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Common Standard Taping Codes

All dates are MM/DD/YY
Time is in minutes
CD=Compact Disc Recording
CDO=Compact Disc That I Own
CDR=CD-Rom Digital Copy From CD or Analogue Source
MD=Mini Disc
MD0AUD0=Mini Disc Master From A Master Recording
AUD=Audience Recording (Audio/Video)
PRO=Professional Video Recording
RAD=Recording From The Radio
VIN=Recording From Vinyl
DAT=Digital Audio Tape
ATV=Audio from a Television Show or Video Tape
INT=Internet Source
SB=Sound Board
MX=Mixing Board
M/Master=Master Tape Recording (Audio/Video)
* =Have A Complete Or Partial Alternate Version
? =Unknown

Any numbers that may be after the above codes stand for the generation (how many times it has been copied) of the tape. For example:

CD1=First Generation Copy From A Compact Disc Recording
MD1AUD0=First Generation Mini-Disc Recording From A Master Recording
AUD3=Third Generation Copy From An Audience Recording (Audio/Video)
PRO Master=Master Copy From A Professional Video Recording

A Few Notes

I don't take qualities from other peoples lists, I listen to the show and then I will assign my own grade. The audio and video are rated from 1 to 10, 1 being the worst quality and 10 being the best. All auido and video are for trade only, they are NOT for sale. I will occasionally do trades for blank tapes (2 for 1), but you need to e-mail me for more information (this depends upon my schedule at the moment).

What I Can Trade

  • Audio Cassettes
  • Compact Discs (I have a CD burner, but I prefer only to trade these occasionally because there is a ton of work involved with mastering audio tapes to CD. It is fairly easy however to copy another CD, so I would be willing to do this option more often.)
  • Mini Discs
  • NTSC Video Tapes

    The Rules

    AUDIO: I use only TYPE II tapes (preferrably Maxell, but any high grade tape will do) and I ask that you please do the same. These are usually 90 minute tapes, but occasionally I will use 60 or 100 min tapes. Please do not use high speed dubbing or Dolby noise reduction. I won't use it unless you specify otherwise. Please don't write on the jewel card inserts (the cardboard inserts that come with the cassettes).

    Let me know:

    1. If you make jewel card inserts. If you don't make them, please include the song list on a separate piece of paper according to Tape #1 Side A (list songs), Side B (list songs), etc. You could also e-mail me the setlist instead.
    2. If you ship cases or not. I prefer to ship the cases if the trade is made within the United States. Outside of the U.S., I prefer not to send them as this will cut down on international shipping costs.
    3. If you ship your tapes via regular US mail or by Priority US Mail. All international trades will be shipped via Air Mail.

    VIDEO: I use only high grade video tapes (preferrably TDK or Maxell, but any high grade video tape will be fine). I usually use 160 min tapes for full shows and then 120 min tapes for all other video recording (unless otherwise specified). Please tape all videos on SP recording mode, I will do the same (unless you tell me differently). On a separate piece of paper, please write the video listing in the order it will be viewed. You can also e-mail me the list instead. Shipping will be the same as with audio tapes (see Let Me Know 3.)

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail me.


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