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6/1/1981  Flexipop Magazine #7

Remember ‘Killing An Arab’. Good that. And ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. Another little gem. The Cure were upon us. Yet they’ve never really managed to cash in on their obvious talent in any hit making way. A track from this album ‘Primary’, got them onto Top Of The Pops along with Buster and the boys but if they’re looking for any real commercial success they may need to make a slight modification to their doomladen suicide pact act.

NME said: "This album... says absolutely nothing meaningful in a fairly depressing way... thousands of young people are forming bands when they would really be more suited to chartered accountancy or a career in market gardening."

Sounds said: "Faith wins. It swings like a warm summer night, it’s warm breezes and rarefied beat transcend everyday dance music."

Record Mirror said: "Hollow, shallow, pretentious, meaningless, self-important and bereft of any real heart and soul... Faith? You’ve got to be kidding."

Melody Maker said: "It’s impressive. "Faith" is a sophisticated exercise in atmosphere and production... it’s gloomy but frequently majestic... you may not love it, but you’ll become addicted to it..."

Flexipop says: The band’s third and most fascinating album so far. Rich in ideas with an almost hypnotic appeal. Pass me the razor Robert.


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