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Here are a few things I'm especially looking for. If you can help me out, e-mail me and we can set up a trade.

(*)In the process of trading for

All Interviews That I Don't Have

All Soundchecks That I Don't Have

Covered Cure
10:15 Saturday Night (Rectal Pizza)
A Few Hours After This (Dart)
All Cats Are Grey (Faith And Disease)
Boys Don't Cry (Area 7)
Boys Don't Cry (Junk Monkeys)
Boys Don't Cry (Obnoxious)
Boys Don't Cry (Sheer Terror)
Boys Don't Cry (Techno- Mafia)
Give Me It (Stabbing Westward)
Kyoto Song (The Figurehead)
One Hundred Years (Smashing Pumpkins)
The Lovecats (Red Pepper)

Cult Hero
London, England 3-23-80 Marquee Club (Ok, who ISN'T looking for this one!)

Rare Cure (All Studio Versions)
English Rose (The Jam)
Suffragette City (David Bowie Cover)
Rebel Rebel (David Bowie Cover)
I Saw Her Standing There (Velvet Underground Cover)
Smashed Up
Little Girl
Jail Break

Three Imaginary Boys
Six Different Ways
Just One Kiss (Not to be mistaken for the BBC Sessions recording.)
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (Album Demos (Besides WCIBY Vocal Demo), If ANYONE Has These!)

Just Like Heaven (Tragic Mix)
Lullaby (Leather Strip Mix)
Pictures Of You (Strange Mix)
Dead Cat Mix-Up
A Forest (7" Remix)
The Walk (Class X Three Mix)
Hot, Hot, Hot (Razormaid Remix)
Mint Car (Strawberry Kiss Mix)
Any Mixes I Don't Have

100 Years - '81 Live Version From Fast Forward Magazine (+ Magazine)
Happy Birthday - Studio (For The Make A Wish Foundation)
MTV Unplugged - Unreleased Songs (In Your House/M/Time Has Told Me-Nick Drake)
Roger's Tape - "Grey Clouds, Red Sky"

TC&II Club Interview 1-17-91 (Complete Interview)
All Interviews I Don't Have

Side Projects
Glove Remixes
Stranglers And Friends- (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)/Hanging Around (With Robert On Guitar)

Los Angeles, California 7-27-86 (I'm REALLY looking for this one!)
*Ljublaina, Slovenia 5-24-89 (Version of Faith Only)
London, England 10-?-98 (Miller Blind Date Concert... If ANYONE has this one!)
Also, I'm looking for all versions of Faith Live that I don't have
All Dream Tour shows that I don't have.

Actually, Any Video I Don't Have
Ric Gallup's Film To Go With Carnage Visors 81 (If ANYONE has this!)
New York, New York 10-31-97

Official Stuff (Wanted For Trade Or For Sale)
Love Song CDV
Play Out Japanese Video
Cure Related Paper Goods (Flyers, Stickers, Pictures, Magazines, Foreign Cure Books, Promo Photos, Press Kits, Ticket Stubs, Passes... etc.)
The Top Toy And Snake
In Orange Movie Poster
Cure Buttons I Don't Have
Kiss Me First Aid Box
Wish Promo Box
High Birthday Box
Wish Black Box
All Japanese CDs that I don't already have.
Play Out Laser Disc (Preferrably Japanese Version With Extra Footage) NTSC Format
Used Or Unused Cure Tickets

Clippings!! I love collecting clippings and I would be interested in your collection if you're selling it!
Rock This Town (Any With Cure On The Cover That I Don't Have)
Actually, any magazine I don't have!

Tour Posters
I'm looking mainly for early tour posters (1978 - 1987), but I would be interested in any I don't have

2003 Unofficial Calendar
1992 Unofficial Calendar
1990 Unofficial Calendar (Cover - Robert Pic From 1987 In Paint Smear Shirt, Yellow Background)
1988 Unofficial Calendar (Cover - Robert Pic From 1987, White Background)
1986 or Earlier Unofficial Calendar (If this exists)
1995 Official Calendar (Danilo)
1992 Official Calendar (Danilo)
1989 Official Calendar (Danilo)
1988 Official Calendar (Danilo) (Cover - Band Pic From 1987 Like Picture Ticket From Paris 87)
1987 or Earlier Official Calendar (If this exists)

E-mail me for a list of things I have to trade (which varies). If you have any of the above official items, I will also trade copies of my Cure recordings for them, just make me an offer.


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