
Germany  0.5 Y O Author: I.Ku.
12/1/1997 WOM Journal  N Verlosungen (Begins with 'Fur diese WOM-JOURNAL-Ausgabe fuhrten wir ein Interview mit Robert Smith...')
Wellen In Der Nacht
WOM: Staring At The Sea Album Advert (Plus Other Artist Recordings)
Germany  4.75 Y O Spice Girls Cover
1/1/1993 Zillo  N Zillo Zeigt: Cure Show
Germany  2
2/1/1993 Zillo  N Close To You Bootleg Review
Inbetween Days Bootleg Review
Germany  0.5
7/1/1993 Zillo  N A L'Olympia (6-7-82), Paris Bootleg Review
Begins with 'Cure-Gitarrist Porl Thompson hat die Band verlassen...'
Begins with 'Robert Smith plant, Mitschnitte des Great XPectations-Festival...'
Charts: Leser-Top-10 Songs (#10 - Friday I'm In Love), LPs (#6 - Wish)
Zillo Zeigt Den Film: The Cure - The Show
Germany  2.75 Y O Cult Cover, Author: Kiki Borchardt, Review Author: Frank Rummeleit
12/1/1993 Zillo  N Paris Album Review
Germany  0.25
1/1/1994 Zillo  N Der Kultfilm Der 90er: The Crow (Die Krahe)
Germany  0.5
6/1/1994 Zillo  N Cover-Design, Kunst Mit Kalkul (The Top Cover)
Germany  2
6/1/1994 Zillo  N The Crow Album Review
The Crow Soundtrack Album Advert
Germany  1
1/1/1995 Zillo  N Cover Designer (Article About Andy Vella)
Germany  2 Y O Author: Kiki Borchard
6/1/1996 Zillo  N Faith Book Review
Wild Mood Swings Album Review
Germany  1
8/7/1996 Zillo  N Deutsche Tourdaten
Germany  0.25
11/1/1996 Zillo  N The Cure Haben Ihr Tourprogramm Umorganisiert
Germany  0.25
7/1/1998 Zillo  N Zillo Festival
Germany  2
3/1/1992 Anomalie  Y Fanzine
France  52 Y #5
6/1/1992 Anomalie  Y Fanzine
France  54 Y #6
1/1/1992 Bravo  N Songbook: Friday I'm In Love
Germany  0.5
7/30/1992 Bravo  N Rocklexikon The Cure
Germany  0.5
1/1/1992 Bravo - Girl  N Wunschkind Fur The Cure
Germany  0.5
1/1/1992 Concert  N Auf Tour Im Oktobert Tourdaten
Germany  1
2/1/1992 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  16 Y O #12
1/1/1992 Indiecator   N The Cult Collection
Germany  8
1/1/1992 Live Music  N Il Principe Paranoia Si Diverte
Italy  3 #1
4/18/1992 Melody Maker  N Cure At The Castle Of Oxfam
Wish Album Advert
XFM Takes To The Air
England  3.25 N O Black Crowes Cover (1/4 Cure Cover - Different Than 11/92 Mag), Only have Oxfam article.
6/27/1992 Melody Maker  N Cowboys And Indie Fans (6-13-92 Dallas, Texas Show Review)
England  0.5 Y O Whose Land Is It Anyway? Cover, Author: Andrew Collins
10/11/1992 Music Man  N The Cure Kommen
Uberraschung Beim Konzert In Innsbruck: Grufties Wie Du Und Ich?
Austria  1.5
1/1/1992 Musik Express/Sounds  N 33 Und Kein BiBchen Weise Robert Smith
Germany  4
5/1/1992 Musik Express/Sounds  N Noch Rostig The Cure Olen Die Tourmaschine
Tourstart In Bradford
Germany  0.5 Y O Author: Hanspeter Kunzler, I don't have Bradford article.
10/1/1992 Musik Express/Sounds  N Jetzt Zugreifen! (13 Albums, w/German Tour Dates) Advert
Germany  1 Y O
8/1/1992 Playgirl  N The Cure - Der Tod Ist Ein Mysterioser Begleiter
Germany  2 Y O Herz Flop Cover, Author: Michael Fuchs-Gambock
5/1/1992 Pop Rock  N The Cure Steckbrief
Austria  1
1/1/1992 POP/Rocky  N Song-Book: High
Star-Info: The Cure
Germany  1 Y O
1/1/1992 Popcorn  N Gruftparty Bei Cure Shows, Robert LaBt Sich Gegen Flugangst Spritzen
Germany  1.5 Y O
1/1/1992 N Hairy Monsters A Consumer Guide To The Cure
England  2 Y O
4/20/1992 Rennbahn Express  N Ich Habe Angst! Exklusiv Robert Smith Packt Aus!
Austria  1
10/1/1992 Rennbahn Express  N Ich Sollte Schon Tot Sein!
Austria  2
7/25/1992 Stern  N Suizid Pop
Germany  1
1/1/1992 Unknown  N Wandlung Der Grufties Friede Freude Friday
Germany  1
1/1/1992 Unknown  N Van Zwart Getinte Onheilsprofeten Tot Het Establishment?
Netherlands  1
1/1/1992 Unknown  N Quo Vadis Robert Smith?
Germany  0.5
1/1/1992 Unknown  N Cure, Ovvero Robert Smith
Italy  2
5/1/1992 Unknown Newspaper  N Kindlich Und Auch Noch Stolz Darauf!
Austria  0.5
10/11/1992 Unknown Newspaper  N The Cure (Vorbericht Zu Innsbruck, 11.10.92)
Austria  1
10/11/1992 Unknown Newspaper  N Sie Spielten Das Lied Vom Tod: 'The Cure' In Tirol
Austria  1
4/1/1992 Wiener  N Todgeweihte Leben Langer
Germany  2 Y O Author: Michael Fuchs-Gambock
1/1/1992 WOM Journal  N Zum Wunschkonzert Nach Australien
Germany  1 Y O
10/1/1992 Zounds  N Leicht Bewolkt!
Germany  0.5
12/1/1990 Anomalie  Y Fanzine
France  52 Y #2
8/1/1990 Blitz  N The Cure - Roter Mund Auf Blassem Grund
Germany  1 Y C Author: Henk Van Bouwen
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Cure On Tour
Germany  1 Y O
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Cure: Kiss Me, Live Bizarre Light-Show Beklemmende Klange
Germany  2 Y C
11/1/1987 Bravo  N The Cure Film, Album, Tour
Germany  0.5 Y C
1/1/1989 Bravo  N Cure: Happy Together Konstanz '89
Germany  2
8/7/1986 Concert  N Wie Verwandelt: The Cure
Germany  1
1/1/1987 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  3 #2
9/1/1987 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  8 N C #3
1/1/1988 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  7 N C #4
5/1/1988 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  8 Y #5
1/1/1989 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  15 N O #6
3/1/1989 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  9 #7
9/1/1989 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  10 N O #8
4/1/1990 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  20 Y O #9
12/1/1990 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  20 Y O #10
10/1/1991 Cure News  Y Fanzine
England  20 Y O #11
8/6/1990 Express  N Kaftan, Kreuze, Kerzen: 'The Cure' In Concert
Germany  1
4/29/1989 Frankfurter Runddchau Newspaper  N Gruselige Grufties Geben Gas
Germany  1 Y C Author: Martin Scholz
10/27/1987 Hamburger Abendblatt  N Wunderkerzen Fur Die Gezahmten
Germany  0.5
9/1/1987 HiFi-Vision  N Kur - Schatten
Germany  1 Y O Author: Matthias Immel
9/1/1989 HiFi-Vision  N Fur Mich Gibt Es Nur Ein Konzept: Schumtzig
Germany  2 Y C
6/26/1987 Hoerzu  N The Cure
Germany  0.5
1/1/1991 Kolner Express  N Cure - Live LP Neu Aufgelegt
Germany  0.25
6/1/1989 Lime Lizard  P 11 Imaginary Years... Spiders In A Jar
England  2 Y C #2, Wedding Present Cover, Author: Stacy Prestien
1/1/1990 Music Man  N Robert Poster
Austria  2
1/1/1990 Music Man  N Das Langste Konzert Des Jahres
Horoskop Robert Smith
Austria  1
1/1/1987 Musik Express  N Kissing Tour Advert
Germany  1
1/1/1987 Musik Express/Sounds  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
Germany  1 Y O
1/1/1989 Musik Express/Sounds  N Disintegration Album Review
Germany  0.5
1/1/1989 Musik Express/Sounds  N Ausgeheult
Germany  1
1/1/1990 Musik Express/Sounds  N Festival Test (Roskilde)
Germany  1
1/1/1990 Musik Express/Sounds  N Alfredo Sabat (Robert Smith Cartoon Drawing)
Great British Music Weekend London, Wembley Arena
Rubaiyat Box Set Review
Germany  1.75 Y O U2 Cover, London Review Author: Hanspeter Kunzler
1/1/1991 Musik Express/Sounds  N Play Out Video Review
Germany  0.25
1/1/1991 Musik Express/Sounds  N Strom? Nein Danke!
Germany  1
6/15/1986 Musik Markt  N Von Der Dusteren Kultband Zur Kommerzgruppe
Germany  1
11/1/1987 Musik Markt  N Eignenstandigkeit In Den Bereichen Rock Und Funk
Germany  1
4/15/1991 Musik Markt  N Wiederauflage Einer Zum Sammlerobjekt Gewordenen Live-LP
Germany  1
6/6/1987 New Musical Express  N The Cure: A UK Discography
England  0.5 Y O U2 Cover
1/1/1989 POP/Rocky  N Roberts Letzte Show
Germany  1.5 Y O
1/1/1990 POP/Rocky  N Frontman Robert Smith Exzesse Bis Zum Umfallen
Germany  1 Y O December?
1/1/1991 POP/Rocky  N Sie Verbreiten Das Kalte Grausen
Germany  1 Y C Bravo?
6/1/1987 Popcorn  N Giftig Songbook: Shiver And Shake, Why Can't I Be You?, The Kiss
Germany  2 Y O #6, Bonnie Bianco Cover
1/1/1989 Popcorn  N Live Orgie: Gufie Groove Im Lichterdom
Germany  1
10/30/1987 Punkbewegung Die Welt  N Die Letzen Zuckungen Der Muden
Germany  0.5
1/1/1986 Rocklexikon  N The Cure/Robert Smith
1/1/1987 Rocklexikon  N The Cure
Germany  2
7/16/1987 Rolling Stone  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
US  2 #504/#505, The Greatful Dead Cover
1/1/1987 Smash Hits  N In Orange Video Review
England  0.5 Y O
10/17/1987 Sounds  N Have You Seen Who's On Compact Disc? (Philips CD Player Advert, Full Page)
England  1 Y O
1/1/1987 Star Hits  N Kiss + Tell, The Cure Answer Your Questions
England  4 Y O
1/1/2001 Stern  N Der Cure Kult
Germany  2
1/1/1987 Szene Hamburg  N Obs-cure Stunden Auf Burg Rheinfels
Germany  1
7/14/1987 Toronto Star  N Little Left For Cure To Prove
Canada  1
8/7/1990 Union  N Kult Band The Cure Erstmalig In Dresden
Germany  1
1/1/1987 Unknown  N On Tour
Germany  0.25
10/26/1987 Unknown  N Alsterdorf: 7000 Fans Tobten Bei The Cure Bild
Germany  0.5
1/1/1988 Unknown  N Wenn Die Angst In Den Urlaub Mitifliegt
Germany  1
1/1/1989 Unknown  N Anzeige Disintegration Mit Tourdaten
Germany  1
1/1/1989 Unknown  N Die Heilungstherapie Des Robert Smith
Germany  1 Y C Author: Ralf Dietrich
1/1/1989 Unknown  N Ein Fels In Der Brandung
Germany  1
1/1/1989 Unknown  N Wir Stellen Vor The Cure Junge Welt
Germany  1 Germany? (DDR)
1/1/1990 Unknown  N Duster, Schon Und Melancholisch Zelebrierten The Cure Ihr Fest In Leipzig Junge Welt
Germany  1
1/1/1990 Unknown  N Robert Smith Trostet Fans: 'Ich War Genauso Blod Wie Ihr!'
Germany  1 Y C
1/1/1987 Unknown Newspaper  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Drei Verschiedene (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review)
Germany  1
1/1/1987 Unknown Newspaper  N Robert Smith: Der Erfinder Des Zungenkusses
Germany  1
10/1/1987 Unknown Newspaper  N Wahnsinn, Der Methode Hat, Am 25.10. In Der Sporthalle
Germany  1
5/2/1989 Zeit  N Die Aktie Schwermut - Ein Wiedersehen Mit Einem Anti-Idol
Germany  1 Y C Author: Ulf Erdmann Ziegler
1/1/1990 Zillo  N Nie Wieder Nur Jetzt The Cure - Entreat
Germany  0.5
4/1/1990 Zillo  N Band Poster (Live Bizarre Festival '89)
Lol Tolhurst Is Back!
Germany  1.25 Y O Rodney Orpheus Cover, I only have poster.
7/1/1989 Ritam  Y Da Li Je To Ptica? Da Li Je To Avion? Ni To Su The Cure
Yugoslavia  3 Y O #6/7, Author: Dr. Nebojsa Mickovic
9/1/1990 Ritam  Y Glastonbury 90: 3 (NE)obicna Letnja Dana
Yugoslavia  4.25 Y O Author: Vojislav Nesic
7/10/2003 Rolling Stone  N Trilogy DVD Review
US  0.25 Y O #926, Clay Aiken Cover, Author: Kirk Miller
6/1/1987 Top  Y The Cure: The Singular Smith Talks About Rock 'N' Roll And Early Nights
England  5 Y O Author: Sam Johnson
1/1/1984 Tour Program  Y Top Tour
Japan  28 Y O Includes Fold Out Poster
1/1/1985 Bizz  N Begins with '... dara uma razao diferente por gostar do Cure...'
Brazil  2 Y C Incomplete
8/9/1996 Las Vegas Review Journal  N The Cure: Alternative Rockers Not All Doom And Gloom (8-9-96 Las Vegas, Nevada Show Review)
US  2 Y Author: Mike Weatherford
1/1/1987 POP/Rocky  N Band Poster (Band Sitting Outside, Robert In Gray Sweater Vest, Simon Wearing Leather Jacket)
Germany  2 Y O
1/1/1986 Popcorn  N Band Poster (All Band Members Wearing White Shirt W/Shadows On Them)
Germany  2 Y O
1/1/1987 Popcorn  N Band Poster (Robert Sitting On Floor In Black Sweater With White T-Shirt Underneath, Boris In Back Wearing White Shirt, Simon On Left Wearing Black Shirt)
Germany  2 Y C
1/1/1987 Popcorn  N Band Poster (Robert In Front Wearing Black Sweater With White T-Shirt Underneath, Boris Wearing White Shirt, Simon In Back Wearing Black Shirt)
Germany  2 Y C
1/1/1986 Unknown  N Instant Reaction
England  1 Y O
1/1/1986 Unknown  N Star 'Style' #603.9 (Begins with 'Q: Why is there an escaped convict from Dartmoor standing...')
England  0.25 Y O Star 'Style' #603.9 Publication Name?
1/1/1986 Unknown  N The Cure (Begins with 'La historia de The Cure comenzo hace ya mas...')
