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6/14/2000 (6-12-00 Toronto, Canada Show Review)
Toronto Review 6-12-00

LIVE: The Cure
Molson Amphitheatre
Toronto, ON
June 12, 2000

First of all, I just want to say that this venue is beautiful. Aesthetically it couldn't be more pleasing, and the sound was pretty right on, too. It's kind of an open concept, like a half covered/tiered, outdoor auditorium. And man, can you pack a lot of people in. Of course the only problem with this situation was that most of the people packed in ended up in front of me. Sadly Robert Smith and his foursome were therefore reduced to a size measurable in centimeters.

There was no opening act, allowing The Cure to play for over three hours. I was not grumbling when I left. The lights were brilliant; sparklingly clear images shot on the screen behind a large monitor almost directly in front and above me, proved ample entertainment once it was dark enough. And man, was the music good.

One thing The Cure is known for is thrashing it up. Most songs are played heavier, faster with new dimensions that are hurled in, such as the extra lyrics on "Faith." I find that this is so much better than when you get somebody playing a carbon copy of their album, no matter how technically perfect.

It's much more satisfying to hear things a little different, especially thrashed up. One thing the Cure are not known for (say, like Ween) is playing for really long periods. But this has been the case all tour long. It seems they really want to make this tour something special, which adds to the belief that this is their farewell.

They didn't disappoint Toronto. Of the newer songs "Want," "Watching Me Fall," "The Loudest Sound" and "Bloodflowers" were all excellent. Fan favourites from album's spanning their entire gloried career were also performed with great skill.

There were no weak songs. Works of exception included: "Play for Today," "One Hundred Years," "In Between Days," "Same Deep Water As You," "Open" and "From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea." "End," was unbelievable, a complete new version. It was a good time, despite these shitty seats.

One complete and utterly annoying thing, however, was the shirts. I mean Christ, they wanted $50 for short and $65 for long-sleeved shirts. That's, like, 75 bucks with tax. I wouldn't pay that if ol' Fat Bob hand stitched the thing in front of me.

Well, maybe then.

- Daniel Smallegange


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