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1/1/1982  Unknown Newspaper

... a ponderous work, hampered somewhat by the turgid pop noir thematicism. Collectively the Cure say much by what they leave unsaid.
- Trouser Press

Itís downhill all the way, into ever-darkening shadows... passing through chilly marbled archways to the final rendezvous with the cold comfort of the slab.
- Melody Maker

While Cure fans are insidiously locked in the Cure (otherwise this musical crap wouldnít exist), Robert Smith seems locked in himself, a spiraling nightmare that leaves the Cure making a pompous sounding music that is, when allís said and done, dryly meaningless.
- Sounds

All too predictable, but still worth a listen.
- Record Mirror

An album written from the knife-edge of despair, and as a piece of craftsmanship in expressive sound, it is a very big, very harrowing achievement.
- New Musical Express


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