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9/1/1979  Melody Maker (8-24-79 Reading Festival, England Show Review)
Reading Festival 79

The Cure immediately familiarized themselves with the event, realizing that their music was not the one to awaken the Reading hoards, but they reached that conclusion without losing confidence in their own ability, proceeding to scoot unperturbed through their set and winning an encore for their trouble.

The audience liked the approach and drew their own fascinations from the music, oddly accepting Robert Smith’s quirky vocal and guitar style and Michael Dempsey’s busy bass runs. With "Killing An Arab", the Cure’s exceptional debut single, contact was complete, and it only took the smart Dempsey to jokily dedicate a song to Motorhead’s Lemmy and for Smith to offer "Boys Don’t Cry" to the macho men in attendance to secure the encore.

- Harry Doherty


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