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1/1/1987  Unknown Source
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Elektra Records

On this virtually unlistenable collection of sniffling English twaddle, Cure leader Robert Smith sounds like a pampered brat whining his way through some very lurid tales of romantic lust. Smith conjures up images of lovers hanging like vampire bats, writhing in snake pits of desire, and one that actually works: howling in wild abandon like animals in heat. Either Smithís a very odd bird with a penchant fever of imagery, or heís been holed up in his room a bit too long. One moment he could hold you like a dog in "All I Want," hysterically pleads to kiss, kiss, kiss in "Hey You" and "The Kiss" (the latter adding the tender couplet: "You nail me to the floor and push my guts all inside out" - now who could resist that?), or much like a complaining child to another lover on the ultimate identity crisis, "Why Canít I Be You." A rather kinky idea, that one, and the only one of any consequence musically murky affair.

- Michael Amicone


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