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This page contains references to publications which contain Cure related articles. This list was compiled by me (to the best of my knowledge). It is meant to be a repository to keep track of all Cure related publications. So, if you know of any other publications that the Cure are in that are not on this list, please feel free to e-mail me with the details of the publication (Date of Publication, Name of Publication, Article Title, Volume/Number of Publication, Country it was published, Is the Cure on the cover?, How many pages long is the article (including the cover if there is one)?, Does the article contain pictures?). If possible, send a scan of the Cure on the cover of the publication(only if it does not already exist on this page). This will allow me to link the picture to the record of the publication. Thanks in advance for all of those people who wish to contribute!

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There are 6028 publications listed.

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10/30/2008 Rolling Stone  N 4:13 Dream Album Review
US  0.25 Y O #1064, Barack Obama Cover, Author: David Fricke
11/1/2008 D-Side  Y Unknown
France  Y #49
11/1/2008 Elegy  N Unknown
France  Goth Girl Cartoon Sitting In Chair Cover
11/1/2008 Mucchio  N Unknown
Italy  #652, Marianne Faithful Cover
11/1/2008 New Musical Express  Y Back In Black
England  3 Y
11/1/2008 Rock Teen  N Unknown
Italy  Lost Cover
11/1/2008 The Word  N 4:13 Dream Album Advert (Full Page)
Foreword: Found In The Attic (Shows Cure On Cover Of Lime Lizard Magazine)
England  2 Y O #69, Guy Garvey And Elbow Cover
11/8/2008 New Musical Express  N The Cure Live!
England  Oasis Cover
11/23/2008 Magazine  N The Cure - Sin Fecha De Cadacidad
Spain  2 Y Barack Obama Cover
12/1/2008 Blitz  N Unknown
Portugal  4 Y Axel Rose Cover
12/1/2008 Mojo  N Dreams Never End (4:13 Dream Album Review)
England  1 Y 11/08? Author: Andrew Perry
12/1/2008 The Word  N Forever Young (4:13 Dream Album Review)
England  1.5 Y O #70, Jarvis Cocker Cover, Author: Rob Fitzpatrick
12/1/2008 Uncut  N 4:13 Dream Album Review
England  #139, Leonard Cohen Cover
1/1/2009 N 4:13 Dream Album Review (Begins with 'Nearly 20 years since they last captured the wider public...')
England  0.25 Y O #270, The Kings Of Leon Cover, Author: Victoria Segal
2/28/2009 New Musical Express  P 2-26-09 NME Awards Big Gig 2009 Advert
2-27-09 Shock Waves NME Awards 2009 Advert
A-Z Of Goth
Gig Guide: Pick Of The Week - Shockwaves NME Awards Big Gig
Next Week In NME - Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 Advert
NME TV: Pick Of The Week (Thursday) - Godlike Genius
Pictures Of You - A Tribute To Godlike Geniuses The Cure (Cure Covers CD)
Robert Poster (Robert Crouching Down Beside Some Black Fake Trees)
What's On Your Free CD?
England  9.5 Y O White Lies Cover, Included Free With This Magazine Is A Cure Covers CD, Magazine Comes In A Flimsy Cardboard Box (Cure Are Partially On The Front And Back Covers, As Well As Partially On The Magazine Cover Itself.)
3/1/2009 The Guardian  N 4:13 Dream Advert
England  1 Y
3/2/2009 New Musical Express  P Godlike Genius The Cure
It's Show Time!
Just Like Heaven...
My Inspiration Robert Smith
England  7 Y Many Artists Cover (Awards Issue), JLH Article Author: Paul Stokes
5/14/2009 Rolling Stone  N McCartney, Killers Kick Off Festival Season (4-19-09 Coachella Festival Review)
US  2.5 N O #1078, Bob Dylan Cover, Review Author: Jenny Eliscu
6/1/2009 Mojo  N 10 Greatest Albums Revealed
England  1 #187, Nick Drake Cover
1/1/2013 iPop  Y Unknown
Chile  6 Y #35
9/1/2014 New Musical Express  N Unknown
England  Royal Blood Cover
9/1/2014 Record Collector  Y Unknown
England  Y #431
10/1/2015 Classic Pop  P The Cure: Fine Art (Interview With Andy Vella)
England  Y #19, Duran Duran Cover
1/1/2016 Full Moon  Y Unknown
Czech Republic  Y
8/1/2016 Stack Music  N Unknown
Australia  #142, Bernard Fanning (Tears For Fears) Cover
9/8/2016 Rolling Stone  N Best Of The Rest: Cured: The Tale Of Two Imaginary Boys
US  0.25 N O #1269, James Corden Cover
10/1/2016 Classic Pop  N Celebrating The Kings Of Goth-Rock
England  Y Madness Cover
6/29/2017 Rolling Stone  N My List: Rob Thomas - Five Songs About Days Of The Week (Friday I'm In Love)
US  0.25 N O #1290, Rachel Maddow Cover
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