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9/1/1979  Unknown UK Newspaper (9-19-79 Birmingham, England Show Review)
Siouxsie Carries On Regardless
Siouxsie And The Banshees: Birmingham Odeon 79

Siouxsie soldiered on bravely following the defection of two band members.

John McKay and Kenny Morris walked out of a few hours before the start of their tourís opening concert in Aberdeen, leaving pillows propped up dummy-like in their hotel beds.

They were replaced by drummer Budgie from the Slits and guitarist Robert Smith of Cure, who played two sets during the evening - with his own group who supported.

Siouxsie managed her usual skipping and jumping and though her voice was sometimes indistinct, songs like "Hong Kong Garden" and "Staircase" came over loud and clear.

Fans with freaked hair pogoed, but Siouxsie herself looked more restrained than usual - indeed her hair looked positively permed.

- Kate Faunce


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