Spain  3 N C
5/1/1987 Rock Express  N Very Small Cure Mention
Canada  0.25 Y #113, U2 Cover
1/1/1987 Antenas C.  N Smith Diz Que Cure E O Futuro Do Re
Spain  1
12/28/2002 Cine Tele Revue  N Revue Music
Belgium  0.25 Y
1/1/1986 Formel 1  N Der 'Head' Robert Smith - Poster Story
Germany  1
1/1/2001 Gala  N Une Tournee Et Un Album Pour Noa..
Belgium  0.5 Y 2001?
2/5/2000 La Libre Belgique  N Le Cadeau D'Adieu De The Cure
Un Bouquet De Fleurs De Sang
Belgium  1.5 Y
11/9/2002 La Libre Belgique  N Une Bonne Cure De Nostalgie
Belgium  1.5 Y
1/1/1986 Melody Maker  N The Cure's 'Boys Don't Cry'
England  3
1/1/1987 Musik Express/Sounds  N NY Maisison Garde (8-10-87 New York, New York Madison Square Garden Show Review)
Germany  0.25
1/1/1987 Musik Express/Sounds  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - 18 Neue Studiotracks
Germany  1
1/1/1987 Musik Express/Sounds  N The Cure In Orange - Live Im Kino
Germany  1 Y O Author: JH
5/10/1986 No. 1  N Robert Poster (Robert Sitting On Floor In Gray Sweater Vest Holding Knee W/Big Socks)
England  1 Y O Level 42 Cover, Poster is on back cover
1/1/1987 Popcorn  N Cure - Live... Dustere Synthi - Klange...
Germany  0.5
1/1/1987 Popcorn  N The Cure In USA
Germany  2 Y O
1/1/1987 Popcorn  N Duster Rock
Germany  0.25
7/1/1992 Star Club  N Les Adultes Me Desperent
Robert Poster (Wearing Black Sweater With White T-Shirt Underneath, With Praying Hands)
France  2 Y Saved By The Bell Cover
4/1/2000 Tribu Move  N The Cure - Bloodflowers
Belgium  0.25 Y
1/1/1986 Unknown  N Introduction Par Le Gottem
France  1
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Songbook - Catch
England  0.5
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Kiss Me Robert
Germany  0.25
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Disq Ques - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
France  1
1/1/1987 Unknown  N 'Je crois que c'est notre derniere tournee'
France  13
1/1/1986 Unknown Newspaper  N The Cure Desambarca Hoje Em Porto Alegre
Brazil  1
1/1/1986 Unknown Newspaper  N Daze - Festival Report Glastonbury
England  1
1/1/1987 WOM Journal  N Angst Vor Dem Erfolg
Germany  2 Y C Author: Matthias Immel
1/1/1987 Yellow  Y Seit 10 Jahren Rock - Chamaleons
Germany  2 Y
6/1/1987 Best  N Dites 33: Trop Embrasse... Mais Bien Etreint - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review
France  0.5 Y O #227, Author: Jean-Michel Reusser
1/1/1987 Nous Deux  N Band Poster (Robert In The Middle In Black Suit, Crossing Arms And Legs, Standing On Lip Drawings, Porl On Left Side, Lol On Right Side)
Star Flash: The Cure
France  2 Y C
9/1/1992 Popcorn  N Starcard: Cure
Germany  0.25 Y O #9, Axl Rose Cover
1/1/1987 Rock & Folk  N Begins with 'Bien sur ca ne s'est pas fait en un jour...'
France  3 Y C Author: Youri Lenquette, Rock & Folk? Best?
1/1/1986 Unknown  N The Cure (Begins with 'Quem ficou immune...')
Brazil  0.25 Y C
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Begins with 'moi. Je sais que ca te fais marrer...'
France  1 Y C Incomplete, Best?
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Begins with 'between days, Close To Me ou du precedemment...'
France  2 Y C Incomplete, Best?
1/1/1987 Unknown  N The Cure (Begins with 'De passage a Paris pour la presentation...')
France  1 Y C Top 50?
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Festival De Cannes 87... et De La Musique
France  1 Y C Author: Magda Darlet
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Cure (Begins with 'Le succes arrive au terme d'un long chemin...')
France  0.25 Y C
9/1/1995 Zillo  P Das Interview (Mit Simon Gallup)
Live - The Cure: Bei Rock Am Seem
Robert Poster (Robert Live Singing Into Microphone, Wearing Blue/Black Shirt, Red Rubber Band In Hair)
Germany  4.5 Y O #9, Project Pitchfork Cover, Simon Interview Author: Martin Sprissler, Rock Am See Author: Norbert Sonderfeld
1/1/1985 Bravo  N Die 'Seelsorgen' Kommen Auf Touren!
Germany  0.5
1/1/1985 Filles  N Une Saison En Enfer
France  1
1/1/1985 Madchen  N Irrer Blick Und Dusterer Sound
Wirre Mahne
Germany  1 #15?
5/6/1987 Morgenpost  N Robert Smith's Neues Motto HeiBt Disziplin
Germany  1
1/1/1986 New Live  N Cure - Sturm Und Drang
Germany  5
1/1/1985 POP/Rocky  N Platten Nur Noch Aus Der Schublade?
Germany  0.5 Y O
1/1/1986 POP/Rocky  N Alles Klar Fur Den Festivalhohepunkt...
Germany  0.5
1/1/1986 Popcorn  N Roter Mund & Scharfe Zunge
Germany  1 Y O
1/1/1980 Sounds  N The Cure - Who Is It?
England  0.5
1/1/1983 Sounds  N Simon And Robert Cure: Is It A Terminal Illness
England  0.5
1/1/1985 Stern  N Suizid - Pop
Germany  1
1/1/1985 Unknown Newspaper  N Kur - Auftenthalt 'Cure' In Der Berliner Eissporthalle
Germany  1
1/1/1979 Zoom  N Boys Don't Cry - Tapfer Sehen The Cure Ihrer Ersten Pressekonf.
Germany  1
12/4/1985 Der Tagesspiegel  N Minuten Der Wahrheit
Germany  1 Y C Author: Bernward Halbscheffel
8/1/1986 Fachblatt  N Begins with 'News: Stolze zehn Jahre ist es jetzt her...'
Germany  1 Y C
6/29/1985 Hamburg Evening Paper  N Vernebelte Klangkaskaden
Germany  0.25
10/26/1985 Hitkrant  N The Cure's Voorman Robert Smith - 'Ik Ben Een Eigenwijze Dondersteen'
Netherlands  2 Y O #43, Andrew Ridgeley Cover
6/28/1986 Hitkrant  N Cure-Meiden Laten Hun Jongens Nooit In De Steek
Netherlands  2 Y O #26, Joepie? Belgium?
5/27/1987 Hitkrant  P The Cure - Kuur Tegen Vermoeidheid - 'Alons Geld In Ruil Voor Een Reservelichaam'
Netherlands  2 Y O #22, Madonna Cover
10/31/1987 Hitkrant  N De Braziliaanse Kuur Van
Netherlands  1 Y O #44, Michael Jackson Cover
7/13/1985 Melody Maker  N Fast Forward - Epic Cure
England  0.25 Y O Style Council Cover
9/14/1985 Melody Maker  N 9-22-85 Edinburgh, Scotland Show Advert
Close To Me Single Review (Begins with 'I've liked everything they've done lately...')
Days Of Daring (9-8-85 London, England St. Austell Coliseum Show Review)
Record News (Begins with 'The Cure have another single taken from their 'Head On The Door' LP...')
England  1.5 Y O Marc Almond Cover, Show Review Author: Steve Sutherland, Single Review Author: Carl (of Madness)
12/5/1985 Melody Maker  N Album Of The Year: The Head On The Door
England  1
1/1/1984 Musik Express  N Concert Album Review
Germany  0.5
1/1/1985 Musik Express/Sounds  N Blind Date
Germany  1
1/1/1985 Musik Markt  N Kultformation Mit Gruftappeal
Germany  1
10/8/1987 Oxmox  Y 25.Okt. Sporthalle
Germany  1 Y C I only have the cover of this magazine.
11/30/1985 Sounds  N Radio Cure (11-19-85 London, England Camden Palace Show Review)
England  1 Y O Author: Roger Holland
1/10/1984 Spex  N Japanese Whispers Album Review
Germany  0.5 Dexy's Midnight Runner Cover
1/1/1985 Unknown  N New Cure
England  0.5
1/1/1985 Unknown  N Change Les Idees... The Cure A Des Idees De Changement…
Cure De Jouvence
France  2
1/1/1985 Unknown  N The Cure (Begins with 'Robert Smith ist schuchtern.')
Germany  2 Y O Author: Kristina Adolfsson
1/20/1985 Unknown  N The Cure Hilft Arabischen Waisen
Germany  1
5/21/1985 Unknown  N Poppig Die Punker Von Einst Bild
Germany  1
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Robert Poster (Robert Close Up In Suit - Black And White Picture)
Belgium  2 Y O
1/1/1987 Unknown  N The Cure Zingt Why Can't I Be You
Belgium  0.5 Y O
1/1/1987 Unknown  N Band Poster (Robert In Black Sweater With Betty Boop T-Shirt Underneath, Black And White Photo)
Belgium  2 Y O
1/1/1990 Unknown  N Song Teksten: The Cure Never Enough
Belgium  0.5 Y O
10/1/1992 Unknown  N 'Mijn Ambitie Op Mijn...'
Robert Smith Haalt Inspiratie Voor Cure-Songs Uit Jeugddromen
Belgium  2 Y O Author: Peter Van Dyck
5/1/1991 Best  N Unknown
France  #274, Bob Marley Cover
1/3/1990 Bravo  N Band Poster (Perry In Blue Shirt, Robert In Black Sweater With T-Shirt Underneath)
Germany  2 Y O #2, Vanilla Ice Cover
1/1/1989 Cine7  N Photos Of Robert Live In Greece
Greece  Bruce Lee Cover
5/19/1982 Der Tagesspiegel  N Dreitonkunstler - The Cure Im Metropol
Germany  0.5 N C Author: Jochen Metzner
3/1/2000 Elegy  N The Cure
France  2 #9, Green/Artistic Design Cover
11/1/1985 Graffiti  N Small Cure Story
France  Vol. 1 #11, Bryan Adams Cover
8/28/1980 Hitkrant  N De Ideeen Van Robert Smith - The Cure Doet Niet Mee!
Netherlands  1 Y O #35, Kate Bush Cover, Author: Mick Boskamp
5/5/1984 Hitkrant  N Melodieus Flirten Met Angst En Gekte - Hit: The Caterpillar
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #18
11/17/1984 Hitkrant  N The Cure's Robert Smith - 'Ik Bliif Een Lieve, Hartstochtelijke Leugenaar'
Netherlands  2 Y O #46
9/28/1985 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (In Black Suit, Top Era, With Crooked Lipstick)
Netherlands  2 Y O #39
11/9/1985 Hitkrant  N Cure Poster (Band In Suits, Robert With Big Hair And Blue Shirt, Porl Has Brooch Clipped On His Suit)
Netherlands  2 Y O #45
2/22/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Smith (The Cure) Gooit Zijn Masker Af - 'Soms Voel Ik Me Net Een Etalagepop'
Netherlands  2 Y O #8
3/1/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (Sitting In Corner Clutching Knees, Wearing Suit W/Blue Shirt, Hightops, Big Hair)
Netherlands  2 Y O #9
6/14/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Smith Vindt Inspiratie In Kinderjaren - 'Ik Ging Naar School In Een Zwarte Soepjurk'
Songteksten - Boys Don't Cry
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #24
7/19/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (Giant Fold-Out Poster, Close Up Of Head, Wearing Grey Suit W/Black Shirt Underneath)
Netherlands  6 Y O #29
1/31/1987 Hitkrant  N Sticker (Robert And Lol)
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #5
6/13/1987 Hitkrant  N Article
Cure Poster (B/W Poster, Robert W/Short Hair, Everyone Wearing Light Colored Shirt Except Simon Who Is Wearing Black)
Netherlands  2 Y O #24
8/15/1987 Hitkrant  N Cure Poster (B/W Poster, Robert W/Black Sweater And Betty Boop Shirt Underneath, Simon In Leather Jacket, Roger In Back)
Netherland  2 Y O #33, Wham Cover
11/7/1987 Hitkrant  N Cure Poster (B/W Poster, Robert W/Black Sweater And Betty Boop Shirt Underneath, Simon In Leather Jacket, Roger In Back)
Netherlands  2 Y O #45
1/16/1988 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (Robert Singing With Music Note Drawings In Background)
Netherlands  2 Y O #2
5/14/1988 Hitkrant  N The Cure Doet Een Boekj Open
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #19
5/6/1989 Hitkrant  N Unknown
Netherlands  2 #18
9/30/1989 Hitkrant  N Lovesong Lyrics
Robert Smith Van The Cure - 'Zonder Die Lipstick Zouden De Mensen Niet Geloven Dat Ik Het Was!'
Netherlands  2 Y O #39
5/9/1992 Hitkrant  N The Cure Is In Feite Een 'Jong Groepje' Gebleven - 'We Zijn Egoisten. We Moeten Telkens Ons Ei Kwijtraken'
Netherlands  1 Y O #19
6/4/1992 Hot Press  Y Wish You Were Here
Ireland  2 Y O Vol. 16 #9, Author: George Byrne
1/1/1983 Melody Maker  N Elephantastic Days (7-30-83 Cornwall, England St. Germans Elephant Fayre Show Review)
England  1
7/1/2003 Music  Y Unknown
5/1/1980 Music Express  N The Cure
Germany  2
1/1/1983 Musik Express  N Japanese Whispers Album Review
Germany  0.25
12/1/2001 Musik Express  N Unknown
Germany  Kid Rock Cover
10/1/1985 Muziek Expres  P Cure Sticker
Inbetween Days Lyrics
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #10, I don't have the sticker.
12/1/1985 Muziek Expres  N Article
Netherlands  2 #12
7/1/1986 Muziek Expres  N Robert Poster (Robert Sitting On Floor In Gray Sweater Vest Holding Knee W/Big Socks)
Netherlands  1 Y O #7
3/8/1980 New Musical Express  N 3-6/7/8-80 London, England The Marquee Show Advert
Cure To Top April Trek, Nips Split Up
So Long Small Wonder
England  2.5 Y O The Beat Cover, Author: Graham Lock
5/1/1982 New Musical Express  N London Theatre Bookings Advert
Pornography Album Advert (Full Page)
Savage Scream Of Birth (4-21-82 Brighton, England Show Review)
England  1.75 Y O Boy George Cover
1/14/1984 New Musical Express  N Charts - Japanese Whispers #24
Nocturne Album Review (Siouxsie And The Banshees W/Robert)
Purr-Gatory (Japanese Whispers Album Review)
England  1 Y O Billy Bragg Cover, Author (Nocturne): Chris Bohn, Author (Japanese Whispers): Amanda Boot
5/1/1981 New Wave  N The Cure
France  2
12/1/1981 New Wave  N Fanzine - The Cure (Interview With Lol, Begins with 'Coulisses: roadies gueulards, problemes de backstage...')
France  1.25 Y C #12, Author: Pierre Metzgerstein, Incomplete Page 2 of 4?
