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11/1/1983  Trouser Press
"Like An Animal" & "Mouth To Mouth"

While Siouxsie and Budgie were dressing up as Creatures, Banshee bassist Steve Severin teamed with the Cure’s Robert Smith to form the Glove. The star of "Like An Animal," though, is "special guest singer" Landray. Her echoic declamation of lines like "Let the dry air cut her happy throat" adds to ye olde psychedelic lyricism of sustained keyboard tones and busy bass. The song really is a pleasant romp, with acoustic guitars contributing rapid strumming and a descending little zigzag motif. The long A-side version unfolds nicely. "Mouth to Mouth,’ with Smith’s vocal, sounds surprisingly Cure-like - slower, with ringing keyboard and the swirling atmosphere of "Like An Animal." Its extended length cultivates the requisite languorousness: "Your body grows more beautiful with every bite I take." Two rather different songs, both effective.


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