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11/10/1979  Sounds
Epic Cure
Band lose one, then add two

The Cure have celebrated the conclusion of their eventful tour with Siouxsie and The Banshees, in which their guitarist Robert Smith helped out the headliners after their famous split, by dropping one member and bringing in two new faces.

Bass player Michael Dempsey has left and been replaced by Simon Gallup, while they have been joined by Matthew Hartley on keyboards. The new line-up is now rehearsing for a tour beginning next week.

The dates are: Liverpool Erics November 16, London LSE 17, Preston Polytechnic 20, Manchester University 21, Bradford Palm Grove 22, Newport Village 23, Coventry University of Warwick 24, Sheffield University 27, Birmingham University 28, Portsmouth Polytechnic 29, Norwich University of East Anglia 30, Durham University December 1, Wolverhampton Polytechnic 5, London Music Machine 6, Crawley College 7.

Then they tour Europe before recording the follow-up album to ‘Three Imaginary Boys’, which is itself to be re-mixed and some changes made for American release. Just out on Fiction is their new single ‘Jumping Someone Else’s Train’.

Supports on the tour will be The Passions and The Associates, both recent signings by Fiction.


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