5/17/1986 Oor  N Bij'n Abonnement Cure Cassette Gratis
Netherlands  4 Y O #10, Author: Martin Aston
5/16/1987 Oor  N Pakkerd (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review)
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #10, Author: Erik Van Den Berg
5/30/1987 Oor  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
Netherlands  1 Y O #11, Same As Hitkrant 6-6-87 Advert
11/18/1989 Oor  N Tien Jaar Fabeltjeskrant
Netherlands  5.25 Y O #23, Pictures Of Many Album Covers On Cover, Author: Erik Van Den Berg
5/5/1990 Oor  N Festival - Info (W/Cure Picture)
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #9, Author: Hans Van Den Heuvel
11/17/1990 Oor  N Mixed Up Album Advert
Netherlands  1 Y O #23
4/18/1992 Oor  N Nieuwe Kleren / Oude Keizer (Wish Album Review)
Wish Album Advert
Netherlands  1.5 Y O #8, Author: Oene Kummer
8/22/1992 Oor  N The Cure: Windhaantjes
Netherlands  4 Y O #17, Oor Live Special, Author: Erik Van Den Berg
6/1/1996 Oor  N The Cure (Begins with 'Met een repertoire van vlotte flutdeuntjes en stemmige...')
Wild Mood Swings Album Advert
Netherlands  4.5 Y O #11, Jiskafet Cover, Author: Pieter Van Adrichem
11/1/1996 Oor  N Unknown
Netherlands  3 Jiskefet Cover
4/15/2000 Oor  N The Cure (Begins with 'The Cure? Bestaat die nog dan?')
Netherlands  3 Y O #8, Author: Erik Van Den Berg, Doemarr Cover
9/1/1992 Paperclip  Y The Cure: Maakt Het Steeds Beter
Netherlands  4 Y O #7, Author: Meta Van Wijngaarden
8/27/1983 Record Mirror  N A Wail Of A Time (Mentions The Cure)
Glove At First Sight
England  1.25 Y O Big Country Cover, Glove Author: Eleanor Levy
1/1/1979 Rip It Up  N Boys Don't Cry EP (Stunn) Album Review
Australia  0.25
8/1/2003 Rock & Folk  P Trilogy DVD Advert
Un Jour 'L'Ecrirai Un Bouquin': Robert Smith
France  6 Y O #432, Jane's Addiction Cover, Author: Damien Almira
5/13/1982 Smash Hits  N Unknown
England  Yazoo Cover
5/1/1980 Sounds   N Imaginare Jungen, Die Nicht Weinen
Germany  2 Y C Author: Ewald Braunsteiner
4/17/1982 Sounds  N Filth Hounds (Pornography Album Review)
England  1 Y O Anvil Cover, Author: Dave McCullough
5/8/1982 Sounds  N Conceptual Error: The Cure At Colston Hall Bristol
Porngraphy Album Advert (Full Page)
England  2 Y O J. Geils Cover, Author: RAB
1/29/1983 Sounds  N Info Riot: Cure Curios
England  1 Y O Author: Barry Lazell
7/1/1980 The New Zealand Tour  N Get A Dose Of The Cure! (Boys Don't Cry Album Advert)
New Zealand  0.5 Y O
12/17/1978 Unknown  N England  0.25 Please Delete
1/1/1979 Unknown  N Build Them Up And Then... (Boys Don't Cry 7 Inch Single Review)
England  0.5
3/1/1980 Unknown  N Lives Extra, Marquee
England  0.5
6/1/1982 Unknown  N Cure En Tournee
France  1
1/1/1983 Unknown  N The Incredible Shrinking Cure
England  0.25
1/1/1983 Unknown  N Hangover Cure (Japanese Whispers Album Review)
England  0.5 Y O Author: Bill Black
5/30/1987 Veronica  N Goed Gek En Geniaal: The Cure
Netherlands  2 Y O #22, Author: Anita Hensbergen
4/29/1989 Veronica  N De Ondraaglijke Vergankelijkheid Van Het Bestaan
Netherlands  2 Y O #17, Author: Anita Hensbergen
7/1/1984 Vinyl  N The Cure - 'Succes Is Van Geen Enkel Belang'
Netherlands  2 Y O #7/8, Buzzed/Dyed Haircut/Head Cover, Author: Peter Van Brummelen
9/1/1985 Vinyl  N Head On The Door Album Advert
The Cure (Head On The Door Album Review, Begins with 'Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds: Ik heb die eerste...')
Netherlands  1.5 Y O #9, Author: Joost Niemoller
6/1/1986 Vinyl  N Standing On A Beach Album/ Staring At The Sea Video Advert
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #6
6/1/1987 Vinyl  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
Netherlands  1 Y O #6, Same As Hitkrant 6-6-87 Advert
5/20/1990 Bravo  N Bravo Songbook - Pictures Of You Lyrics
Germany  0.5 Y O #20, New Kids On The Block Cover
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Robert: 'Rattennest' Am Hinterkopf
Germany  0.5 Y O
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Robert Verschenkt 100 LPs Und Sein Hemd!
Germany  0.5 Y O
5/9/1987 Hitkrant  N 'Een Kus Van The Cure En Een Plaats Vooruit, Maar Niet In De Hitparade'
Wie Wil Er Een Countdown/The Cure T-Shirt?
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #19
5/23/1987 Hitkrant  N Article
Robert Poster (In Black Suit W/White Shirt, Close Up Shot, Looks Like Suit/Hair From Catch Video, B/W Poster)
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #21, I only have poster.
6/6/1987 Hitkrant  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
Netherlands  1 Y O #23, Duran Duran Cover
3/20/1979 Hot Press  P Doctors Of Insanity
Ireland  2 Y Tom Waits Cover, Cure 1/4 Cover, Author: Declan Lynch
1/1/1990 Popcorn  N Robert Smith: Alles Uber Fans, Ehe, Grufties, Und Die Neue LP Von The Cure
Germany  2 Y O
7/1/1989 7 A Paris  N Cure Toujours
France  1
1/1/1992 7 Extra  P Unknown
Belgium  2 Y Madonna Cover
5/1/1996 Abbey Road Map  Y Unknown
US  Y #619
8/1/1989 Action  N The Cure Attained International Stardom…
US  1
4/1/1995 B Mag  N Chronique D'Une Mort Avortee
France  7 Y #1, Author: Muriel Drouineau
1/1/1989 Back Beat  Y Unknown
US  Y San Diego Magazine
5/1/1989 Backstage  N Rendez-Vous: Robert, Cure Toujours
France  2 Y #1, Author: Alistair Logan
4/1/1992 Backstage  Y Unknown
Belgium  Y #110
10/1/1980 Backstage Rock Monthly  N Club Tour Review
  Zero Cover
7/31/1987 Bam  N How Do The Cure Spell Relief?
US  3.5 Y O Vol 13, No. 16, Issue #263, Sammy Hagar Cover, Author: Harold DeMuir
6/14/1996 Bam  N The Guru of Gloom...NOT!
US  #486 Vol. 22 No. 12, Cracker Cover, Author: Jon Matsumoto
1/1/1992 Banda Rockera  Y La Cura
Mexico  3 Y
8/1/1985 Beat  Y Unknown
6/1/1979 Best  N Les Etrangers
France  0.75 Y C #131, Author: F.D., Plus Three Imaginary Boys Review?
7/1/1979 Best  N Three Imaginary Boys Album Review (Begins with 'Je ne sais pas exactement ce qui m'amene si subitement...')
France  0.5 Y C #131 (#132?), Brian Jones Cover, Author: F. Dordor
2/1/1980 Best  N Unknown
France  2 Best Cover
6/1/1980 Best   N Precieuses Secondes (Seventeen Seconds Album Review)
France  0.5 Y C #143, Clash Cover, Author: Francis Dordor
11/1/1980 Best  N Pub New Wave: Le Regime De L'Hiver 80
France  1 #148
1/1/1981 Best  N Quel Carnage!
France  0.5 Y C
6/1/1982 Best  N Jardin Secret (Pornography Album Review)
Pornography Tour Advert
France  2 Y C #167, Author: Herve Picart
10/1/1983 Best   N Post-Cure
France  1.25 Y C #183, Stranglers Cover, Author: J.-E.P.
5/1/1984 Best  N The Top Album Advert
France  1 #190
7/1/1984 Best  N Charts : Albums - The Top #15
Hyaena Album Review (Siouxsie And The Banshees W/Robert)
Robert And Lol Poster (40 X 60 cm, Robert W/Crooked Lipstick, Both Wearing Black, Close-Up)
France  5.5 Y O #192, Jimmy Cliff Cover, Author: Jean-Eric Perrin
2/1/1985 Best  N Autopsie D'une Rumeur
France  2 Y #199, Author: Francis Dordor
4/1/1985 Best  N Curiosites
France  4 Y O #201 Sade Cover, Author: Herve Picart, I have 4/6 pages (are there 6)?
9/1/1985 Best  N Athenes 26 & 27 Juillet
Mega Cure
France  2 #206
1/1/1986 Best  N Band Poster (Band With Glow Faces, 4 Page Fold Out, 16.25 in x 22.5)
Charts: Albums - Head On The Door #1, Concert #3, The Top #9, Singles - Inbetween Days #1, Close To Me #4
Cure Story Sur 10 F.M. Advert (Full Page)
L'Album De 85 - Head On The Door
France  8 Y O #210, Sting Cover
2/1/1986 Best  N Autographe: 12-18-85 Paris, France Bercy Show Review (Begins with 'L'autre surprise aura ete le concert de The Cure...')
France  0.5 Y C #211
4/1/1986 Best  N Cure 'Signed' Poster
Referendum 85/85
France  3 #213, Madonna Cover
7/1/1986 Best  N Depeches
Plages Classiques (Standing On A Beach Album Review, Begins with 'Itineraire rimbaldien titubant, extra-vagances british heritees...')
Resume Des Episodes Precedents French Tour Advert
France  1.5 Y C #216, Indochine Cover, Review Author: Francois Ducray, I don't have Depeches
10/1/1986 Best  N En-tetes: Robert Smith
The Cure En Image Staring At The Sea Video Advert
France  2 Y O #219, I only have advert (2 of 4 pages).
6/1/1987 Best  N KMKMKM Album Review
France  1 #227
11/1/1987 Best  N 11-11/12-87 Paris, France Bercy Show Advert
News (Begins with '... de Tim Pope (realisateur de videos particulierement connue grace a son travail avec Cure...')
France  2 Y O #232, Sting Cover
6/1/1989 Best  N Scene De Cure
France  4 Y O #251, Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) Cover, Author: Francis Dordor
7/1/1989 Best  N 7-8-89 Paris, France Bercy Show Advert
En-tetes: Flowers Covers
France  2 #252, Lou Reed Cover
8/1/1989 Best  N Les Concerts: 6-16-89 Frejus, France Show Review
France  1.25 Y #253, Author: Isabelle Karcher
9/1/1989 Best  N Photo Concert
France  1 #254
9/1/1990 Best  N Les Depeches: Mixed Up
France  1 Y #266
2/1/1991 Best  N CD Concert Pirate Cure 81 Advert?
France  1 #270
8/1/1991 Best  N Abonnez-Vous A Best Et Choisissez Un Cadeau!
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De Fiction A Non-Fiction
France  6.25 Y O #277, Slash Cover, Author: Catherine Chantoiseau
1/1/1992 Best  N Les Depeches - Grande Bretagne
France  1 #282, Les Negresses Vertes
5/1/1992 Best  N Best Is Music Advert
Voeu Pieu (Wish Album Review)
France  3 Y #286, Nick Cave Cover, Review Author: Catherine Chantoiseau
7/1/1992 Best  N 10-19/20/21-92 Paris, France Zenith Show Advert
France  1 #288, Prince Cover
9/1/1992 Best  N Wish Tour Advert
France  1 #290
10/1/1992 Best  N Best Hors Serie Cure Advert
Concours Best Of Cure Advert (Gagnez Deux Bacstages Par Soir De Concert Sure La Tournee Cure)
France  2 Y O #291
8/1/1993 Best  N De 6 bels: XFM Great Expectations - Finsbury Park Cure Article
France  #301, Neil Young Cover
10/1/1993 Best  N Video - Wish You Where Here (Show Album Review)
France  1 #303
6/26/1996 Billboard  N Mint Car Single Review
7/13/1996 Billboard  N Eye: A Does Of The Cure On The Net
The Cure Web Site Brings the Band Home
US  Author: Brett Atwood
12/1/1989 Bizz  Y Cure Disintegration
Brazil  1 #12
5/1/1989 Blah Blah  N 7-8/9-89 Paris, France Bercy Show Advert
France  4 Y C #7, Author: Dominique Gullerm
1/1/1990 Blah Blah  N A La Fnac 10 Ans De Cure… (Entreat Album Advert)
Dix Ans D'Imaginaire
France  1 #4
1/1/1996 Blitz  Y Unknown
Portugal  Y
1/1/1980 Bop Eye  N Unknown
England  #2, Marc Almond And OMITD Cover, 01-01-81?
2/16/1984 Bravo  N Ihr Bob Ist Robert Der Punk - Priester, Rabenschwarz Und Total Verruckt
Japanese Whispers Album Review
Germany  1.5 Y O #8, Nena Cover
2/23/1984 Bravo  N 3 Neue Gruppen Aus England -Total Verruckte Vogel
Hits Der Woche (Love Cats #30)
Germany  1.5 Y O #9, Paul Young Cover
8/1/1984 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Germany  1 Nena Cover
10/10/1985 Bravo  N Inbetween Days Single Lyrics
Germany  1 #42, Sandra Cover
10/17/1985 Bravo  N Robert Poster (Hands On Face From '84)
Germany  1 Y O #43, James Dean Cover
1/23/1986 Bravo  N Ich Hatte Oft Vor, Mich Umzubringen
Robert Poster (Close Up Of Head, Dressed In Black)
Germany  2 Y O #5, Morten Harket (A-Ha) Cover, Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
6/19/1986 Bravo  P Robert Poster (Close Up, Head Tilted To The Side Wearing White Shirt)
Germany  2 Y O #26, Den Harrow Cover
9/18/1986 Bravo  N Cure-Sanger RS
Germany  0.25 #39, Tom Cruise Cover
10/30/1986 Bravo  N Small Picture With Robert (Hands On Ears)
Germany  0.25 #45, Europe Cover
11/6/1986 Bravo  N Charlotte Sometimes Single Review
Germany  0.25 #46, Falco Cover
2/12/1987 Bravo  N Hetzen Cure Gegen Araber
Germany  0.25 Y O #8, Don Johnson Cover
6/3/1987 Bravo  P Band Poster (In Suits)
Germany  2 Y #24, Pierre Cosso Cover
6/10/1987 Bravo  N Robert Poster
Germany  #25, Den Harrow Cover
7/20/1987 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  Jason Donovan Cover?
7/23/1987 Bravo  N Catch Single Review (Begins with 'Bei Robert Smith muB man ja immer auf...')
