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Tele 5 Pop Documentary

Date : 4/1/1992
Video : Tele 5 Pop Documentary
Minutes : 54
Quality : 8-
Generation : PRO3
Setlist :
            Tele 5 Pop Documentary 4-?-92 54 min (8-, Some Sound Distortion) Pro3 Interview With Robert, Tim Pope, and Simon
            Clips- Boys Don't Cry
            Jumping Someone Else's Train
            A Forest
            Primary (Japan 84)
            Charlotte Sometimes (Japan 84)
            The Lovecats
            Fascination Street (Live Leipzig 90)
            Let's Go To Bed
            Inbetween Days
            Close To Me I
            Lullaby (In Orange)
            Shake Dog Shake (In Orange)
            Wendy Time (TC&II Soundcheck)
            Never Enough
            The Walk (Unplugged Soundcheck)
            Hot, Hot, Hot