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Lyon, France  6/13/1989
Palais Des Sports

"This is the last song. This is called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

Take your hands... stay the way
Hold you and so shhhh...
Sound I see you, any go away
Caught crushing ?

And I stand away from here
And I'll wait
The way you walk and the way you see I'll go
Push myself in this far

Comes up to here you say the same
Comes up to here you say it's cold
Comes up to here you turn away

And then in the back of me
Say I'll walk... if you won't smile... I'll walk
Comes up to here and back again
It's... the stoniest face in the world
Walk one more step
It's up to here and I'm breathing like...

Look back and I'll see it's...
The same twist upon your face
So just once, just one more step and I'm starting to throw...
Grab her hair in the back and wish I could see you again

Like the girl in the film
You'll never look back when you walk away
When you walk away
When you walk away
When you walk away

(Guitar Fill)

So I'll wait for you where I'll always wait
Behind the signs that sell the news
I'll watch for you like yesterday
Send me up in the sight of you

Push just once
Push you away... you say
So what ? above my head
Breathing so low

If you could only know the way I feel! (Yelling)
About you
If you could only even know the way I feel about you
Instead I carry you the same way to heaven
Instead I carry you the safest way to heaven

(Guitar Fill)

There's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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