Germany  0.25 Y #31, A-Ha
9/10/1987 Bravo  N B/W Article Lots of good pics. Two of SG
Germany  1 #38, Otto Waalkes Cover
10/29/1987 Bravo  P Cure Sticker On Cover
Germany  Y #45, Madonna Cover
11/12/1987 Bravo  P Cure Poster
Germany  Y #47, Don Johnson Cover
12/3/1987 Bravo  N Sie Haben Den Verrucktesten Sanger Der Rockszene
Germany  2 Y O #50, Depeche Mode Cover
1/12/1988 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  Don Johnson Cover
2/25/1988 Bravo  N Small Pic Of Robert and Article
Germany  0.25 #9, Corey Haim Cover
3/17/1988 Bravo  N Hot Hot Hot Single Review
Germany  0.25 #12, Tiffany Cover
3/30/1988 Bravo  P Band Poster (B/W Robert In Center W/Arms Crossed, Lol & Porl On The Ends, Band Wearing Black Suits W/White Shirts)
Germany  2 Y O #14, Bros. Cover
4/20/1989 Bravo  N The Cure
Germany  Tom Cruise Cover
5/11/1989 Bravo  P Robert Poster (Robert In Leather Jacket)
Germany  2 Y O #20, Richard Dean Anderson Cover (1/4 Cover Cure)
5/24/1989 Bravo  P Band Poster (Robert With Hands On Hips, Blue Shirt)
Germany  2 Y O #22, Roxette Cover
6/15/1989 Bravo  P Robert Poster (On Stairs With Hands In The Air)
Germany  2 Y O #25, Rob Lowe Cover
7/6/1989 Bravo  N Cure Sticker
Raumten Ab!
Germany  0.25 Y C #28, David Hasselhoff Cover
9/26/1989 Bravo  P Band Poster (Smiles)
Germany  2 Y #40, David Hasselhoff Cover
10/19/1989 Bravo   P Gelibt Und GehaBt The Cure
Germany  2 Y #43, Big Fun Cover (3 Guys) Partial Cure Cover
1/8/1990 Bravo  N Robert Poster (Wearing Black Polka Dot Shirt, Close-Up, With Hands By Face)
Germany  #2, Brieftauben Cover (Guys W/Blue And Pink Hair)
10/18/1990 Bravo  N Cure Narrten Die Polizei
Germany  0.5 Y O #43, New Kids On The Block
10/31/1990 Bravo  N Never Enough Single Review
Germany  0.5 Y O #45, Patrick Swayze Cover, Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
11/22/1990 Bravo  N LP Der Woche: Mixed Up Album Review
Germany  0.25 Y O #48, Johnny Depp Cover
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Germany  Jason Donovan Cover?
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Article
Cure Poster
Germany  #31, David Hasselhoff
3/7/1991 Bravo  N Raritat Fur Treue Fans
Germany  0.25 Y O #11 Richard Grieco Cover
5/8/1991 Bravo  N So Fing Alles An, Die Konige Des Gruft-Rock
Germany  1 Y O #20, Kevin Costner Cover
7/4/1991 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Germany  #28, Richard Grieco
1/1/1992 Bravo  N Songbook - High Lyrics
Germany  0.5 Y O Luke Perry Cover
1/16/1992 Bravo  N Cure: Jelzin War Fur Mich Der Mann Des Jahres
Germany  0.5 Y O #4, Richard Grieco Cover
6/4/1992 Bravo  P Band Poster (1991 Shot With Paint Swipes... like VOX Picture)
Germany  2 Y O #24, Michael Douglas Cover
1/1/1996 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  #23 BackStreet Boys
1/1/1986 Cante Comigo  P Lyrics To Boys Don't Cry
Brazil  Y Vol. 2 #19, Djavan And Seto Guedes Cover
10/1/1990 CD Mag  N Three Imaginary Boys Album Review
  1 #7
12/1/1990 CD Mag  N Mixed Up Album Review
  1 #8
5/1/1992 Chronicle  N Friday I'm In Love Single Review
Wish Album Review
9/1/1992 Chronicle  N High Single Review
9/9/1987 Ciao 2001  N Unknown
Italy  1 Madonna Cover
9/18/1996 Circus   N The Cure's Wild Mood Swings
US  3 Y O Metallica Cover, Author: Pug La Hart
1/1/1993 Colecao Meu Idolo  Y Band Poster (Pornography, Robert, Simon, And Lol In Masks Sitting On Red Floor, Wearing Black)
Discografia Faixa Por Faixa
Robert Poster (Robert With Wild Hair Circa '93, Like Magazine Cover)
Song Lyrics (8 Songs)
The Cure - O Poder Da Cura
Brazil  32 Y O #20, Exclusive Cure Issue
1/1/2001 Conecte  N Unknown
Mexico  #389, Lita Ford Cover
12/1/1981 Creem  N Three Imaginary Cures
US  1.25 Y O Ray Davies (Kinks) Cover, Author: Iman Lababedi
5/1/1987 CV Poster  N Dix And Deja!
France  9
12/1/1990 Decades  N Place De La Republique 6/21/90
Punk Is Not Dead
  3 #0, Fanzine
3/1/1991 Decades  N Close To Me (Remix) Single Review
Mixed Up Album Review
Never Enough Single Review
  1 #1, Fanzine
10/1/1987 DNTelevision  N Enfants Du Rock: Traitement De Choc
France  1
6/1/1996 Drum Media  N Record of the Week (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
6/1/1996 Dynamite  Y Unknown
Brazil  Y #10
7/22/1987 EC Rocker   Y An Interview With RS of The Cure
US  Y Author: Harold De Muir
10/11/1989 EC Rocker  N Unknown
US  #168 Def Leppard Cover
11/1/1990 El Gran Musical  Y Unknown
Spain  Y #329
1/1/1987 Elle  N L'oeil Sur Eux: The Cure
France  1
1/1/1987 Elle  N Les Concerts
France  1
10/1/1992 Elle  N Cure: Ca Plane Pour Eux!
France  1 #2442
8/1/1993 Empire  N Robert Smith Enigmatic Pop Person
England   1 Jurassic Park Cover
4/1/2000 Eurostar  N The Cure: Back To Earth Reintegration
France  0.75 Y
5/1/1989 Fabiola  N Disintegration: Komt Er Sleet Op The Cure?
Belgium  4 #34
1/1/1989 Fan Poster  N Lire Attentivement La Notice
  2 #14
5/1/1986 Fare Musica  Y Unknown
Italy  9 Y
11/1/1987 Figaro Lyon  N L'Intox Cure
7/1/1982 Flexipop  N Hanging Garden Single Advert
Next Flexi The Cure (Pic Of Band)
Schools On 45: The Hanging Garden - The Cure (Begins with 'VICKY: They should have released 'A Strange Day'...')
Welcome To The Working Week
England  3 Y O #21, Belle Stars Cover, Author: Robert Smith
8/1/1982 Flexipop  N W/Lament Flexi Only, No Article
England  N #22, ABC (Guy In Chair On Cover)
6/1/1983 Fool's Mate  N Unknown
Japan  This Heat Cover?
5/1/1985 Fool's Mate  Y Interview: The Cure
Japan  4 Y #45
8/1/1987 Fool's Mate  Y The Cure (Robert Close Up With White Shirt)
Japan  6 Y O #71
8/1/1986 Foto Music  P Cure Toujours
France  3 Y #8, Madonna Cover
6/1/1987 Foto Music  N La Voix Fait Tout!
France  3 #15
11/1/1990 Free  N Digitale Kuur: Fantastische Metamorfose
Netherlands  1 Y Herman Brood Cover
1/1/1985 Funky Guitarra  Y Unknown
Peru  Y #48
1/1/1989 Funky Hits  Y Unknown
Peru  Y #209
5/20/1988 Gargoyle  Y Perfect Kiss
Shrink Rap - Siouxsie And The Banshees (Mentions The Cure)
Japan  16 Y O Vol. 1
1/1/1989 Generacion  Y Unknown
1/1/2000 Ghastly  N Unknown
  #10, Scary Guy Cover, 01-01-??
1/1/1997 Gigantes  Y Unknown
Brazil  Y #12
6/7/1987 Good Times  P The Cure (An Interview with Lol Tolhurst)
US  2 Y #3467, Suzanne Vega Cover, Author: Kevin Zimmerman
1/1/1987 Graffiti  N Fiche Cure
1/1/1987 Graffiti  P The Cure: Smith Racont
France  4 Y #31, Jean-Jaques Goldman
1/1/1988 Graffiti  N Cure Poster
France  Many People Cover
7/1/1989 Graffiti  N Albumscopie
France  2
8/1/2001 Groove  Y Unknown
Sweden  Y
1/1/1997 Guitar & Bass  N News: Boys Don't Split
France  1 #36
11/1/1993 Guitar World   N Just Like Heaven Tablature
US  Pearl Jam Cover/Joe Satriani Cover (2 Covers Were Issued)
1/1/1984 Guitare & Claviers   Y Robert Smith En Cure
France  1 Y
11/1/1985 Guitare & Claviers   Y Encyclorock
Partition In Between Days
Si Le Cure Vous En Dit
France  8.25 Y O #57, Article And Review Author: Yves Bigot
7/1/1987 Guitare & Claviers   Y Cure De Bons Baisers
France  7.5 Y O #76, Author: Yves Bigot
5/1/1989 Guitare & Claviers   Y Aux Grands Maux Les Grands Remedes
Disintegration Album Review
France  6 Y O #96, Article And Review Author: N. Ungemuth
11/1/1990 Guitare & Claviers   Y Incurable Robert Smith
Mixed Up Album Review
France  7.5 Y O #113, Article Author: Marc Zisman, Review Author: Nicolas Ungemuth
4/1/1992 Guitarist  Y Interview - Cure De Guitare: Robert Smith
Rock Collection: - Cure: High (Guitar Tablature)
France  8.25 Y O #35, Author: Romain Decouret, Tablature Author: Francois Rolland
1/1/1983 Hit Machine  P Fold Out Poster of Lol And Robert From Lovecats Video
England  8 Y O #20, Thompson Twins Cover, 23.25" x 33"
6/2/1984 Hitkrant  N 'Ik Begin Weer Een Beetjie Zin In Het Leven Te Krijgen'
Netherlands  2 Y O #22, The Herreys Cover
5/15/1989 Hits  Y Unknown
US  2 Y #140
8/13/1987 Hot Press  N Bob's Story
Ireland  2 Mary Coughlan Cover
7/1/1990 Humo  N Tourhout/Werchter 90: De Duivel En Zijn Moder: The Cure
Belgium  4
9/1/1989 IE  N Unknown
US  Steve Dahl Cover
11/1/1986 In Fashion  N Robert Smith: The Cure (Begins with 'When it comes to The Cure's lead singer/songwriter...')
US  3.25 Y O Charlie Sexton and Rosanna Arquette Cover, Author: Brad Balfour
9/1/1983 International Musician and Recording World   N Curiouser & Curiouser
England  3 Y Paul McCartney Cover, Author: Chris Roberts
6/1/1984 International Musician and Recording World   Y Top Cat
England  5 Y C Authors: Mike Nicholls And Tony Horkins
12/1/1985 International Musician and Recording World   N P.A. Column (9-22-85 Edinburgh, Scotland Playhouse Show Review)
England  2 Y Sade Cover, Author: Stuart Gillan
7/1/1987 International Musician and Recording World   N Recording World (Dave Allen Talks About WCIBY?)
England  2 Y Zodiac/Manowar Cover, Author: Jim Betteridge
5/1/1996 Intro  N The Cure - Stimmungswechsel Mit Geschichte
Germany  2.25 Y O #34, Die Sterne Cover, Author: Holger In't Veldt
6/24/1995 Island Ear  Y Unknown
2/8/1986 Jackie  N Cure Poster
England  Simon Le Bon Cover?
10/27/1985 Joepie  N Some Cure (Robert Poster - In Gray Suit With Black Shirt Underneath, Semi-Close-Up (2 pgs)?)
Belgium  Simon and Yasmin Le Bon Cover
7/1/1996 Juice  N Some Cure
Australia  Alanis Morisette Cover
12/1/1985 Kamikazes  N Musique: Robert Cure Toujours
France  1
5/1/1989 Keyboards  N The Cure: 'Docteur Robert, Je Presume?'
France  2 Y #22, Author: Alvin Jackson
2/1/2000 Kulture News  N Unknown
  1 Fiona Apple Cover
7/1/1986 Le Depeche  N Cure Toujours
France  4
1/1/1987 Le Magazine Rock  Y Cure Poster Magazine (8 Posters)
France  46 Y O #1, Poster Magazine, All posters (8) are 17" X 21.5"
5/25/1987 Le Matin  N Cure Ou La Triste Jouvence
Le Baiser De L'Homme-Araignee: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review
Robert Smith: 'On ne peut pas s'empecher de faire du Cure'
France  3 Y C Author: Olivier Cachin (O.C.)
12/1/1985 Le Meridional  N La Cure S'Eclate. Ce Sera Le 11 A Montpellier
France  1
12/1/1985 Le Monde  N Le Fanatisme Intelligent (Paris, France Bercy Show Review)
France  0.5 N C Author: Alain Wais
11/1/1986 Le Monde  N La Generation Du Regard
France  2
10/26/1996 Le Parisien  N Cure: La Tournee D'Adieu
France  1 Y Author: Yves Berton
11/1/1987 Le Quotidien De Paris  N Une Petite Cure De Cure
France  1
6/1/1990 Le Quotidien De Paris  N Advert Fete De La Musique : The Cure/The The
France  1
5/1/1984 Le Soir  N The Cure, A La Fois Gueri Et Aguerri
Belgium  1
11/1/1985 Le Soir  N Cure A Forest: Fidele A Lui-Meme Et Defrisant (Brussells, Belgium Forest National Show Review)
Belgium  1 Y C Author: Thierry Coljon
5/19/1987 Le Soir  N Double Cure: Amour Toujours
Belgium  1 Y C I have 1/2 pages? This is a very bad copy.
6/1/1987 Le Soir  N En Haut De L'Affiche The Cure
Why Can't I Be You?
Belgium  3
11/1/1987 Le Soir  N Forest-National Cote Cure: Bisous Sans Frisson
Belgium  1
5/1/1989 Le Soir  N L'Envoutement De Cure Porte A Son Paroxysme
Belgium  1
7/1/1990 Le Soir  N A Torhout-La-Douche
Mano Negra Et Cure…
Belgium  2
9/1/1992 Le Soir  N Pub Concert Gand 10/3/92
Belgium  1
10/1/1992 Le Soir  N Just Comme Au Paradis: Concert Flanders Expo
Belgium  1
11/1/1985 L'Equerre  Y Test: Quelle Est Votre New Wave
The Cure Special Photos
Canada  10 Y #2
1/1/1986 L'Equerre  N Histoires De Pilules Robert Au Musee Grevin
Canada  1 Y C #4, Summer 1986 Issue, Author: Claude Gassain
1/1/1986 L'Equerre  N Cure Back Page
Canada  Artistic Cover
10/1/1986 L'Equerre  Y 10.15 Samedi Soir
Cure Sous Le Soleil
Cure, Le Film
Canada  10 Y C #5, Author: Philippe Djanoumoff, Sous Le Soleil Author: Richard Bellia, Author (Curemania): Roussia, Curemania Actually 7/86? 11 Pages?
1/1/1987 L'Equerre  N Courrier
Instants Lectures
Photo Robert Smith Londres 82
Canada  4 #6
3/1/1987 L'Equerre  N Courrier
Canada  2 #7
8/1/1987 Les Grands De La Variete  Y Tout Sur The Cure
France  14 Y #6, Author: N.I.
