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1/1/1979  Unknown Source
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The Cure are living proof that you don’t need synthesizers to push back the boundaries of rock. Operation within the traditional guitar/bass/drums format, they nonetheless create truly ‘progressive’ and distinctive music by utilizing the instruments in unique and imaginative ways. Firstly, they discard the notion of a definite division between lead and rhythm sections - both are given equal prominence by Chris Parry’s superbly skillful production. Secondly, the instruments play off and against each other as well as together - a jazz device that could result in chaos but doesn’t because of the care with which The Cure exploit its possibilities. Finally, you’ll rarely come across a better understanding and use of dynamics - not just between different instruments or passages but within the paying of one particular instrument or passage. The Cure are experimental without being inaccessible - there are tunes here that are easily as catchy as any that you’ll hear gracing the Top Ten. They’re instrumentally skilled without being sterile. They’re imaginative without being pretentious. And they’re responsible for the most exciting album of the year to date.

- DA


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