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1/10/2000  Folha de Sao Paulo Newspaper
A Review

**** (out of 4)

With a career of more than 2 decades, The Cure is one of the few bands lately that can be proud to say that they are indiferent to the "latest wave", being always faithful to their sound origin. With the album Bloodflowers, the band still shows his goth/dark rock, in one of their most depressive albums. Written almost all by Robert Smith, the words for the 9 songs are a downing to the disturbed soul of the singer and frontman of The Cure, with moody long songs where regrets of childhood days (in "the last day of summer") and temptations of a rock-star life (in "watching me fall", with over 11 minutes) live together. It won't disappoint the loyal The Cure fans.

- Luciano Vianna


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