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11/10/1979  Record Mirror
No Simple Cure

Dates for a new Cure tour were announced this week - alongside the notice that bass player Michael Dempsey has left the band to be replaced by two people: Simon Gallup (bass) and Matthew Hartley (keyboards).

Dempsey, told Record Mirror that his departure was not so much part of an "amicable" split as the fact that guitarist Robert Smith no longer wished to work with him. He also thought that new members had been sought before he was aware of the cirumstances. Dempsey is currently auditioning for another band.

Meanwhile, the new-look Cure open their tour at Liverpool Erics on November 16 and continue at: London LSE 17, Preston Polytechnic 20, Bradford Palm Cove 22, Newport Village 23, Coventry University of Warwick 24, Sheffield University 27, Birmingham University 28, Portsmouth Polytechnic 29, Norwich University of East Anglia 30, Durham University December 1, Wolverhampton Polytechnic 5, London Music Machine 6 and Crawley College 7.

Supporting The Cure on all dates except Newport (The Cure only) will be two other Fiction Records signings, The Passions and The Associates. Ticket prices at all venues will be 1.60UKP or less, except the Music Machine where admission is 2UKP.


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