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Here are a few other bands that I will accept in trade if you don't have any Cure to trade with me. E-mail me to set up a trade.

  • Bjork
  • Blur
  • Crosby, Stills, And Nash
  • Depeche Mode
  • Elastica
  • Frank Black
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Garbage
  • Grant Lee Buffalo
  • Gus Gus
  • Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Prince
  • Siouxsie And The Banshees (Shows With Robert Smith On Guitar Only)
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • The Doors
  • The Essence
  • The London Suede
  • The Mamas And The Papas
  • The Pixies

    Tori Amos

    Covering 'Em- Tori Covers Various Songs CD1
    Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepplin)/Thank You (Led Zepplin)/Love Song (The Cure)/Little Drummer Boy/Angie (Rolling Stones)/Wrapped Around Your Finger (The Police)/Famous Blue Raincoat/A Case Of You/Ain't No Sunshine/Imagine (John Lennon)/Home On The Range/American Pie (Don McClean)/Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)


    TFC 00-00-96 (9) 3 min

    Amsterdam, Holland The Paradiso 7-21-96 (9) 84 min
    Fuckin' With My Head/Devil's Haircut/Novocane/Pay No Mind/Loser/Minus/Truck Drivin' Neighbors Downstairs/No Money, No Honey/Puttin' It Down/Rowboat/Where It's At/Interlude (Techno)/The New Pollution/Jack-Ass/Beer Can/I Wanna Get With You/High 5/Motherfucker

    Amsterdam, Holland Pinkpop Festival 5-00-97 (9) 9 min
    Where It's At

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Starlake Amphitheatre 6-10-98 (7) 97 min AUD2
    Intro/Loser/Novocane/Beer Can/Fuckin' With My Head/Sissyneck/I Wanna Get With You/Dead Weight/Nobody's Fault But My Own/One Foot In The Grave/Hollow Log/The Girl Of My Dreams/Asshole/Truck Drivin' Neighbors Downstairs/Cold Brains/Thunder Peel/Devil's Haircut/The New Pollution/Jack-Ass/DJ Swamp/Where It's At


    B-sides CD0
    Mr. Briggs/I'm All Over/Young And Lovely/My Ark/People In Europe/Peter Panic/Girls And Boys (Pet Shop Boys 7" Remix)/Girls And Boys (Pet Shop Boys 12" Remix)/Magpie/Red Necks/Alex's Song/The Man Who Left Himself/Tame/Ludwig/One Born Every Minute/To The End (With Francoise Hardy)/The Horrors/A Song/St. Louis

    Glastonbury, Festival England 6-27-98 (9-) 82 min RAD2
    Beetlebum/End Of A Century/Country Das Ballad Man/South Park/Popscene/M.O.R./There's No Other Way/Repetition/I'm Just A Killer For Your Love/Coping/For Tomorrow/This Is A Low/Parklife/The Universal/Death Of A Party/Essex Dogs/Song 2

    David Bowie

    VIDEO David Bowie's 50th Birthday Concert 97

    VIDEO VH1 Legends 3-1-99 44 min (9+) PRO Master

    Harry Connick, Jr.

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Civic Center 5-4-98 CD Master
    Let's Just Kiss/Once/Let Me Love Tonight/Dance With Me/Life Would Be Complete (Lucien Barbarin- Trombone)/How Much Do I Love You?/Limehouse Blues (Improvisation)/Mona Lisa (Charnell Williams- Stand Up Bass)/Workin' On The Railroad/Chattanooga Choo Choo/The A Train/There's No Business Like Show Business/Love For Sale/Wonderful (?)/Learn To Love/Instrumental Song (?)/It Had To Be You

    Crosby, Stills, And Nash (& Young)

    Woodstock, New York Woodstock Music And Art Fair 8-18-69 CD0
    Suite: Judy Blue Eyes/Guinnevere/Marrakesh Express/4+20/Sea Of Madness/Find The Cost Of Freedom

    VIDEO VH1 Behind The Music 98

    Depeche Mode

    Razormaid Remixes
    Pleasure, Little Treasure/Behind The Wheel/Strangelove

    Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion 5-21-93 (9) 111 min AUD
    Higher Love/Policy Of Truth/World In My Eyes/Walking In My Shoes/Behind The Wheel/Halo/Stripped/Condemnation/Judas/Death's Door/Get Right With Me/I Feel You/Never Let Me Down Again/Rush/In Your Room/Personal Jesus/Enjoy The Silence/Fly On The Windscreen/Everything Counts

    Lausanne, Switzerland Patinoire de Malley 6-3-93 (8+) 108 min AUD
    Higher Love/Policy Of Truth/World In My Eyes/Walking In My Shoes/Behind The Wheel/Halo/Stripped/Condemnation/Judas/Death's Door/Mercy In You/I Feel You/Never Let Me Down Again/Rush/In Your Room/Personal Jesus/Enjoy The Silence/Fly On The Windscreen/Everything Counts

