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10/6/1979  Brighton Arqes Spin-Off
Bob Hits The Banshee Trail

Robert Smith of Crawley based band The Cure has suddenly hit the big time.

Hes filling a gap left after Siouxsie and the Banshees suffered a major split at the start of their UK tour.

Siouxsie lost drummer Ken Morris and guitarist John McKay when they checked out of their hotel only hours before a gig in Scotland.

They left Siouxsie and remaining Banshee Steve Severin with egg on their faces having to apologize to the crowd.

Now Siouxse is back on the road with guitarist and vocalist Robert, 20, and former Slits drummer Budgie to play at the Brighton Centre on Wednesday.

The Cure have been together since 1976 and their debut single, Killing An Arab, reached the album, Three Imaginary Boys, is on Fiction Records.

- Tim Curran


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