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Lausanne, Switzerland  6/11/1989
Patinoire de Malley

(Beginning Lyrics)

Trust in me through closing years
There's nothing more than this

If only we could stay
Please say the right words
Cry like the stone white clown and stand
Lost forever in a happy crowd

No one lifts their hands
No one lifts their eyes
Justified with every word
Everything just gets better and better

I went away alone
With nothing left but faith
I went away alone
I have nothing left but faith

Whatever notes that I have... on the back of my hands
That say
Come with me and be near to see any of this

Just the back of my hair and face is so tall
I say
I'll call you if I need anyone

Push down home... and look at my hands
See them shining there
I can never feel young
See them shining there

You never fucking know any difference at all
The way you can make me feel!! (Yelling)
I'll... stick my hand inside my head
Put it on, push it inside, put it here

Say, so that's what you think!! (Yelling)
Kind of makes me feel so fucking different
So that's what you think
Makes me feel so different

Like it does it at all
Like it does it at all
Like it always does at all

If I could count the lines on one of my fingers
Even remember
Oh, you're so good, I'm just half as...

I could just... just catch it
I can hear her say... I can just...
Put your face next to me and just...
And stop... and send it away and call me... just

I hear her say
I hear her say

The way you walked away
Go there and ever said I'm his only
I've waited so long for the day that you'd come
I could walk away from it all

Being as tall as a man and as white as a sheet
And as huge as your eyes
And oh the way that you sometimes say we...

Like we'll do this , we'll do that
Come on and say...
You say we'll do this, we'll do that
Cut ourselves straight down
We'll do this, we'll do that

If I could talk more like I used to talk
I could pull this out and make it small
I would... be like...

Don't tread on that, don't walk that way
Don't hold yourself like that, don't cry like that
Don't push your face into me like that

(Guitar Fill)

I'll always wait at the foot of the door
At the foot of the stairs
Or at the sides sending always at the end

I'll say... it's not there for this, it's not there for you
It's not at all now and pull... you...
The only pair of eyes in the whole world
That want to be seen through

There's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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