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Pittsburgh, Penn.
Syria Mosque

Date : 8/4/1987
Location : Pittsburgh, Penn.
Venue : Syria Mosque
Minutes : 41
Quality : 7
Generation : AUD4
Description : Soundcheck
Setlist :
            One More Time (Keyboards)
            Hot, Hot, Hot (Keyboards)
            One More Time (Keyboards)
            The Walk (Keyboards)
            Like Cockatoos (Keyboards)
            Boys Don't Cry (Robert)
            Another Girl Another Planet
            Boys Don't Cry (Robert)
            The Perfect Girl
            Kiss ? (Prince)
            Like Cockatoos (Drums, Bass)
            The Perfect Girl (Drums, Bass)
            Mystery Song (Drums, Bass)
            Boys Don't Cry
            Just Like Heaven (Cut)
            All I Want (Cut)
            The Kiss
            The Kiss (Cuts Off)