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9/22/1979  New Musical Express
Cure Found To Restore Siouxsie’s Ailing Tour

Siouxsie & The Banshees this week finally set out on their British tour, which bad failed to get off the ground on the scheduled opening night ten days earlier, due to the sudden walk-out of group members John McKay and Kenny Morris.

In their place, Siouxsie has now co-opted the services of former Slits drummer Budgie and The Cure’s guitarist Robert Smith. In fact, The Cure are special guests on The Banshees’ tour, which means that Smith will be playing two sets in each show.

Both replacements are for the duration of the tour only, and permanent new members will be found after the British outing ends. A spokesman said that a large number of musicians applied to fill the vacancies but, in rehearsals, Budgie and Smith "shone above all others."

Although the band had hoped to pick up the tour at Oxford last Friday, followed by Liverpool on Saturday, it wasn’t possible to resume until Monday night. Accordingly, Oxford New Theatre has been re-set for September 26, and Liverpool Empire on September 30 (which means that Taunton Odeon is cancelled). Tickets bought for the original dates are valid for the re-scheduled gigs - or refunds can be obtained, if desired.

Otherwise, the tour continues as per its originally announced itinerary, though Rema Rema will no longer be playing as second support at some venues.


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