6/1/1986 Les Inrockuptibles  N Sept Ans De Reflexion
France  4 Y C #2, Authors: C. Whatshisname And Bruno Gaston
5/1/1987 Les Inrockuptibles  N Le Parfait Baiser
Rockline Special Advert
France  6 Y C #6, Authors: Robert Smith, C. Whatshisname, Hugo Cassavetti
10/1/1988 Les Inrockuptibles  N Peel Sessions Album Advert
France  1 #13
6/1/1989 Les Inrockuptibles  N Charts
Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven Single Review
Disintegration Album Review
France  1 N #17, Author: Hadrien Laroche
11/1/1990 Les Inrockuptibles  N Rubaiyat Album Advert
France  1 #26, Prefab Sprout Cover?
3/1/1991 Les Inrockuptibles  N Entreat Album Advert
Supermen: Guide Tres Photogenique De 5 Ans D'Inrockuptibles (Insert)
France  1 #28
6/1/1991 Les Inrockuptibles  N A Forest CD Single
Assemblage Box Set Advert
Mixed Up Box Set
France  1 #30
5/1/1992 Les Inrockuptibles  N C'est Cure - Wish Album Advert
France  1 #35
4/1/1996 Les Inrockuptibles  N Advert: Cure En Direct Dans Votre Fnac Le 6/5/96
France  1 #54
4/1/1996 Les Inrockuptibles  N Advert: La Fnac Musique Bastille Invite Cure
France  1 #55
5/21/1996 Les Inrockuptibles  N Cure De Recreation (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
France  1 #57
9/1/1986 L'Essential  N La Souffrance A L'Etat Sauvage
France  2 #1
11/1/1985 L'Etudiant  N The Cure - Smith And Son
France  1 N C Author: Didier Saltron
5/1/1987 L'Etudiant  N Cure toujours…
France  1
4/1/1986 L'Express  N The Cure: Une Medecine Froide
France  1 Y C Author: Sacha Reins
5/1/1989 L'Express  N Un Peu Cure Jeune Homme
France  1 Is this Liberation 12/3/86 article?
11/1/1987 L'Humanite  N Musiques (Photo)
6/2/1981 Liberation  N Cure Et Le Rock Fourbu
France  0.75 Y C Author: Bayon
10/16/1981 Liberation  N Cure: Le Rock De L'Autre Cote Du Miroir
France  4 Y C Author: Bayon
5/7/1982 Liberation  N Le Nouveau Cure: Eloge De La Poussiere
France  2 Y C Author: Bayon
1/19/1983 Liberation  N The Cure, A Deux, Au Lit
France  2 Y C Author: Bayon
11/1/1983 Liberation  N De Cure A Cry
France  1 Author: Barbarian
1/1/1984 Liberation  N The Top Moreceau Par Morceau Par Robert & Lol
France  1
4/1/1984 Liberation  N Fools Can Dance En 'Cure' De Desintoxication
France  1
5/15/1984 Liberation  N Cure D'Intoxication
France  4 Y C Author: Bayon And Barbarian
8/14/1985 Liberation  N La Chasse A Cure
France  2 Y O Author: Barbarian
8/11/1986 Liberation  N The Cure Aux Arenes
France  2 Y C Author: Laurence Romance
11/7/1986 Liberation  N Examen De Placard - Robert Smith N'En A Cure...
France  0.5 N C Author: Barbarian
5/1/1987 Liberation  N Interview With Dave Allen: Kiss Me Morceau Par Morceau
France  5
5/13/1987 Liberation  N Vol Au Long Cure
France  1
11/1/1987 Liberation  Y Album Photo
C'est Un Peu Court Jeune Homme
Cours De Son
Crawley, Morne Spleen
Cure Toujours: Dernier Ecos Avant Liquidation?
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me: Les Sessions
Le Concert D'Athenes
Le Journal De Mister Smith Dans Le Journal
Portrait D'Un Metier: Groupe Convertible
Robert De Cure, Ne Le... A…
Selection Cure
Tete D'Affiche: La Cour
Tournee Cure 87 (Converse Shoe Advert)
France  18 Y O #380, Article Author (Le Journal): Robert Smith, Author (Robert De Cure, La Cour, Cours De Son): Gary (Bbr), Author (Liquidation, Destroy, Jeune Homme, Athenes): Bayon, Author (Selection Cure, Crawley): Barbarian
11/11/1987 Liberation  N Cure-Circuit?
France  1 Y C Author: Barbarian (Bbr.), 1 of 3 pages (is this really 3 pages long?)
5/3/1989 Liberation  N Laurence Tolhurst, Ex-Cure
Le Cure Essentiel?
Robert Smith, Cours Magistral
France  6 Y O Authors: Bayon, Phil Casoar, And Laurent Rigoulet, Incomplete (Have 3 Pages)
6/1/1989 Liberation  N Basse Cure
Papillons Noir
France  2
7/9/1989 Liberation  N Cure D'Honneur
France  3 Y O Author: Arnaud Viviant, Incomplete (have one page)
4/1/1992 Liberation  N Le Nouveau Robert Smith
France  4
10/17/1992 Liberation  N Cure D'Amaigrissement
France  2 Author: Arnaud Viviant
4/1/1996 Liberation  N J-7 La Fnac Recoit Cure
France  1
5/1/1996 Liberation  N Advert: La Fnac Bastille Recoit Cure Aujourdh'ui
France  1
10/1/1996 Liberation  N Boulevard Voltaire
The Cure Au Zenith
France  1
10/15/1996 Liberation  N Un Dernier Cure Avant Fermeture?
France  2 Y C Author: Gilles Renault
10/1/1992 Lime Lizard  N Fiction Records Advert: Cure/Eat/God Machine
England  1
10/1/1993 Lime Lizard  N Monitor (Show Video Review)
England  1
1/1/1994 L'Indic  N Livres Le Camion Blanc
  1 #10
1/1/1994 L'Indic  N Le Camion Blanc: Livres The Smiths & Cure
  1 #11
1/1/1996 L'Indic  N Sloy Parle De Cure
  1 #23
5/1/1996 L'Indic  N Wild Mood Swings Album Advert
Wild Mood Swings Album Review
  1 #25
6/1/1991 Line In  N Entreat Album Review
10/26/1985 Lookin  N Cure Article
Cure Poster (Robert In Gray Suit Sitting On Floor Holding Knees, Cartoon Octopus Legs And Fish On Edges, 2 Page Fold Out)
England  6 Y #44, Shakin' Stevens Cover
1/1/1993 Magic Mushroom  N Strange Fruit: Peel Sessions Album Advert
  1 #7
8/1/1987 Making Music  N Miracle Cure
Smoke (Begins with 'The Cure have a new keyboardist in Roger O'Donnell...')
England  1.5 Y O #17, Marillon Cover, Author: Jon Lewin
11/1/1997 Making Music  Y The Cure
England  3 Y O #140, Author: Rikky Rooksby
1/4/1987 Manchete  N Esta Semana: O Alto Astral Dark Do The Cure Pinta No Pedaco Da MPB
Brazil  1.5 Y O #1824, 2 Girls In Swimsuits Cover, Author: Ana Gaio
1/1/2000 Massive  N Unknown
  5 Chemical Brothers Cover
5/1/1996 Max  N Unknown
Italy  4 Y #263, Woman w/Catwoman Mask Cover, Author: Massimo Poggini
8/1/1996 Max  N Cure De Vieillesse?
  1 #83
12/1/1997 Mean Street  Y Unknown
US  #13
2/17/1979 Melody Maker  N Killing An Arab Single Advert (Full Page, White Background)
England  1 Y O
3/24/1979 Melody Maker  N 3-25-79 London, England The Marquee Show Advert
Practical Poprock
England  1.25 Y O Joseph Hill and The Pop Group Cover, Author: Ian Birch
12/1/1979 Melody Maker  N 12-6-79 London, England Music Machine Show Advert
The Passions: Hunted (On Tour With The Cure) Advert
England  0.5 Y
4/11/1981 Melody Maker  N Gigs - 4-18-81 Friars Club Listing (w/Michael Dempsey Singing Pic, Not Advert)
England  2 Y O Linx Cover
4/18/1981 Melody Maker  N 5-4-81 London, England Hammersmith Odeon Show Advert
The Cure's Funeral Party (Faith Album Review)
England  0.75 Y O The Teardrop Explodes Cover, Author: Adam Sweeting
12/5/1981 Melody Maker  N Future Cure (11-28-81 Bradford, England Show Review)
MM's Selective Guide To Forthcoming Gigs
England  1.25 N O Julian Cope Cover, Author: Frank Worral
4/17/1982 Melody Maker  N Datelines: Small Band Photo (Brighton Dome, (Wednesday))
England  0.25 Y O Spandau Ballet Cover
5/29/1982 Melody Maker  N Infected Cuts
England  0.25 Y O Scritti Politti Cover, Author: Chris Goodbre
8/13/1983 Melody Maker  N Taking The Cure
The Glove Like An Animal Single Review
England  2.25 Y O Paul Weller Cover, Article Author: Steve Sutherland, Review Author: Allan Jones
9/3/1983 Melody Maker  Y Record News (Begins with 'The Glove (Banshees Steve Severin and Robert Smith) are releasing their debut...')
The Glove! Will Tear Us Apart
England  2.25 Y O Author: Steve Sutherland
9/10/1983 Melody Maker  N The Glove Review
England  Kid Creole Cover
5/5/1984 Melody Maker  N 4-25-84 Newcastle, England Show Review
Topsy-Turvy (The Top Album Review)
England  Y Psychedelic Furs Cover
7/28/1984 Melody Maker  N The Italian Job
England  3 Y O Wham Cover, Author: Steve Sutherland
10/27/1984 Melody Maker  N Concert Album Advert (Full Page)
Curiouser And Curiouser (Concert And Curiosity Album Review)
England  2 Y O The Pogues Cover, Author: Steve Sutherland
5/3/1986 Melody Maker  N 50,000 UKP For Green Peace
Live! The Green Party - The Cure/The Waterboys/Shriekback/John Otway (4-25-86 London, England Show Review)
The Verdict: Best Album HOTD
England  3.25 Y O Cocteau Twins Cover, Author: Mat Smith
5/24/1986 Melody Maker  N Standing On A Beach Album Advert
Surfs Up: Win The Cure's New Album
Trial By TV
Waving Not Drowning (Standing On A Beach Album Review)
England  4 Y O Johnny Rotten/PIL Cover, Article And Review Author: Steve Sutherland
6/28/1986 Melody Maker  N Glastonbury: Midsummer Madness
England  Hollywood Beyond Cover
2/21/1987 Melody Maker  N Vinyl Solution: Simon Gallup - The Cure (Simon Picks 12 Records)
England  1 Y O Dead Or Alive Cover
3/21/1987 Melody Maker  N The Cure: The Movie (In Orange Video Review)
England  0.5 Y Beastie Boys Cover
5/30/1987 Melody Maker  Y Our Price - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
The Perfect Kiss (Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review)
Three Imaginary Weeks
England  6 Y O Article Author: Robert Smith, Review Author: Chris Roberts
9/1/1987 Melody Maker  N Unknown
England  Morissey Cover
10/24/1987 Melody Maker  N Have You Seen Who's On Compact Disc? (Philips CD Player Advert, Full Page)
England  1 Y O Sugarcubes Cover
11/1/1987 Melody Maker  N Lips Like Sugar: Live Forest National Brussels
England  1 Y O Author: Chris Roberts
12/1/1987 Melody Maker  N Live! Medicine Show: Live Wembley
Wembley Show Advert
England  2 Y O Author: Paul Mathur
12/19/1987 Melody Maker  N London, England Wembley Arena Show Review
England  1 Y U2 Cover
9/16/1989 Melody Maker  N Some Cure
England  All About Eve Cover
12/1/1989 Melody Maker  N 89 By Robert Smith
England  1
1/1/1990 Melody Maker  N Reader's Poll 89
Reader's Poll The Eighties
England  3
3/31/1990 Melody Maker  N Cure Competition
England  1 Y O Happy Mondays Cover
5/12/1990 Melody Maker  N Back To The Pit (Entreat Album Review)
Cure Confirm Glastonbury Appearance
England  1.25 Y O Peter Hook (Revenge) Cover, Author: Steve Sutherland
6/2/1990 Melody Maker  P Italia - The Maker's Guide To The World Cup Finals Featuring... (Simon, Robert, and Others)
England  4 Y O Mission Cover (1/4 Cure Cover)
7/7/1990 Melody Maker  N 8-11-90 London, England Crystal Palace Garden Party Show Advert
Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury: The Wrong Arm Of The Law
England  9 Y The Heart Throbs Cover
8/1/1990 Melody Maker  N Talk Talk Talk
England  1
8/1/1990 Melody Maker  N Bowled Over: Live Crystal Palace
England  2
10/6/1990 Melody Maker  N Cure FM: Back On The Air
England  1 Y O Sisters Of Mercy Cover
12/1/1990 Melody Maker  N Review Of 1990 (Photo)
England  1
2/1/1991 Melody Maker  N Side Lines: Presence
The Brits Awards 1991
England  2
3/30/1991 Melody Maker  N Entreat Album Advert (Full Page)
Our Price - Happy Daze v2 Album Advert (Full Page)
Trick Or Entreat? (Entreat Album Review)
England  2.75 Y O Transvision Vamp Cover, Author: Andrew Mueller, Entreat Advert On Back Cover
9/7/1991 Melody Maker  N Retroactive - First Aid Kit (Assemblage Box Set Review)
England  1 Y O EMF Cover, Author: Andrew Mueller
11/9/1991 Melody Maker  N Cure Video
England  0.5 Y O James Cover
1/1/1992 Melody Maker  N Reader's Poll 91
England  6
4/1/1992 Melody Maker  N Cure as F*** (Wish Album Review)
England  1 Y O Author: Andrew Smith
7/18/1992 Melody Maker  N Medication Terrorists (6-27-92 Pasadena, California Rose Bowl Show Review)
England  0.75 Y O Kurt Cobain Cover, Author: Ted Mico
8/1/1992 Melody Maker  N Cure Line Up Five Shows For November
England  1
11/21/1992 Melody Maker  P Been Caught Castillian (11-6-92 Madrid, Spain Show Review)
Gig Guide (11-18-92 Birmingham NEC: The Cure + The Cranes)
Winch You Were Here (Cranes Interview W/Cure Mentions)
Wish Tour UK Advert
England  4.25 Y O Black Crowes Cover, Review Author And Cranes Article Author: Simon Price
5/1/1993 Melody Maker  N Unknown
England  Ozric Tentacles Cover
5/1/1993 Melody Maker  N 6-13-93 Finsbury Park, England XFM Show Advert
Cranes Interview Extrait
England  2
9/1/1993 Melody Maker  N Cranes - Jewel (Remixed By Robert Smith) Single Advert
'Oh, Look, Another Cure Live Album' (Show Album Review)
Robert Smith Comes On Paranoid
England  3
4/1/1994 Melody Maker  N Tract Soutient XFM
England  1
7/1/1994 Melody Maker  N The Crow Soundtrack Album Advert
England  1
4/27/1996 Melody Maker  N Albums Of The Year: 1970-1995 Head On The Door + Disintegration
The 13th Members Of Menswear (The 13th Single Review)
England  2 Oasis Cover
5/4/1996 Melody Maker  N Nearly Goth (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
Vox Magazine Advert (Full Page)
Wild Mood Swings Album Advert
England  3 Y O Tricky Cover, Author: Simon Price
6/15/1996 Melody Maker  N Live!: Rubbish Collection (5-31-96 or 6-1-96 London, England Earls Court Show Review)
Mint Car Single Advert
Mint Car Single Review
England  2 Y O Primal Scream (Bobby Gillespie) Cover, I don't have Rubbish Collection.
