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Here is the list of ticket stubs I have to trade at the moment. If you are interested in setting up a trade, e-mail me with your offer and we can work something out.
Last Updated: 4/7/09

(*)In the process of trading.

07-01-79 London, England
10-09-80 Wiesbaden, Germany (Unused)
11-27-81 Glasgow, Scotland (Laminated)
04-27-82 Manchester, England (Has a few folds)
11-22-82 Manchester, England (Siouxsie And The Banshees With Robert)
05-02-84 Manchester, England (Has a few folds)
10-26-84 Los Angeles, California
10-27-84 Irvine, California
11-17-84 New York, New York
09-17-85 Manchester, England (Is a bit wrinkled)
11-01-85 New York, New York
12-03-85 Hamburg, Germany (Picture Ticket) (Has Tear On Top, Middle)
12-18-85 Paris, France (Picture Ticket) (Front Is Laminated, Has Fold Marks And A Tear, I can send a scan if you're interested in this ticket.)
07-27-86 Los Angeles, California (Unused)
07-14-87 Los Angeles, California (Unused)
12-06-87 Birmingham, England (Laminated, Was Folded In Half)
05-13-89 Lorelei, Germany (Picture Ticket)
05-11-89 Essen, Germany (Picture Ticket) (Folded Down The Middle, Minor Folds In Two Other Places)
06-04-89 Rome, Italy (Has Fold Across The Center)
07-08-89 Paris, France (Picture Ticket) (Has Two Folds and Worn Bottom Edge)
07-22-89 London, England (Was Folded In Half, Torn Off Right Bottom Corner)
07-23-89 London, England (Was Folded In Half)
08-20-89 East Rutherford, New Jersey (x2, 1 Unused, 1 Used)
09-01-89 Chicago, Illinois (Rose On Ticket)
08-11-90 London, England (Picture Ticket) (x3, One Is Very Worn)
04-22-92 Newcastle, England (Picture Ticket)
04-28-92 Cambridge, England (Unused, Picture Ticket)
05-03-92 London, England (Picture Ticket)
05-19-92 Hartford, Connecticut (Unused)
05-21-92 Worcester, Massachusetts (Has Blue Marker Marking On It From Gate Attendant)
06-13-92 Dallas, Texas (Unused)
06-27-92 Pasadena, California (x2 - 1 has 2 hole punches)
07-17-92 Toronto, Canada (Unused)
08-24-92 Melbourne, Australia
08-26-92 Adelaide, Australia
10-03-92 Gent, Belgium (Picture Ticket, Has Large Hole Punch And Folds)
10-04-92 Dusseldorf, Germany (Picture Ticket, Blemish On Ticket)
10-08-92 Bremen, Germany (Picture Ticket, Unused)
10-09-92 Essen, Germany (Picture Ticket, Was Folded In Half)
11-28-92 London, England (Unused, Picture Ticket)
06-13-93 Finsbury Park, England (Picture Ticket, Was Folded In Half)
07-01-95 Torhout, Belgium (Picture Ticket, Has minor folds)
05-07-96 London, England (Picture Ticket, Adrenaline Club, Fiction Invitation Only Ticket)
05-28-96 Manchester, England (Has 4 folds)
05-31-96 London, England
07-31-96 Portland, Oregon
08-03-96 George, Washington (Has fold and tape on it, but in good shape)
08-10-96 Los Angeles, California (Unused)
08-10-96 Los Angeles, California (Used)
08-11-96 Los Angeles, California (Unused)
09-06-96 Atlanta, Georgia(Used)
10-10-96 Strasbourg, France (Unused, Picture Ticket)
10-28-96 Marseille, France (Picture Ticket)
10-28-96 Marseille, France (Unused, Picture Ticket)
11-23-96 Hamburg, Germany (Unused, Picture Ticket, Was Folded In Half)
11-25-96 Essen, Germany (Picture Ticket, Was Folded In Half)
12-13-96 Sheffield, England
07-18-98 Zebrugge, Belgium (Picture Ticket)
07-25-98 Lyon, France
02-21-00 Dallas, Texas (This is sort of a ticket, but you can't see the words very well.)
04-08-00 Stuttgart, Germany (Orange Ticket)
04-17-00 Hamburg, Germany (Unused, Picture Ticket)
04-22-00 London, England (Square Ticket, Has One Fold)
04-22-00 London, England (Different Rectangular Ticket, Has One Fold)
04-20-00 Lille, France
04-26-00 Paris, France
04-25-00 Paris, France (x2, One Has 2 Folds And Some Wear, One has minor folds and wear.)
04-28-00 Oberhausen, Germany (Picture Ticket)
05-24-00 Houston, Texas
06-16-00 Homdel, New Jersey (Unused)
06-17-00 Columbia, Maryland (Unused)
06-18-00 Camden, Massachusetts
10-15-00 Sydney, Australia
07-20-02 Brittany, France (Has 2 Folds)
07-27-02 London, England (Picture Ticket)
11-07-02 Brussells, Belgium (Picture Ticket)
06-30-04 Paris, France (Has 3 folds)
07-01-04 Werchter, Belgium (Picture Ticket, Green, Has Some Folds And Minor Tears)
08-14-04 Dallas, Texas (x4 Unused, 3 have a fold down the middle, 1 has an OK stamp and hole punch.)
08-28-05 Berlin, Germany (Has 1 fold down the middle and some scratches)
10-17-07 Dallas, Texas (Unused, Rescheduled for 6/6/08)
06-08-08 Austin, Texas (Unused)

06-27-92 Pasedena, California After Show (x8)
07-09-96 Uniondale, New York Guest
07-09-96 Uniondale, New York Aftershow


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