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1/7/2000  Neozine

The veteran englishmen from The Cure will release their 13th album on february, 14th in England and on the 15th for the rest of the world.

The album is called " Bloodflowers" and comes with 9 brand new songs, co-produced by Robert Smith, the band leader, and by the producer Paul Corkett.

The new album was recorded at RAK Studios in London and was ready since the end of 1999, but is going to be released only this year.

"Bloodflowers" is said to be the final part of a trilogy begun in 1982 with the album "Pornography" and continued in 1989 with the album "Disintegration".

The last studio album with new songs from The Cure was released in 1996, named "Wild Mood Swings", but did not have good sales all over the world.

Robert Smith told to the Los Angeles Times that "Bloodflowers" could be the last album of The Cure, who began itīs activities in 1976.

Since 1980 there were rumours and talks about the end of the band, but The Cure still keeps working and doing concerts.

Not even The Cure fans believe anymore those rumours from Bob Smith.

A new world tour, called "Dream Tour", is planned for this year, but still has no dates confirmed.

Letīs hope for The Cure to come to Brasil again for some concerts.

Track list of "Bloodflowers":

1. out of this world 2. watching me fall 3. where the birds always sing 4. maybe someday 5. the last day of summer 6. there is no if... 7. the loudest sound 8. 39 9. bloodflowers


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