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1/20/2000  Spin (Internet)
The Cure: All Over Your Telly

The Cure will jump the rapidly moving promo train next month in support of their new, studio effort Bloodflowers (out February 15 on Elektra/Fiction). In addition to a six city tour of US clubs, which commences on February 17 in San Francisco (a warm up for the much larger Dream Tour 2000, set to begin in the Spring), Bob Smith and band (we call him "Bob", much in the same way we call Richard Ashcroft "Dick," because we're all quite daft here) will tape an episode of Fox's Mad TV in Los Angeles on February 18. The Cure's segment of VH1's Hard Rock Live will air the following evening (check Rock on TV that week for times, and further details). On February 29, the band will appear on Late Night with Conan O' Brien (we call him Conan). Check Road Raging for the promo tour itinerary, and Noise in the coming weeks for word on the Dream Tour dates. ...and while you're at it, check's Big Rotation on Monday, January 31 for a review of Bloodflowers.


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