1/1/1994 Mix Magazine   N A Look At Five Recent Live Recordings
1/1/1985 Moyeikh  P Begins with 'To 'Hyenna' twv Siouxsie And The Banshees elvai n ouvexeia...'
Greece  0.25 Y O #86, Many Bands Cover
7/1/1989 MTV To Go  N Cure Pick of the Month - Disintegration
Robert Smith: United He Stands
US  2 Cartoon Drawing of a BBQ Cover
11/24/1997 Music Connection  Y Cyber Music (Begins with 'On The Cover: Not only have the Cure released their second ten-year retrospective...')
Music Connection - Celebrating 20 (1977 - 1997) (Begins with '1986 - Finding The Cure (Issue #15): Current MC cover artists the Cure last appeared...')
The Cure (Begins with 'It's been ten years since MC last spoke with Cure frontman Robert Smith...')
US  5.25 Y O Vol. XXI #24, Author: Jeremy M. Helfgot
1/1/1982 Music Life  N Pornography Advert VAP
Japan  Y
1/1/1987 Music 'N Show  N Au Travers De Kiss Me
France  2
1/1/1990 Music News  N Unknown
Germany  #12, Bee Gees Cover
3/1/1996 Music Week  Y Unknown
England  Y
7/1/1988 Musicien  N Fender, Une Histoire De Feeling Advert
  2 #1
4/1/1980 Musik Express  N Boys Don't Cry Single Review
Germany  Frank Zappa or Scorpions Cover?
7/1/1980 Musik Express  N Seventeen Seconds Album Review
Germany  Bob Seger Cover
5/1/1981 Musik Express  N Advert For Faith Album W/German Tourdates
Germany  1 Y O #5, Kraftwerk Cover
5/1/1984 Musik Express  N Unknown
Germany  Nena Cover
6/1/1984 Musik Express  N Album Review
Germany  #6, Guy On Cover
2/1/1986 Musik Express   N Blind Date: Robert Smith
Pop Poll 1985: Gruppe International - #6, Konzert - #9, Album - HOTD #7
Germany  1.5 Y O #2, Miko Cover, Author: J. Kneip
10/1/1987 Musik Express   N 8-10-87 New York, New York Madison Square Garden Show Review
Kissing Tour Germany Advert
Germany  1 Y O #10, Mick Jagger Cover, Author: Jane Mansfeel
6/1/1992 Musik Express  N Show Review
Germany  Brings Cover
1/1/1998 Musik Express  N Show Review
Germany  #1, Prodigy Cover
1/1/2000 Musik Express  N Unknown
Germany  #2, Madonna Cover
3/1/2000 Musik Express  N Barock (Bloodflowers Album Review)
Bloodflowers Album Advert
Zwanzig Jahre Ubernachtigt
Germany  6.5 Y O Smashing Pumpkins Cover, Review Author: Ogo
6/1/2000 Musik Express  N Concert (4-9-00 Munchen, Germany Olympiahalle Show Review)
Germany  0.5 Y O Bon Jovi Cover, Author: Ogo
7/1/1989 Musik Express/Sounds  N 5-19-89 Munchen, Germany Olympiahalle Show Review
Germany  1.5 Y O Nena Cherry Cover, Author: Martina Wimmer
1/1/1981 Muziek Expres  N De Aanklacht Van The Cure
Netherlands  3 Y O Sting Cover, Author: Erik Timmerman
7/1/1987 Muziek Expres  N Waar Heeft... (Interview With Robert Smith)
Netherlands   Bon Jovi Cover
1/1/1989 Muziek Expres  N Disintegration Album Review
Robert Smith Van The Cure Over Zijn Grootste Angsten: 'Van Die Dikke Spinnen Met Lange Poten Ga Ik Volledig Door 'T Lint!'
Netherlands   2 Y O I don't have Disintegration Album Review.
1/1/1986 My Guy  N Robert And Lol Poster (From Lovecats, Robert Holding Onto A Birdcage, Lol Behind Him With Furry Collar)
England  1 Y O Annual Magazine, A Man With Hand On Woman's Shoulder Cover
9/27/1989 Neue Zeit   N Disintegration Album Review
3/3/1979 New Musical Express  N 3-4-79 London, England The Marquee Show Advert #1
3-4-79 London, England The Marquee Show Advert #2
3-9-79 Isleworth, Poly Show Advert
The Cure - When And Where It's Available
England  1 Y O Graham Parker Cover
1/10/1981 New Musical Express  N John Peel's Festive Fifty - A Forest #18
England  N Trans Europe Express Cover
4/18/1981 New Musical Express  N 5-4-81 London, England Hammersmith Odeon Show Advert
Additions For Cure (Additional Gig Dates)
Cure: Cancerous? (Faith Album Review)
Faith Album Advert W/Tour Dates (Full Page)
London Theatre Bookings Advert
More Tours Set Out (Small Live Photo Of Robert)
England  2 Y O Scar Cover, Review Author: Ray Lowry
5/16/1981 New Musical Express  N Brood - Don't Sulk
Nationwide Gig Guide
England  5 Y O Bob Marley Cover, Author:Chris Bohn
8/29/1981 New Musical Express  N Simple Minds Replace The Cure In Stafford
England  N Blue Rondo Cover
9/19/1981 New Musical Express  N Leed Even: Cure
England  N Kim Wilde Cover
11/21/1981 New Musical Express  N A Cure For Fun Fun Fun
England  2 Y O Earth, Wind, & Fire Cover, Author: Paul Morley
11/28/1981 New Musical Express  N Cure T-Shirt For Sale
Gig List With Rare Photo
UK Tour Advert (6 Dates, 11/26 - 12/3)
England  2 Y O D.A.F. Cover, I only have show advert.
12/19/1981 New Musical Express  N Trance Stance (11-27-81 Glasgow, Scotland Show Review)
England  0.5 N O Images Of The Year Cover, Author: Kirsty McNeill
4/3/1982 New Musical Express  N UK Tour Advert (9 Show Dates, 4/20 - 5/1)
England  0.25 Y O Junior Giscombe Cover
5/8/1982 New Musical Express  N Cold Turkeys (Pornography Album Review)
England  1 Y Iron Maiden Cover, Author: Dave Hill
7/10/1982 New Musical Express  N Hanging Garden Single Review
England  0.25 N Bananarama Cover
7/17/1982 New Musical Express  N Hanging Garden Single Advert
England  0.5 Y O David Byrne (Talking Heads) Cover
3/12/1983 New Musical Express  N Faith Cassette Advert
England  Y Stray Cats Cover
7/2/1983 New Musical Express  N The Walk Single Advert
England  0.5 Y O Eddie And Sunshine Cover
7/9/1983 New Musical Express  N 7-30-83 Cornwall, England St. Germans Elephant Fayre Review
The Walk Single Review
England  N Curtis Mayfield Cover
7/30/1983 New Musical Express  N Steppin' Out With The Cure
England  0.5 Y Mary Jane Girls Cover
10/29/1983 New Musical Express  N Charts - Lovecats #26
England  N Assembly Cover
3/31/1984 New Musical Express  N 5-10-84 London, England Hammersmith Odeon Show Advert
5-13-84 Brussels, Belgium Mead Gould Promotions Advert
Some Burn, Some Are Burned Out (Caterpillar Single Review - Begins with 'Neither creepy nor crawlie...')
The Caterpillar Single Advert (Full Page)
England  1.75 Y O African Fanfare (Masekela) Cover, Author: Richard Cook, I don't have show advert.
8/24/1985 New Musical Express  N 9-12-85 London, England Wembley Arena Show Advert (Propaganda Verticle)
Record News (Begins with 'The Cure, currently in the charts with 'In Between The Days', follow up with a new album...') (With Pic)
T-Zers (Begins with 'Well! It's Robert Smith! Doesn't he look funny?...') (With Pic)
England  1.5 Y O Propaganda Cover
5/10/1986 New Musical Express  N 6-21-86 Glastonbury Festival Show Advert
England  Y The Petrol Emotion Cover
4/25/1987 New Musical Express  N Small Picture Of Robert
England  Y Deacon Blue Cover
8/1/1987 New Musical Express  N Perfect Embrace (8-10/11-87 New York, New York Show Review)
England  1 Y O Hue And Cry Cover, Author: David Fricke
5/6/1989 New Musical Express  P Charts - Lullaby #8
Cure Tour For Sure
Dr. Bob's Cure-All
HMV - Disintegration Album Advert (Full Page)
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Dinosaur Jr. Just Like Heaven Single Review)
When Love Breaks Down (Disintegration Album Review)
England  6.5 Y O Wonderstuff Cover, Article Author: Andrew Collings, Review Author: Barbara Ellen
5/27/1989 New Musical Express  N Some Enchanted Evening: Bizarre Festival
England  1 Y C Author: Simon Williams
9/1/1989 New Musical Express  N Smith Out On His Own?
England  0.5 Y O
5/5/1990 New Musical Express  N Entreat Album Advert 'Exclusively At HMV' (2 Full Pages)
England  2 Y O Wonderstuff Cover
6/1/1990 New Musical Express  N Cure Go To The Palace
England  1
8/25/1990 New Musical Express  N Curiouser & Cureiouser (8-11-90 London, England Crystal Palace Show Review)
England  1 Y O The Farm Cover, Author: Barbara Ellen
9/15/1990 New Musical Express  N Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me FM
England  1 Y O The Charlatans Cover, Author: Jerry Smith
1/1/1991 New Musical Express  N Live London Town & Country Club 2
England  1
1/12/1991 New Musical Express  N Show Advert
England  0.25 Y C KLF Cover, I don't have the show advert.
2/1/1991 New Musical Express  N The Secret Diary Of Robert Smith, Aged 40 Waist
England  1
2/1/1991 New Musical Express  N Cure Genius (Interview Presence)
England  3
4/6/1991 New Musical Express  N Album Review
England  Tim Booth (James) Cover
11/1/1991 New Musical Express  N Bluffer's Guide To Goth: Ghoul's Out
England  4
8/1/1992 New Musical Express  N Announcing UK Tour Dates
Wish Tour UK Advert (Full Page)
England  1 Y O Ice Cube Cover, I only have advert.
11/1/1992 New Musical Express  N Wish Tour Advert
England  1
6/19/1993 New Musical Express  N Xceedingly Good, Mates! (6-13-93 Finsbury Park, England XFM Show Review)
England  1 Y O Teenage Fanclub Cover, Authors: Simon Williams And John Harris
7/17/1993 New Musical Express  N Great Xpectations Album Advert (Full Page)
England  1 Y O Black Crowes Cover
11/1/1993 New Musical Express  N XFM: The First Alternative Radio Advert
England  1
5/6/1995 New Musical Express  N Past Forward: Tale Of The Tape
England  0.5 Y O
7/1/1995 New Musical Express  N Live Glastonbury 95
England  1 Y O Glastonbury '95 Cover, Author: John Robinson
9/30/1995 New Musical Express  N XFM Album Advert (Full Page)
England  1 Y O Oasis Cover
1/1/1996 New Musical Express  N Unknown
England  Soccer Team Cover
5/4/1996 New Musical Express  N Hairdo Well! (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
Swing Tour Advert
VOX Magazine Advert
England  3 Y O Oasis Cover, Author: Mark Sutherland, I don't have VOX advert.
6/15/1996 New Musical Express  N Mint Car Single Advert
Mint Car Single Review (Begins with 'On the spectrum of Cure mood swings...')
Piggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars Bars (5-31-96 or 6-1-96 London, England Earls Court Show Review)
England  1.75 Y O Sex Pistols Cover, Show Review Author: John Perry, Single Review Author: Roger Morton
2/1/1997 New Musical Express  N David Bowie: Three Pop Pals Pay Tribute
11/1/1997 New Musical Express  N Pissy Galore (Galore Album Review)
England  1 Y O Goldie Cover, Author: Johnny Cigarettes
2/19/2000 New Musical Express  N Bloodflowers Album Advert (Full Page)
Bringing It All Backcomb (2-9-00 London, England Show Review)
England  1.5 Y O Oasis Cover, Author: Piers Martin, Edges are cut on my advert.
6/1/1986 New Trends  N Le Poster Geant
France  8
10/1/1986 New Vision Collection  Y Pas De Vaccin Contre La Curemania
France  8 Y Author: G.R.
10/1/1980 New York Rocker  N Seventeen Seconds Review (Begins with 'After the sprightly strains of...')
England  0.75 Y Author: Roy Trakin
5/1/1987 Nice Matin  N Cure In Orange
France  1
7/30/1983 No. 1  N A Walk On The Weird Side
England  1 Y C #13, Echo And The Bunnymen Cover, Author: Paul Bursche
9/3/1983 No. 1  N All You Need Is Glove
Begins with 'The Cure are to follow up their successful single 'The Walk' with a new track...'
Begins with 'The Glove, whose 'Like An Animal' single is currently climbing...'
Cure In Crossword Puzzle
Out Of The Hat (Begins with 'Here's this week's random reader's chart...')
England  1.5 Y O #18, Madness Cover, Author: Paul Bursche
11/26/1983 No. 1  N Reader's Chart: The Cure - Lovecats #12, Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dear Prudence #18
Robert And Lol Poster (Lol On Left In Black, Robert In White Shirt w/Spiked Bracelets Standing On Right, Blue Tint)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Nocturne Album Review (Begins with 'The bit I like best about the Banshees live is when the lights go down...')
Siouxsie And The Banshees w/Robert - Nocturne Album Advert (Full Page)
This Charming Man
England  5.75 Y O Tears For Fears Cover, Author: Paul Bursche, Review Author: Ursula Kenny
9/21/1985 No. 1  N Picture Of Mary By Ocean
England  0.25 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover, Author: Karen Downes
9/28/1985 No. 1  N Unknown
England  Wham Cover
10/12/1985 No. 1  N Unknown
England  Dead or Alive Cover
5/9/1987 No. 1  N The Scurriest, Laziest Group In The World
England  2 Y O Duran Duran Cover, Author: John Aizlewood
5/20/1982 Noise!  N Cure (Hanging Garden Color Picture)
England  Y #2, Theatre Of Hate Cover
7/22/1982 Noise!  N Hanging Garden Single Lyrics
The Hanging Garden Single Review (Begins with 'Clever idea - an open-out double single pack.'
England  1.25 Y O #6, Midge Ure Cover, Review Author: Karen Swayne
12/1/1987 Nouvel Observateur  N Pub RMC
5/1/1996 Nouvel Observateur  N Vingt Ans De Cure
  2 #1643
7/1/1996 NOW  Y 2 Decades Of Perfectly Good Gloomy Pop And Still Disatisfied
Canada  2 Y
12/1/1985 Numeros 1  N The Cure: L'Age D'Or
France  4 Y O #33, Goldman Cover, Authors: D. Varrod And L. Lefevre
5/5/1986 Ok!  P Robert Smith De Cure
France  1 Y O #538, Patrick Bruel Cover, Author: JML
7/1/1986 Ok!  N Robert Smith: La Brosse Lui Va Bien!
France  1 Madonna Cover?
10/1/1986 Ok!  N Le Top 10: Boys Don't Cry Lyrics
France  1 Y #17?
