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11/30/1985  Sounds (11-19-85 Camden Palace London, England Show Review)
Lives: The Cure
Camden Palace

Four songs in and flowing - pores open, heart singing - we crash headlong into that awkward, aggravating, killing pause wherein charity meets Whistle Test scheduling. Our limbs grow rapidly weary as the sweat on our backs dries into hardening resentment. And all because the lady simply must see those last two singles live.

Looking up old lines of thought I believed I had long since lost, I spend my entire journey home striving to identify just one band, any band, whose singles record might stand comparison with that of The Cure.

Consider only those early releases: 'Killing An Arab', 'Boys Don't Cry', 'Jumping Someone Else's Train' and 'A Forest'. Only The Sex Pistols, or perhaps The Smiths, could hope to live in this company. And then think of 'Inbetween Days', 'The Walk' or 'Let's Go To Bed'. Wallow in the lapping self-pity in Robert Smith's voice.

But always remember that, although The Cure are without doubt one of our very finest singles bands, they will still insist upon dragging out abysmal album tracks and wasting their special genius in orgies of undisciplined instrumental over-indulgence. But then smile again and punch the air as they conclude with 'Do You Want To Touch?'.

The Cure may not be perfect, but sometimes they come very close.

- Roger Holland


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