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2/29/2000  Business Wire
Elektra Entertainment Group and AOL's Winamp Announce a Record Number of Secure Downloads of The Cure's Latest Single

Over 58,000 Internet Music Listeners Download The Cure's "The Last Days of Summer"

Elektra Entertainment Group and America Online's Winamp, the world's most popular high fidelity audio player and music Web site, today announced that The Cure's "The Last Day of Summer" surpassed 58,000 unique secure downloads within one month of launching the world premiere of songs from the Cure's 20th album on Winamp and Spinner music services. This milestone represents the highest number of licenses issued for a digital song in a one-month period by Server-Side Technologies Inc.

Host to eight million visitors per month, and were the first music destinations to feature music from the Cure's highly anticipated new release, Bloodflowers, which has achieved one of the highest Billboard charting debuts in the bands 20-year history. offered a secure, time-release download of the "The Last Day of Summer" single as well as a convenient link to purchase the CD from where the Bloodflowers CD has risen to number six on the "Top Sellers" chart.

"This is concrete evidence that creating early, online awareness about a new release gets results, " stated Sylvia Rhone, Chairman and CEO of the Elektra Entertainment Group. "Our goal has always been to service our community of listeners, and Cure fans are a unique and special audience. This promotionwith Winamp and enabled us to give online users the unique opportunity to preview this long-awaited release,"

Also as part of this promotion, which ended yesterday, featured streaming audio of "Watching Me Fall" and other songs from Bloodflowers. Also on, Robert Smith and fellow band members created a playlist of more than 150 songs, including rare Cure gems (like eighties chart-toppers "Just Like Heaven" and "Why Can't I Be You") and songs that have influenced the band throughout its twenty-year career.

"With Winamp and and we're focused on giving listeners convenient, secure access to the music they want," said Josh Felser, General Manager of Spinner and Winamp. "As these results show, the Internet provides a convenient way for fans around the world to preview music from their favorite artists."


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