    Helsinki, Finland Hartwell Arena 9-9-98 (8) 113 min AUD
    Painkiller/A Question Of Time/World In My Eyes/Policy Of Truth/It's No Good/Never Let Me Down Again/Walking In My Shoes/Only When I Lose Myself/A Question Of Lust/Home/Condemnation/In Your Room/Useless/Enjoy The Silence/Personal Jesus/Barrel Of A Gun/Somebody/Stripped/I Feel You/Just Can't Get Enough


    Demos 94 3 min (9-) CD1
    In The City/Vaseline

    The Word TV Show 94 4 min (9) CD1
    Line Up

    Hultsfred, Sweden Hultsfred Sweden 94 41 min (9-) CD1
    Spastica/Rock 'n Roll/Line Up/S.O.F.T./Connection/Never Here/Car Song/Stutter/Waking Up/Brighton Rock/2:1/See That Animal/Hold Me Now/Blue/Vaseline

    Brighton, England Zap Club 6-9-94 AUD3
    Spaz/Connection/Line Up/2:1/See That Animal/S.O.F.T./Car Song/Rock 'n Roll/Never Here

    John Peel Sessions 94 23 min (9) CD1
    Never Here/Four-Wheeling (Car Song)/Hold Me Now/Bar Bar Bar/Au For Gloria/King Of Orient/Cleochristmas/Blue

    Glastonbury Festival 95

    Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks

    VIDEO VH1 Legends (Fleetwood Mac) 98

    VIDEO VH1 Behind The Music (Stevie Nicks) 99

    Fountains Of Wayne

    Cincinatti, Ohio Riverfront Coliseum 1-19-97 AUD4
    Joe Rey/Leave The Biker/Barbara H./She's Got A Problem/Survival Car/Please Don't Rock Me Tonight/Sick Day/Sink To The Bottom/Can't Get It Out Of My Head/Radiation Vibe

    Frank Black

    Seattle, Washington Moore Theatre 00-00-93 (No Big Deal) 68 min (7+, Some Bass Distortion) AUD
    Instrumental/Tossed/Czar/Hang On To Your Ego/I Heard Ramona Sing/Adda Lee/Old Black Dawning/Places Named After Numbers/Two Spaces/Don't Ya Rile 'Em/Freedom Rock/Fu Manchu/Los Angeles/Parry The Wind/Ten Percenter/Brackish Boy This Is Where I Belong/Every Time I Go Around Here


    Toronto, California Opera House 10-11-95 57 min (9-) CD1
    Supervixen/Stupid Girl/My Lover's Box/As Heaven Is Wide/Fix Me Now/A Stroke Of Luck/Trip My Wire/Queer/Only Happy When It Rains/Not My Idea/Vow/Girl Don't Come

    Indianapolis, Indiana 6-27-96 * 38 min (7-) AUD
    Queer/Fix Me Now/Not My Idea/Milk/Supervixen/Stupid Girl/Only Happy When It Rains/Vow

    Dusseldorf, Germany Easter Festival 7-4-96 17 min (9) CD1
    Not My Idea/Dog New Tricks/My Lover's Box/Milk

    Dusseldorf, Germany Easter Festival 7-4-96 AUD3
    Queer/Fix Me Now/Not My Idea/Dog New Tricks/My Lover's Boy/Milk/Supervixen/Stupid Girl/Trip My Wire/Only Happy When It Rains/Vow

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina Dean Dome 11-12-96 42 min (8) AUD
    Queer/Fix Me Now/Not My Idea/My Lover's Box/Milk/Supervixen/Stupid Girl/Only Happy When It Rains/Vow

    Jimi Hendrix

    Monterey, California Monterey Pop Festival 6-18-67 CD0
    Killing Floor/Foxy Lady/Like A Rolling Stone/Rock Me Baby/Hey Joe/Can You See Me/The Wind Cries Mary/Purple Haze/Wild Thing

    Woodstock, New York Woodstock Music And Art Fair 8-18-69 CD0
    Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)/Stepping Stone/Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze

    Jefferson Airplane

    Monterey, California Monterey Pop Festival 6-17-67 CD0
    Somebody To Love/The Other Side Of This Life/White Rabbit/High Flyin' Bird/She Has Funny Cars

    Woodstock, New York Woodstock Music And Art Fair 8-17-69 CD0
    Volunteers/Somebody To Love/Saturday Afternoon/Won't You Try/Uncle Sam Blues/White Rabbit

    VIDEO VH1 Behind The Music 98

    The London Suede

    Glastonbury Festival England 6-25-93 (9) 30 min RAD2
    He's Dead/Animal Nitrate/Still Life/The Drowners/Metal Mickey/Sleeping Pills/To The Birds

