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1/1/1986  Unknown Source
Cure hits for TV

The Cure are to simultaneously release a TV-advertised greatest hits video and album on May 16. The album, Standing On The Beach, and the video, Staring At The Sea - The Images, will feature the same track listings and will be co-promoted with a single, Boys Donít Cry, released as a taster by Fiction/Polydor this Friday (25).

As well as TV advertising, the package of releases will be supported with music and consumer press advertising, A2 posters, in-store display material and conferenced packaging. Released by Palace, the video is The Cureís first long-form and will feature all 17 of the groupís promos linked by previously unseen archive footage.

Tracks will include: Inbetween Days and The Lovecats. Dealer price for Staring At The Sea will be 13.91UKP.


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