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Whole Lada Shakin' Goin' On

Cure frontman Robert Smith has revealed he almost killed himself and his band mates when he drunkenly drove his car 'off-road' and rolled it down a hillside.

Smith was famous for driving a cumbersome, Russian built Lada complete with Russian language controls, and one night in 1986 he decided to escape the stress of recording by taking a night time drive. Unfortunately the whole band were crammed into the car at the time.

"I managed to roll the Lada down a mountainside," the Cure man told Q magazine. "I go off-roading occasionally, drunkenly at night across fields."

The band, but sadly not the Lada, survived and Smith and his fellow survivors return in February with the release of the brilliant, if challenging, 'Bloodflowers' album.

The band will also be playing a series of low-key promotional gigs across Europe and America;

1st February - Hamburg (Markthalle)
3rd February - Brussels (Ancienne Belgique)
7th February - Paris (Arche de la Defense)
9th February - London (Astoria)
17th February - San Francisco (Fillmore Theatre)
19th February - Los Angeles (Palace Theatre)
21st February - Dallas (Deep Ellum Live)
23rd February - Atlanta (The Roxy)
25th February - Chicago (The Vic)
28th February- NYC (Roseland Ballroom)

dotmusic Editor, Andy Strickland, recalls being bizarrely kept waiting for a Robert Smith interview once. "He was alseep in the next room and I could hear him talking in his sleep, but the staff were under strict orders not to wake Robert," says our man. "In the end I gave up and came back the next day. He bought me a pint to make up for the wait."

- Andy Strickland


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