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Dublin, Ireland  7/15/1989
RDS Simonscourt

(Beginning Lyrics)

I went away alone
Everything left but faith

You know its hard... to say that...
Push your hands in your eyes, make it scared as now
Knows she will... ? her and out She'll say... for five fucking years... she'll say
"I'll do anything you want, don't push me away!! (Yelling)

See it high drop, I can punch myself out of it
See the starlight, I can beat myself into it
See the... this piece of glass, I can... see with it
Seeing anything
Seeing anything

Oh just... seeing it deep and start placing the world out
Standing on a bridge ? ever so slow
? thing I ever...
You can see your own reflection in water

I'm thinking... fucking jump! (Yelling) I could have jumped
I could have jumped
She said, I could have jumped a million fucking times, she said
But never jumped

Start the way ?
So instead, she says, I'll see you in a year
So instead, she says, I'll see you in my head

Time doesn't come, but glory doesn't go
The world's outside and everything and everyone else should know

She came that night, sitting in a chair
With the windows wide and the curtains are blowing
She's looking to the left and flows along
As she waves goodbye the other light
Stuck into her
Stuck into her
Stuck into her

(Guitar Fill)

Only anyone alone and they could never feel hurt
As much as you hurt... standing on words
Fly away

She says... you'll never understand
It's like it's stuck in your hold but every little day I say...
You'll never understand
You'll never understand

It's like...
It's like... I know, knows it's him
She knows that I tell, she knows ?

? walks away.. the like I found
She makes me stay
I push out
I'd take a bullet for you
You just jump

Just jump
Just jump
Just jump
Just jump (High pitch)
Just jump
Just jump
Just jump
Just jump

There's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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