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1/1/1987  Pulse Magazine
The Cure Ponders The Enigma Of Love

It sounds like romance is on a lot of peoplesí minds this month. For starters, Cure leader Robert Smith still hasnít decided whether being in love is total ecstasy or pure hell. On Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (Elektra/13.98 list), he looks at love from both sides. "Your tongue is like poison... I wish you were dead," he sweetly crooned in "The Kiss"; but four songs later, heís singing giddy and elated (and stealing "You Canít Hurry Love" bassline) "Why Canít I Be You." The rest of the angst should be familiar from other Cure albums; whatís new here are wide sweeps of sounds and maybe the Cure is a real band now, abandoning a Robert Smith solo project for a ? Here there are more experimental structures (in most cases, they begin midway through the song) it will probably be the Cureís ? which make sense: Itís coming out of left-field experiments that create gorgeous melancholy. Some successes are kept in check. This style is an acquired taste coming from the best whiner in rock and roll.


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