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10/1/2000  Channel V
An Interview With Robert Smith

I went out and bought 'Bloodflowers' listened to it, loved it, then lamented to the fact that because Robert Smith supposedly didn't like flying combined with all this gossip about the band breaking up, I'd never get the chance to see The Cure. So I guess I was like a lot of other people who fell flat on their backs when the Livid 2000 lineup was announced!! The Cure is not likely to tour Australia again, read this interview, it could be one of their last...

[V] : Jabbatron here with you at Livid 2000 in the back of our mini with the man of the moment, the man of the millennium, Robert Smith from The Cure. Hello Robert.

Robert Smith: Hello

[V] : Have you ever been in a mini before?

RS: Uh yeah, first car I ever had was a little grey mini.

[V] : Did you treat it well?

RS: Yeah, it lasted me about… I think it cost me 50 English pounds and lasted me over five years.

[V] : Wicked. Do you know where it is now?

RS: Um, I took it to a scrap yard actually and I got as much back as I paid for it five years before - it was a cool car.

[V] : You're a canny investor!

RS: (chuckles) And I used to charge people petrol many on the way to and from school as well.

[V] : You're a businessman at heart. Do you drive a car now? Do you own a car?

RS: I'm sort of between cars actually. Cause the one that I've had for the last 10 years stopped working just before we came away. Um, the bottom fell out of it.

[V] : Ouch.

RS: I better not say what make it is or I'll get- y'know.

[V] : It's a Porsche isn't it?

RS: It's not actually, no. It's a very poorly made, Japanese four wheel drive type vehicle which I won't say which type.

[V] : What's the essential driving music?

RS: Tom Waits.

[V] : Yeah?

RS: Something to keep me under the speed limit.

[V] : Have you ever met Tom? You're a big fan of his?

RS: Um, I'm a big fan, I've never met him. No, I've met a couple of people he's played with over the years, they've been to our shows - some of the guitarists and that but no I don't… I very rarely meet people that are in groups. Unless we do festivals, I never really move in those circles so, I only know about probably five people in the whole world who are like in bands. Which is… That's fine, I mean I think that um… I think it's better having like a few friends that you're really good friends with and keep in touch with than going to parties and saying "Hey it's you again."

[V] : Yeah, yeah - knowing everyone. That sort of thing.

RS: And you're always looking around to see who's there. And I hate that really. It's nice back there. It's a good atmosphere backstage here.

[V] : We're asking people today who they would most like to have in their tour vans of the other bands playing here today. Who would you be into sharing The Cure's van with?

RS: No Doubt of course.

[V] : Really? Oh that's good!

RS: Well, cause they've said such nice things about us this year. They came to see us play earlier in the year and every time I've talked to someone they say… You know, Gwen's been saying it's the best concert she's seen all year. I haven't seen them for quite a long time - I've seen them once before - but not for a few years.

[V] : Gwen actually said, she saw you play in Paris and she's requested extra security be put on your trailer because she's gonna be hounding you.

RS: She already has. (Robert quietly chuckles)

[V] : Bloody Gwen. Now if you look around the mini as I'm sure in your cars of new and old - accessories. What are some essential accessories for driving?

RS: The biggest difference like this, between the new Minis and the old ones is they used to have a dip footswitch for the front - for the headlights. On the floor... And I thought that was a really excellent feature and no other car's ever had it.

[V] : Valiants do in Australia.

RS: Do they? That's excellent, cause if someone flashes you, you know, then you're there… (he looks at the mini) It pretty much looks like mine. I had a glove compartment which literally only fitted a pair of gloves, which was dead handy. Um, and that's it. It's actually quite luxurious compared to the Lada that I got after the Mini. Which had one dial which was in Russian, and I never knew what it did anyway - it always stayed in the same place, so I guess it was broken.

[V] : Probably Russian radio. The reason I ask is - stay there- but we are actually marketing some car accessories at the moment. If I just have a look in the boot, these are the official Cure car accessories.

[Jabbatron unleashes a whole bunch of miniature Cure models]

RS: What? For hanging from the mirror?

[V] : Yeah, you have to supply your own noose though. There's a little Robert.

[Robert Looks at mini Robert Smith that steers towards the impressionistic side]

RS: What sick person made these then?

[V] : Well we actually had competition to make a mini me. A mini character of your favorite Livid band. And The Cure was the band that was most sent in.

[Robert looks at a great Mini model of The Cure in the 'Close To Me' cupboard]

RS: Well these are pretty smart aren't they? This set. They're nice, inside the wardrobe as well, fantastic.

[V] : We're led to believe that this is one of the last shows that The Cure will ever perform.

RS: Yeah, I think it's um... It's become pretty common knowledge really that this is the last big tour that we'll probably ever do, this year. So it's been great, it's actually been my favorite ever tour this year. I've had more fun this year than in all the other 20 years put together just about.

[V] : Well if there's any tears tonight, don't think it's because you suck or anything.

RS: No there'll be more tears on stage than off I'd say.

[V] : Robert Smith, thanks a lot. Have a great show. Nice to meet you.

RS: Thanks bye.


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