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1/1/1986  Unknown UK Source
The Cure: Staring At The Sea - The Images
Palace PVC 3011M Running Time: 90 minutes. Dealer Price 13.91UKP

Track listing: Killing An Arab, 10.15 Saturday Night, Boys Donít Cry, Jumping Someone Elseís Train, A Forest, Play For Today, Primary, Other Voices, Charlotte Sometimes, Hanging Garden, Letís Go To Bed, The Walk, The Lovecats, Caterpillar, Inbetween Days, Close To Me, A Night Like This.

Comment: A collection of promos that any group would be hard pressed to match. As with the Costello and his The Man collection, The Cure have grown up in parallel with the pop promo; their musical development being mirrored by the increasing quality of their vids. Theyíve always had one advantage over Costello in the visual stakes, though, in the ongoing involvement of one of the very best promo directors, Tim Pope. Pope directed 10 of the 17 clips found here - as well putting the whole shebang together with Robert Smith - and in doing so has created what are probably the finest visual representations of popular music yet made.

Sales Forecast: One of the few videos genuinely worth its 20 sovs, and the exposure granted to such fine clips as Close To Me and The Lovecats should be enough to have buyers flocking round, without even the added help of the big push for this and its accompanying greatest hits LP.

- JB


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