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9/22/1979  Record Mirror
Siouxsie Starts Again

Siouxsie and The Banshees were back in action again this week - resuming their British tour with replacements for guitarist John McKay and drummer Kenny Morris who quit the band just before a gig in Aberdeen.

The temporary replacements in the band are guitarists Robert Smith from The Cure and drummer Budgie from The Slits. Permanent replacements will be made at the end of the tour. Smith will now be playing two sets a night on the tour as The Cure are special guests on all dates.

The band picked up the threads of their tour at Leicester De Montfort Hall on Tuesday. The tour has been slightly reorganized, but most dates remain as originally scheduled.

Bradford St. Georges Hall has been moved to September 24, Oxford New Theatre will now be on the 26th. Taunton Odeon has been cancelled and replaced by Liverpool Empire on the 30th. Tickets bought for the original dates will be valid. Rema Rema will not now be playing any of the dates as a second support act.

Siouxsie’s new single, ‘Mittageisen’, will be released by Polydor this weekend.

- John Shearlaw


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