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Rome, Italy  10/19/1996
The Palaeur

(Beginning Lyrics)

Catch me if I fall, I let you fall
I can't just carry on this way
Every time I turn away
I lose another blind game
The idea of perfection holds me

Suddenly I see you change
Everything at once the same
But mountains never move

Rape me like a child, christened in blood
Painted like an unknown face
There's nothing ?

If only we could stay
Please say the right words
Cry like the stone white clown
And stand
Always waiting... try to wait and stay the same this time

And never again... say that you will
It's always, always holding my heart
Hear your version... any more of this
No one...

Four years I'll... stay the same as I would
Seven years I'll... stay as I would
Seven years I'll... stay as I would

You never make the difference
You never make the difference
You never... say or do
Why are you asking me why the world can change?
Like it's nothing to do with me! (Crying)

Say it would change
Know that it will change

(Guitar Fill)

Well we used to go high and everyone stays
Take this day
As many years you'll take
It will always stay the same

Hate you like real isn't a gaze
Anyone but you
Watch... it's just the way you never change
A think you things you will
I could change that powerful voice to do it
And be it younger (Crying)

So all these years from the time of experience I'd say seven years anniversary
And the world stays the same

(No Ending Lyrics)

(No Drum Ending)


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