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Zurich, Switzerland  11/9/1987


"This is from the same ?. This is called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

Every time I walk away
I lose another blind game
The idea of perfection holds me

Suddenly I see you change
Everything at once the same but the mountain never moves

Rape me like a child christened in blood
Painted like an unknown saint
There's nothing left but hope, your voice is dead
And old and always empty
Trust in me through closing years
Perfect moments wait

If only we could stay
Please say the right words
Cry like the stone white clown and stand
Lost forever in a happy crowd

No one lifts their hands
No one lifts their eyes
Justified with empty words
The party just gets better and better

I went away alone...
With nothing left but faith
I went away alone...
With nothing left but faith

(Guitar Fill)

What if you waste it and fall...
If you fall away from me
No one waits to the side away...
There's no one there but me

Don't go you say
Don't go you say
No one's there when I fall
Cause no one's there when I fall
No one at all

I could only push my head in the door...
To make you see the way I see
If only I could push... my hands in yours
To feel the way I feel

I could let you live just one hour
Just an hour in case you leave
Then you'll see...
Now you'll see

(Ending Lyrics)


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