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Frejus, France  6/16/1989
Les Arenes

"There it is... the word of the poem is... what she says is... they struggle always, against the death of your father and the death of your mother. This is called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

If only we could stay
Say the right words always in the way
And I'll cry... loving me you'll say the words I always say
Always hands
And I always ? always say that

If only I'll wait for you, you'll always wait
Behind the signs that sell the news
I'll wait for you where I'll always wait
How I like...
Shoves inside my head
The party just gets better and better

I went away alone
With nothing left but faith
I went away alone
With nothing left but faith

(Guitar Fill with some chords from Happy Birthday)

I wish for you what I always wish
Behind the signs that are in the middle

Then I kissed you
They go away like you stay there
And left out here
And the way that they touch
And the way that they move

Say... I can't leave you behind and won't go away
I can't leave you behind, don't go away
She touched me the way that you were
The voice that ever was... on way far behind
This girl finally faces me

And I used to feel I could hold it up
And push you away and say...
This is how big you... are
Or how small

Then I pop out and say...
I can eat you in a moment, just let go of my eyes
Eat you in a moment, just let go of my arms
Eat you in a moment, just let go of my eyes

I can hear (Whispered)
The sound of the sea
The sound of the sea

Oh bury me... on the deep black earth
Just push me in and... watch me drift by
I can think of you
For the rest of my life
Think of you

Just one kiss!! (Yelled)
Remember the night that you rained all night
The queen of Siam in my arms
Just one kiss

(Guitar Fill)

There's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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