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3/1/1983  Trouser Press
"Letís Go To Bed" b/w "Just One Kiss"

Just as I was ready to consider the Cure a lost cause, they had a rethink and came up with this dance-rock. Wunnaful, fellas, he sez, grinning ear to ear. (Hard if you havenít tried it.) Robert Smithís typical twang, which sounds like heís playing brittle rubber bands instead of aging Rotosounds, is complemented by welcome keyboards. The Cure had been attenuating its Faith style to nothingness, but "Letís Go To Bed" could have been done right after Seventeen Seconds. (The instrumental on the flip is swell too.) Donít be put off by the title - itís a conversation between a couple of nervous kids, not some macho hoohah.


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