10/1/1986 OM! (Only Music)  Y Hair Today
6/4/1980 Oor  N 6-28-80 Veenendaal, Netherlands Zomerpop Show Advert (Full Page)
The Cure: ....17 Seconden Na Nu....
Netherlands  2 Y O #11, Brian Eno Cover (Guy w/mask), Author: Paul Evers
6/2/1982 Oor  N One Hundred Years Single Review (Begins with 'Dit redelijk gelukte liedje ten spijt zal The Cure...')
The Cure Belooft Beterschap
Toylets - It's Like A Daydream, Exploding Again Album Review (Mentions The Cure Several Times)
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #11, Mick Jagger Cover, Article Author: Bert Van De Kamp, Review Author: Hubert Van Hoof, Toylets Review Author: Swie Tio
6/30/1984 Oor  N Robert Smith Over The Top
Netherlands  3 Y O #13, Cartoon Cover, Author: Paul Geerts
8/24/1985 Oor  N Klaag-Cure (Head On The Door Album Review)
Netherlands  2 Y O #17, Young Ones Cover, Author: Erik Van Den Berg
6/13/1987 Oor  N Driekusmannen
Netherlands  5 Y O #12, Prince Cover, Author: Erik Van Den Berg
5/19/1990 Oor  N Torhout/Werchter: Huik Naar De Wind
Netherlands  1 Y O #10, Oor Live Special, Author: Erik Van Den Berg
10/30/1993 Oor  P 'Ik Wil Weer Mezelf Kunnen Zijn En Niet De Zanger Van The Cure'
Netherlands  4 Y O #22, The Scene (The Lau) Cover, Author: Susan Compo
12/1/1997 Orkus  N Unknown
Germany  1 Sisters Of Mercy Cover
12/1/2001 Orkus  N Unknown
Germany  1.5 Sigue Sigue Sputnik Cover
7/1/1989 Ouest France  N Les Toles Ondulent: Concert Penfeld Brest
France  1
4/1/1992 Oxygen   N Y'a (Enfin) De La Joie
  3 #6
7/1/1989 Oxygene Aulnay  N Concerts: Disintegration
5/1/1987 Park Mail  N Le Petit Robert De The Cure
11/1/1987 Paroles Et Musique  N Rock Crepusculaire
France  6 Y #1, Authors: Thierry Delcourt & Marc Thirion
7/1/1989 Paroles Et Musique  Y La Violence Immobile
France  5 Y O #20, Author (Violence): Olivier Cachin, Author (Cure Insecure): Jean-Marie Leduc
5/1/1986 Pelo  Y Algunos Anos Atras...
Cure Osidades
Argentina  5 Y O #265
9/1/1989 Pelo  N Unknown
Argentina  Queen Cover
1/1/1996 Phantom  Y Unknown
Peru  Y
1/1/1986 Podium  N La Curemania
France  1 1
3/1/1986 Podium  N Mini Interview 'The Cure'
France  1 Y C
10/1/1986 Podium  N La Legende Des Groupes: Cure
France  1 Y C
5/1/1996 Pop  N Interview with Robert
4/1/1986 Pop News  N Unknown
Germany  Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) Cover
1/1/1987 POP/Rocky  N Ich Habe Noch Zwei Jahre-Dann Ist Schluss!
Germany  5
1/1/1985 Popcorn  N Scharfe Zunge
Germany  1
1/1/1987 Popcorn  N Momentaufnahme
Germany  1 Y O
10/1/1987 Popcorn  N Cure Article
Germany  #10, Michael Jackson Cover
10/1/1990 Popcorn  N Beim Live-Gig In Dresden Brach Robert Zusammen
Germany  2 Y C #10, George Michael Cover, Authr: Martina Wimmer
2/1/1991 Popcorn  N Cure Poster
Germany  #2, Matthias Reim
1/1/1985 Popcorn (Nonkopn)  N Unknown
Greece  2 Talking Heads Cover
1/1/1992 Popcorn (Nonkopn)  Y Unknown
Greece  Y
1/1/1996 Popcorn (Nonkopn)  N Cure Poster
Greece  1 Belinda Carlisle Cover
6/22/1989 Popfoto  N Unknown
Holland  Madonna Cover
5/5/1979 Popstar  N Cure Discography
Unknown  Showaddywaddy Cover
1/1/1989 Popstar  N Grand Concours The Cure
Un Tournee Super
France  4 #10
6/1/1989 Poster Rock  Y Le Rock Radio Actif, Fold Out Poster/Mag
France  Y
10/1/1989 Premonition  N Paris Bercy
  1 #4
11/1/1992 Presto!  N 11-18-92 Lieven, France Show Advert (Full Page)
Cure Toujours: Interview Organisatrice Concert 1980
France  5 Y #13, Close Up Of Girl With Gun To Her Head Cover
1/1/1985 Primera Linea  Y Unknown
Spain  Y
1/1/1986 Prono  N Standing On A Beach Album Review
Germany  #26
10/1/1992 Propaganda  Y The Cure: The Dark Ages
US  4.5 Y O #19, Author: Rene
7/1/1990 Prospectus Torhout  N The Cure - Kuur
Netherlands  2
12/1/2001 Pulse  N Celebrity Best/Worst Gifts - Robert Smith
Music Videos Advert - The Cure Greatest Hits
New Releases: Upcoming Music Video/DVD - The Cure Greatest Hits
Start: Off-Topic With - The Cure
US  2.5 Y O Paul McCartney Cover, Author: Colin Devenish
7/1/1987 P In Search Of El Dorado
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
England  6.5 Y O #10, U2 Cover
2/1/1988 N Unknown
England  #10, Annie Lennox and U2 Cover
1/1/1990 N Seismic: The Cure's Alternative Greatest Hits (Mixed Up Album Review)
England  1 Y O Paul Davies
9/1/1990 P Unknown
England  Y Pink Floyd And Bruce Springsteen Cover
4/1/1991 Q   N Intimate: Concert Town & Country II
England  2 Y O #55, R.E.M. Cover, Author: John Aizelwood
7/1/1992 N Aerophobes Cure Step Thankfully Ashore QE2
Recommended Albums 92
England  1 Y O #70, I only have QE2 Article
5/1/1993 N 6-13-93 Finsbury Park, England XFM Show Advert (Black Font)
England  1
11/1/1996 N Mint Car Single Review
1/1/1997 N Unknown
England  Noel Gallager Cover
3/1/2000 N Unknown
England  #162, Macy Gray Cover, Dream Tour Advert?
10/3/1980 RAM  N Chartz: Oz Albums - #39 Seventeen Seconds
Taking The Cure On The Road
Australia  2 Y O #144, Police Cover, Author: Clinton Walker
6/1/2001 RARO!  N Unknown
Italy  1 Bruce Springsteen Cover
10/1/1997 Rave!  Y Unknown
11/1/1996 Raygun  N Future Sound Of London
England  6 Mazzy Star Cover
5/19/1979 Record Mirror  N Grinding Halt Single Review (Begins with 'Hello, stolen the riff from Little Eva's 'Locomotion' have we?...')
Physician Rock 'n' Roll Thyself! (Three Imaginary Boys Album Review, Begins with 'An exercise in alternative presentation/production...')
Three Imaginary Boys Album Advert #1 (With A Mass Of People)
Three Imaginary Boys Album Advert #2 (With A White Body)
England  1.25 Y O Ian Dury (The Only Ones) Cover, Single Review Author: Mike Nicholls, Album Review Author: Chris Westwood
4/5/1980 Record Mirror   N A Forest Single Advert (Full Page)
England  1 Y David Essex Cover
4/26/1980 Record Mirror  N Seventeen Seconds Album Advert (Full Page)
Seventeen Seconds Album Review
England  0.5 N Author: Chris Westwood
5/16/1981 Record Mirror   N Swaying With The Cure
England  2 Y O Bob Marley Cover, Author: Mark Cooper
7/16/1983 Record Mirror   N News Beat: Curiouser & Cure-iouser, Elephant Cure
England  0.75 Y O Tracie Cover, Article Author: Paul Prayag
4/21/1984 Record Mirror   N Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Robert Smith Of The Cure
England  1 Y Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover
5/19/1984 Record Mirror  N 5-8-84 London, England Hammersmith Odeon Show Review
England  1 Y O Madonna Cover, Author: Andy Strike
11/24/1984 Record Mirror  N Readers Poll 1984 (Robert And Lol Picture)
England  1 Y O Prince Cover
10/19/1985 Record Mirror  N Charts: The Cure - Close To Me #30, Head On The Door #10
The Waterboy
England  3 Y O Sade Cover, Author: Andy Strickland
5/30/1987 Record Mirror  Y 'Yeah I glory being a sex symbol…'
England  3 Y O Author: Betty Page
12/19/1987 Record Mirror  N The Cure (12-7/8/9-87 London, England Wembley Show Review)
England  0.5 Y The Pogues Cover, Author: Roger Morton
5/6/1989 Record Mirror  N Unknown
England  Nenah Cherry Cover
5/1/2000 Recovery  N Hey Uncle Robert
Australia  2 #20
8/1/1992 Reflex  N Wish Album Review
  Author: Lou Stathis
5/8/1996 Reuters Variety   N Robert Speaks
1/1/1996 Revista Poster Calendario  Y Fold Out Poster/Mag
Brazil  Y #17
4/23/1992 Rip It Up  Y Unknown
Australia  Y #16
6/1/1996 Rip It Up  N Dr. Robert
Australia  2 Author: Bronwyn Trudgeon
7/1/1979 Rock & Folk  N Three Imaginary Boys Album Review
France  1 Y #150, The Who Cover, Author: Phillipe Manoeuvre
6/1/1980 Rock & Folk  N Seventeen Seconds Album Review (Begins with 'On est en mal, le ciel est blanc...')
France  1 Y C #161, Frank Zappa Cover, Author: Francois Gorin
10/1/1980 Rock & Folk  N La Cure - Extrait Reportage Los Angeles
France  1.25 Y C #165, Pink Floyd Cover, Author: Philippe Garnier
5/1/1981 Rock & Folk  N Rock Sur Toute La Ligne
France  1 #172
7/1/1981 Rock & Folk  N Faith Album Advert
Vibrations (5-4-81 London, England Hammersmith Odeon Show Review)
France  0.5 N C #174, Bob Dylan Cover, Author: F.G., I only have review.
12/1/1981 Rock & Folk  N Courrier: Veaux (Begins with 'Moi aussi je suis alle voir Cure...')
Vibrations (Rouen 10/1/81 & Olympia 10/19/81: Show Reviews)
France  1 N C #179, Mick Jagger Cover, Veux Author: Francois Deshayes, I only have Veaux (1 of 2 pages).
10/1/1983 Rock & Folk  N Actualities: Sine Cure
France  2.5 Y O #201, Sting Cover, Author: Christophe Nick
5/1/1984 Rock & Folk  N The Top Album Advert
France  1 #208
6/1/1984 Rock & Folk  N Acutalites: Curistes
Swimming Horses Single Review
The Caterpillar Single Review
The Top Album Review (Begins with 'Que faire quand on a ete aussi loin qu'il est possible...')
France  2.5 Y C #209, Jacques Higelin Cover, Article Author: Christian Perrot, Review Author: Thierry Chatain, I only have Curistes article and Top review.
10/1/1985 Rock & Folk  N Bien Roulee
Chapiteau Grec: Concert Athens
Head On The Door Album Advert
The Head On The Door Album Review (Begins with 'Qu'on ne se leurre pas: Robert Smith et sa Cure se sont toujours efforces...')
France  2 Y C #223, Phil Collins Cover, Bien Roulee Authors: Veronique Pichon And Briis Sous Forges, Grec And Review Author: Francois Gorin, I don't have HOTD Advert(2 Pages of 7?). I have original Chapiteau Grec Article.
1/1/1986 Rock & Folk  P Cure Toujours
Musiques De Nuit: 12-18-85 Paris, France Bercy Show Review
France  5 Y C #226, Coluche Cover, Article Author: Thierry Chatain
6/1/1986 Rock & Folk  N Courrier Du Cure (Letters From Fans)
Pornography Album Review
France  3.5 Y #231
1/1/1987 Rock & Folk  N Concours Skyrock/Liberation
France  1
7/1/1987 Rock & Folk  N Cure Metrage
France  0.5 Y O #243, I only have 1 of 2 pages?
12/1/1987 Rock & Folk  N Interview With Robert
1/1/1990 Rock & Folk  N Alain Dister Book Advert
Caricature Robert Smith
France  2 #270, Les Annees 80 De A a Z Cover
3/1/1990 Rock & Folk  N Les 50 Albums Des Annees 80
France  1 #272
11/1/1990 Rock & Folk  N Mixed Up Album Advert
France  1 #279
8/1/1991 Rock & Folk  N Integrale 79/91
Le Son Et L'Image
France  7 Y O #288, Transvision Vamp (Wendy Smoking Cigarette) Cover, Author: Alain Gales
1/1/1992 Rock & Folk  N Generation Compilation Cover
11/1/1992 Rock & Folk  N Smith & Western
France  3 #303, Rolling Stones Cover, Author: Alain Gales
6/1/1987 Rock Ao Vivo  P Fold Out Poster/Mag
Brazil  Y Cure 1/2 Cover And Echo Cover
6/1/1987 Rock De Lux  Y The Cure: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - Triple Beso
Spain  3 Y O #31, Author: Tomas Fernando Flores
7/1/1987 Rock De Lux  Y Unknown
Spain  Y #54
7/1/1992 Rock De Lux  Y Unknown
Spain  Y #88
1/1/1982 Rock En Stock  N Cure A L'Olympia
France  1
7/1/1982 Rock En Stock  N Here And Now
France  3 #54
8/1/1986 Rock FM  N Cure Sous Le Soleil
Interview De Barbarian
Lecture Laser: Pornography CD
10/1/1986 Rock Hit  N 7 Ans De Reflexion
France  6 Is this mag cover correct?
3/1/1987 Rock Hit  N Vivement Demain!
France  3
6/1/1987 Rock News  N Le Dernier Cure Un Excellent Cru
France  2
9/1/1987 Rock News  N The Cure - Sens Dessus Dessous
France  1 Y C
1/1/1988 Rock News  N Bons Baisers De The Cure
France  5 #22
3/1/1994 Rock Sound  N Depeches: Roger O'Donnell
Mariage Robert
France  1 #12
3/1/2000 Rock Sound  N Cure Poster
Italy  Smashing Pumpkins Cover
10/1/1990 Rock Spirits  N Cure FM Review
Integration Box Set Review
Mixed Up Album Advert (Full Page)
Mixed Up Album Review
France  2 Y O #1, Dave Stewart Cover, Mixed Up Review Author: Christian Lamet
4/1/1991 Rock Spirits  N Entreat Abonnement
Entreat Album Advert
France  1.25 Y O #4, Rick Astley Cover
10/1/1985 Rock This Town  N Platine - Head On The Door Album Review (Begins with 'Donnes pour morts apres 'Pornography'...')
Belgium  0.25 Y C #29, Author: Francios Jongen, Review Title - That's My Life (?)
11/1/1985 Rock This Town  Y Big Fun Tonight: Concert Forest National 11-26-85 Calendar (Robert Pic & Show Listing)
Head On The Door Album & 11-26-85 Brussels, Belgium Show Advert
Robert Smith Sans Fard
Belgium  6.5 Y O #30, Author: Gilles Verlant
1/1/1987 Rock This Town  N L'Album Du Mois: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review
Belgium  1
11/1/1987 Rock This Town  N Robert Smith (Drawing?)
