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1/1/1983  Record Mirror
Killer Cure

Comprising last three singles (A and B sides plus bonus tracks from the 12 inches), this is considerably easier listening than a "proper" Cure album.

That’s fine by me. I’ve obsessed with some interest Robert Smith’s transformation from pretty young writer of sublime pop songs to prematurely paunchy, self-indulgent angst merchant. I’ve found it a shame.

Still, he still sparkles on the singles.

The music on this mini-LP is largely excellent stuff, being varied, subtle and unpretentious. The only thing that wears occasionally is Smith’s voice when he tries to sound impassioned he just comes across as whiney.

I found ‘Pornography’ distasteful. But ‘Love Cats’ is the single of the year, and ‘Japanese Whispers’ is a Cure even I find easy to swallow.

- Sunie


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