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1/1/1983  Unknown UK Source
Punk Siouxsie Stage Drama

Punk singer Siouxsie Sioux collapsed on stage last night in front of hundreds of fans.

Siouxsie, 28, was part-way through a sell-out concert at Londonís Hammersmith Odeon when she stopped singing, clutched her chest and fell to the floor.

Her group the Banshees rushed off to call for help.

Guitarist Robert Smith shouted at the audience: "Youíve done this to her."

Ambulancemen carried Siouxsie off stage and took her to nearby Charing Cross hospital.

She was discharged early today after a painful two hours in the hospitalís accident department, being treated for a dislocated knee.

The concert, abandoned immediately after the incident, was the first of three Siouxsie was to give at the Odeon.

Two years ago she was ordered to rest for two months after collapsing during a concert, also at the Hammersmith Odeon.


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