Belgium  1 #53
11/1/1987 Rock This Town  N Show Devant: Live Forest National 11/1
Belgium  1
6/1/1988 Rock This Town  N La Guerre Des Curistes Courrier Des Fans
Belgium  14
5/1/1989 Rock This Town  Y Cure De Desintegration
Belgium  4 Y #68
6/1/1990 Rock This Town  Y Begins with ('Nouveau maxi 45 pour Poesie Noire: Oblivion contenant le morceau...')
Special Torhout-Werchter 90
Belgium  3.25 Y O #79
9/1/1990 Rock This Town  N Show Devant: Werchter 8 Juillet 90
Belgium  1
4/23/1992 Rock This Town  Y Cure Toujours
Belgium  3 Y #17, Author: Didier Stiers
9/1/1992 Rock World  N Wish Tour Advert
Germany  0.5 Y O #4
6/1/1982 Rockerilla  N Pornography
Italy  2 Y #25, Laurie Anderson Cover
5/1/1984 Rockerilla   Y Unknown
Italy  1 Y
6/1/1989 Rockerilla  Y Unknown
Italy  4 Y
6/1/1992 Rockerilla  N Unknown
Italy  3 Y #142, Faith No More Cover
1/1/1987 Rockland  N Sylvain: In-cure-able
France  1
7/1/1987 Rockstar  N Unknown
Italy  Prince Puppet Cover
8/1/1987 Rockstar  Y Dancing In The Dark
Italy  5 Y O #83, Author: Andrea Olcese
9/1/1987 Rockstar  N Robert Jumbo Poster Only
Italy  Y #84, Madonna Cover
7/1/1989 Rockstar  Y Unknown
Italy  4 Y
9/1/1992 Rockstar  Y Unknown
Italy  3 Y O
12/1/1993 Rockstar  N Paris Album Review
Robert Smith Sua Maesta Tristezza
Italy  8 Y O #8, Evan Dando (The Lemonheads), Article Author: Susan Compo, Review Author: Paolo D Bernardin
1/1/1982 Rolling Stone  N Pornography Album Review
US  Elvis Costello Cover
12/1/1988 Rolling Stone  N Les 100 Meilleurs 45t: #30 Boys Don't Cry
France  2
1/1/1990 Rolling Stone   N Searching For The Cure
Australia  3 Y O #440, Tracy Chapman Cover, Author: Michael Azerrad
10/1/1990 Rolling Stone  N Paint It Black - Same As Above?
US  Author: Lauren Spencer
10/1/1995 Rolling Stone  N Review of All Albums?
US  Author: Mark Coleman
5/1/1996 Rolling Stone   N Gott Am FuBende Des Bettes
Germany  1 Y O #5, Alanis Morisette Cover, Author: Sylvie Simmons
2/1/2000 Rolling Stone  N Mit Melancholie In Die Midlife-Crisis
Germany  1.25 Y O Liam Gallager Cover, Author: Michael Dwyer, Only have 1 page
3/1/2000 Rolling Stone  N Love Cat
Australia  2 Y O #572, Trent Reznor Cover, Author: Michael Dwyer
1/1/2002 Rovestnik   Y Unknown
Russia  3
9/1/1986 Salut!  N Les Grandes Vainqueurs De L'Ete
France  1
6/3/1987 Salut!  N Le Double De Cure
France  3 Y O #305, Indochine Cover, Author: J.P. Festin
7/1/1987 Salut!  N The Cure Clip Made In Cote D'Azur
France  4 Y O #308
5/6/1992 Salut!  P Cure Poster (Robert In Front W/Black Sweater And T-Shirt Underneath, Simon Is To Left Of Robert W/Hair Down, Boris Is To The Right Of Robert W/Sunglasses)
The Cure - 'Nous Sommes Un Drole De Group Qui Fait Une Drole De Musique'
France  3 Y O #117, Alyssa Milano Cover, Author: Sebastian Flyte
12/1/1987 Salut! Tele  N The Cure C'Est La Crise?
France  2 Y #1, Author: P.P.A.
10/1/1990 Sassy  N Fifteen Minutes Of Robert Smith
2/1/1991 Sassy  N Interview With Robert
Robert Poster (Robert Behind Cellophane, Photo Circa '85)
US  8 Y O Model Cover
1/1/1991 Season  Y El Enigma? Resuelto? - Poster Only (Like Cover)
Chile  2 Y O #1
12/1/1990 Select  N Mixed Up Album Review
England  Dave Gahan Cover
10/1/1991 Select  N Photo Robert Smith 85
Swag! The Cure CD Boxed Sets!
England  1 #16
11/1/1991 Select  N Absolution Compilation Advert
England  1 #17
9/1/1992 Select  N Front Lines: Four Cure Date Venues
England  1
12/1/1992 Select  N Outed!
6/1/1993 Select  N 6-13-93 Finsbury Park, England XFM Show Advert (White Font)
England  1 Author: Andrew Collins
11/1/1984 Shake  N Our Favorite Uncle
Australia  3 Y Boy George Cover, Author: Vicky Bogle
7/1/2003 Shopping & DVD Music  Y Mudanca E Crescimento
Revival Gotico
Brazil  6.5 Y O #77
3/1/1996 ShowBizz  N Sofredor Incuravel
Brazil  4 Y Curt Kobain Cover
6/1/1988 Sky  N Lipstick Vogue: The Smith
England  5 Y Emily Lloyd Cover, Author: Brad Balfour
6/1/1989 Sky  N The Art Of Falling Apart
England  4 Y O Uma Thurman Cover, Author: Simon Witter
5/1/1996 SLAMM  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
  Author: Alison E. Poggi
5/14/1980 Smash Hits  N A Forest
Cure Poster
England  Siouxsie Cover
12/11/1980 Smash Hits  N Boys Don't Cry Songwords
Times Square Advert - XTC
England  1.25 Y O Vol. 2 #25, Spandau Ballet Cover
10/29/1981 Smash Hits  N Charlotte Sometimes Lyrics
England  0.5 Y O Vol. 3 #22, Fun Boy Three Cover
4/29/1982 Smash Hits  N Pornography Album Advert (Full Page)
England  1 Y Nick Heyward Cover
11/10/1983 Smash Hits  N Star Choice: Robert Smith (Begins with ''The Eternal' is evocative of a time in my life that's passed.')
England  0.5 Y ABC Cover
12/30/1983 Smash Hits  N Japanese Whispers Album Advert
England  Y Howard Jones Cover
1/5/1984 Smash Hits  N Signed Cure Albums And Robert Smith's Shirt (Cure Contest)
England  1.25 Y O Vol. 6, #1 Eurythmics Cover
3/1/1984 Smash Hits  N Cure Poster
England  1 Rare English Cover
3/15/1984 Smash Hits  N Bitz (Begins with 'The Cure's tour starts in Newcastle on April 25...')
Dates (UK Cure Tour Dates)
Robert Poster (W/Hands On Cheeks, Wearing Black W/Spiked Bracelets On)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Swimming Horses Lyrics
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Swimming Horses Single Advert (Full Page)
Siouxsie And The Banshees (With Robert) - Swimming Horses Single Review
Woolworth - Boys Don't Cry Album Advert
England  4.25 Y O Paul Young Cover, Review Author: Peter Martin
3/29/1984 Smash Hits  N Caterpillar Single Advert
Caterpillar Single Lyrics
England  2 Y O Nik Kershaw Cover, I only have advert.
12/8/1984 Smash Hits  N Unknown
England  Duran Duran Cover
9/10/1985 Smash Hits  N Unknown
England  Y C Morrissey and Pete Burns Cover
12/2/1985 Smash Hits  N Unknown
England  3 Nik Kershaw And Paul Young Cover
7/14/1987 Smash Hits  N Catch Single Lyrics
Cure Sticker
Hit Songs Including The Cure (Advert ?)
England  1 Y O A-Ha Cover, I only have JLH Lyrics.
8/1/1987 Smash Hits  N Cure Lyrics
England  Kylie Minogue Cover
11/1/1987 Smash Hits  N In Orange Video Advert
England  1
11/4/1987 Smash Hits  N Cure Poster
England  U2 Cover
12/2/1987 Smash Hits  N Begins with 'Does it worry you that Howard Jones is a better water-skier than you?...'
Paris, France Bercy Stadium Show Review
England  1.25 Y O Vol. 9 #23, Wet Wet Wet Cover, Review Author: Chris Heath
4/18/1989 Smash Hits  N The Cure - They're Back!!!
England  0.5 Y O Madonna Cover
6/1/1989 Smash Hits  N Unknown
England  U2 Cover
8/1/1989 Smash Hits  P Interview With Robert Smith
England  Y Madonna Cover, Author: Alex Kadis
10/3/1990 Smash Hits  N Unknown
England  Michael Jackson Cover
11/28/1990 Smash Hits  P Robert Poster (Robert Wearing Red Polka Dot Shirt, Picture Is From The Chest Up)
England  2 Y Nelson Cover
9/18/1991 Smash Hits  N Cure Magistral
France  1 Y O Madonna Cover
5/13/1992 Smash Hits  N Friday I'm In Love Single Lyrics
England  1.5 Y O Luke Perry (Dylan) - 90210 Cover
4/1/1987 Somtres  Y Robert Poster (Fold Out, Robert Live With Big Hair Holding Black And White Guitar)
Som E Estilo, Fazendo A Cabeca Do Mundo
The Cure: A Explosao De Uma Mania
Brazil  16 Y O
2/1/2000 Sonic Seducer  Y Cure Poster
Germany  Y Covenant Cover
4/1/2000 Sonic Seducer  N Unknown
Germany  And One Cover
6/1/2000 Sonic Seducer  N The Cure Tourbook
Germany  Zeromancer Cover
7/1/2002 Sonic Seducer  Y Unknown
Germany  Y
2/1/2003 Sonic Seducer  N So Glad You Came... So Proud You Remembered - The Cure (11-12-02 Berlin, Germany Tempodrom Show Review)
Germany  1 Y Lacrimosa Cover, Author: Natasia Reiman
1/1/1996 Sortir  Y Unknown
France  Y
4/1/1981 Sound International  Y British Intelligence
England  Y
1/1/1984 Soundchek!  N Medicine Man
France  2 France?
1/19/1980 Sounds  N Small Wonder Records
5/1/1981 Sounds  N Faith Album Advert
Faith Album Review
Gibt Es Ein Leben Nach Der Restauration?
Germany  4 Y O Grace Jones Cover, Article Author: Diedrich Diederichsen, Review Author: Ewald Braunsteiner
6/19/1982 Sounds  N Pornography T-Shirt
England  Y O
11/13/1982 Sounds  N Siouxsie Article (With Robert)
7/16/1983 Sounds  N 7-30-83 Cornwall, England St. Germans Elephant Fayre Show Advert
Begins with 'Phil Thornally, a top studio engineer whose recently been cutting his production teeth...'
Chart Attack (12" Singles - #5 The Walk)
Kill Or Cure - Dave Henderson Takes A Walk With The Cure
Promo Videos - The Walk #5
The Cure Play Fayre
England  2 Y O Big Country Cover, Author: Dave Henderson
6/2/1984 Sounds  N Avenging Angels - Siouxsie And Severin Open The Doors Of The Dreamhouse
8/24/1985 Sounds  N Begins with 'The Cure's new album 'The Head On The Door' comes out on August 30...'
Bobby Soxer: Who Will Love A Lad Insane?
Charts - UK Singles: #13 The Cure - Inbetween Days
Xword (Cure In Crossword Puzzle Answers - 1. Across The Cure)
England  2.75 Y O McClaren And Dummy Cover, Author: Carole Linfield
8/31/1985 Sounds  N Albums: Sox Appeal (Head On The Door Album Review)
Head On The Door Album Advert (Full Page)
England  1.5 Y O Robert Plant Cover, Author: Chris Roberts
9/5/1987 Sounds  N Curing Apathy (8-10/11-87 New York, New York Show Review)
England  0.5 Y O Depeche Mode Cover, Author: Valerie Rosner
5/6/1989 Sounds  N Our Price - Disintegration Album Advert (W/Tour Dates, Full Page)
Robert's Travel
Tour Update
You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic (Disintegration Album Review)
England  1 Y O Simple Minds (Jim Kerr) Cover, Review Author: Sam King
5/27/1989 Sounds  N Albums: Also Recommended - The Cure Disintegration
Begins with 'Cure X-Word Winners'
Charts - UK 50 Albums (Disintegration #17), Compact Disc (Disitegration #14)
Cure Live In Paris Travel Advert
Songs To The Siren (5-13-89 Lorelei, Germany Show Review)
Stargreen Box Office Advert
X-Word (Cure In Crossword Puzzle - 5. Down)
England  3.25 Y O Queen Cover (Brian May), Author: Simon Alexander
7/1/1989 Sounds  N Prayer Tour Advert (Full Page)
England  1 Y O Bob Mould Cover
9/9/1989 Sounds  N Some Cure
England  John Peel Cover
9/9/1989 Sounds  N Unknown
England  Many Bands Cover Bands of 80's
4/1/1992 Speak Up  Y Robert Smith Of The Cure
England  4 Y #59, England?
4/1/1981 Spex  N Primary Single Review
5/1/1981 Spex  N Faith Album Review
Germany  Gang Of Four Cover
7/1/1982 Spex  N Pornography Album Review
2/1/1983 Spex  N Let's Go To Bed Single Review
2/1/1984 Spex  N Japanese Whispers Album Review
The Cure: Heil Mittel Mit Tucken
The Glove - Blue Sunshine Album Review (Begins with 'Die Lustlosigkeit der recht zahen...')
Germany  4 Y O #2, Marc Almond Cover, Article Author: Jutta Koether, Cure Review Author: Herfried Henke, Glove Review Author: Bernd Groha
11/1/1985 Spex  N Unknown
Germany  2 Guy On Cover
7/1/1987 Spin  N The Cure (Begins with 'Robert Smith grew up like any other alienated boy from the suburbs...')
US  6.25 Y O Bangles Cover, Author: Adam Sweeting
9/1/1991 Spin  N Picture Show Video Advert
US  1
5/1/1992 Spin  N Wish Album Review
US  1 Y Beastie Boys Cover, Author: Lauren Spencer (Jon Young?)
8/1/1992 Spin  N Live: Spectrum Philadelphia 5/16/92
US  1
11/1/1992 Spin  N Play Out Video Advert
Wish Album Advert
US  1
4/1/1992 Spiral Scratch  Y Cure Live Concert To Transmitted… XFM
England  Y #24, Newspaper Version
1/1/1982 Stand And Deliver   N Some Cure
Scotland  Guy Singing Cover
1/1/1985 Star Hits  N Don't Leave Home Without It!
US  2
9/1/1985 Star Hits  N Unknown
US  Girl w/Wild Hair Cover
1/1/1986 Star Hits  N Pop Star Dreams
US  1 Many Bands Cover (1986 Yearbook)
6/1/1987 Star Hits  P Summer Special '87
US  2 Y Many Bands Cover
2/1/1988 Star Hits  N Unknown
US  Many Bands Cover
1/1/1989 Star Hits  N A Day In The Life Of Robert Smith
US  2 Y


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