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Chicago, Illinois Rosemont Horizon

Date : 7/20/1996
Video : Chicago, Illinois Rosemont Horizon
Minutes : 157
Quality : 8
Generation : AUD4
Setlist :
            Want (Some Sound Problems)
            Club America
            A Night Like This
            Fascination Street
            This Is A Lie
            Mint Car
            Just Like Heaven
            Jupiter Crash
            Round And Round And Round
            Love Song
            Strange Attraction
            Friday, I'm In Love
            Like Cockatoos
            Charlotte Sometimes
            Prayers For Rain
            Inbetween Days
            From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
            Catch (With Some Different Lyrics)
            Close To Me
            Let's Go To Bed
            Why Can't I Be You? (With Witchcraft, Young At Heart, Chicago, The Lovecats, Extra Lyrics)
            Dressing Up
            Boys Don't Cry
            10:15 Saturday Nigh
            Killing An Arab (With Some Different Lyrics)
            A Forest (With Extra Lyrics, Robert Ends Song)