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1/1/1985  Unknown Source
The Cure

During the punk boom of 1976 Robert Smith (born 2/14/60) and some pals began a musical collective in Crawley, Sussex called Easy Cure. They changed their name to simply "The Cure" and their first single "Killing An Arab" shot to the top of the alternative charts. Keyboardist Laurence Tolhurst, guitarist Paul Thompson, bassist Simon Gallings and drummer Boris Bransby Williams, have since mad a name for themselves as one of the finest and moodiest bands that Englandís produced in the last ten years. Songs like "Letís Go To Bed" and "The Walk" often pop into Robertís head while heís practicing his favorite hobby ("getting into the bath with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a piece of cheese toast"). When heís not filling in as a guitarist for the Banshees (which heís done twice), Smith keeps his ever-changing gloom troupe marching to his tune. He someday hopes to retire and become a professional competitive water-skier, but that day is far in the future.

- BC


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