    Glasgow, Scotland 12-15-94 (9) 47 min RAD2
    Killing Of A Flashboy/Animal Nitrate/The Wild Ones/Metal Mickey/The Two Of Us/So Young/Heroine/New Generation/?/?/The Drowners

    Sarah McLaughlin

    Osaka, Japan 98 AUD2
    Building A Mystery/Wait/Hold On/Good Enough/Angel/Ice/Path/Witness/Adia/Fear/Elsewhere/Into The Fire/Vox/Possession/Ice Cream/Sweet Surrender/Fumbling Towards Ecstacy/Do What You Have To Do


    VIDEO MTV Unplugged


    VIDEO London, England Brixton Academy 6-26-91 82 min (8+) PRO3
    Rock Music/Debaser/River Euphrates/The Happening/Allison/Velouria/Into The White/Bone Machine/Gouge Away/Hang Wire/I Bleed/Is She Weird?/Little To Memphis/Palace Of The Brine/Planet Of Sound/Where Is My Mind?/Holiday Song/Break My Body/Blown Away/Here Comes Your Man/Subbacultcha/Mr. Grieves/Trompe La Monde/Sad Punk/Monkey Gone To Heaven/Motorway To Roswell/Vamos/Head On (Cover Of Jesus And The Mary Chain)/Tame

    New York, New York The Ritz 2-5-92 81 min (7-) AUD
    Velvety/Brick Is Red/Something Against You/Ana/Cecilia Ann, Levitate Me/Stormy Weather/All Over The World/The Happening/Sad Punk/Cactus/d = r * t/Subbacultcha/Here Comes Your Man/Dead/Manta-Ray/Head On (Cover Of Jesus And The Mary Chain)/U-Mass/Motorway To Roswell/Letter To Memphis/Palace Of The Brine/Planet Of Sound/Bird Dream.../Trompe La Monde/Is She Weird?/Caribous/Holiday Song/Mr. Grieves/Weird At My School/Nimrod's Son/Debaser


    Amsterdam, Holland The Melkweg 12-8-95 (Cafe Concerto) 67 min CD0
    Do You Remember The First Time?/Pencil Skirt/I Spy/Driving On A Saturday Night/Sorted For E's & Wizz/Live Bed Show/Acrylic Afternoons/Babies/Disco 2000/Mis-Shapes/F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E./Underwear/Common People


    Radiohead Demos 00-00-00
    How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found/Big Ideas (Don't Get Any)/Lift/Man-O-War/I Promise/True Love Waits/Nobody Does It Better (Cut, Carley Simon Cover)

    Rolling Stones

    Norman, Oklahoma Owen Field 10-28-97 Master
    Satisfaction/It's Only Rock 'n Roll/Let's Spend The Night Together/Flip The Switch/Gimme Shelter/Sister Morphine/Has Anybody Seen My Baby?/19th Nervous Breakdown/Out Of Control/Shine A Light/Miss You/All About You/Wanna Hold You/Little Queenie/The Last Time/You Got Me Rockin'/Sympathy For The Devil/Tumblin' Dice/Honky Tonk Woman/Start Me Up/Jumpin' Jack Flash/Brown Sugar

    VIDEO St. Louis, Missouri TWA Dome 12-12-97 (10) PRO Master
    Satisfaction/Let's Spend The Night Together/Flip The Switch/Gimme Shelter/Wild Horses (With Dave Matthews)/Has Anybody Seen My Baby?/Saint Of Me/Corina Corina (With Taj Mahal)/Out Of Control/Waiting For A Friend (With Joshua Redman)/Miss You/All About You/Wanna Hold You/It's Only Rock 'n Roll/The Last Time/Like A Rolling Stone/Sympathy For The Devil/Tumblin' Dice/Honky Tonk Woman/Start Me Up/Jumpin' Jack Flash/Can't Always Get What You Want/Brown Sugar

    Smashing Pumpkins

    B-Sides And Raritites CD0
    Tristessa (Sub-Pop Version)/Not Worth Asking/Honey Spider II/Jackie Blue (Cover)/Purr Snickety/Apathy's Last Kiss/Siamese Dream/Never Let Me Down (Cover- Depeche Mode)/Pulseczar/Dancing In The Moonlight (Cover- Thin Lizzy)/Drown/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Live)/Infinite Sadness (Instrumental)/A Night Like This (Cover- The Cure, Starchildren Live)/Boys Don't Cry (Cover- The Cure, Partial Live 1-6-96)/Boys Don't Cry (Cover- The Cure, Partial Live 1-27-96)/Delusions Of Candor (Starchildren)/Why Am I So Tired (Instrumental)

    Mellon Collie Demos 00-00-00
    Marquis In Spades/Lily (Acoustic)/To Forgive (Acoustic)/BWBW (Acourstic)/Here Is No Why (Acoustic)/Galapagos (Acoustic)/Unknown 1/Unknown 2/Ugly (Acoustic)/Unknown 3/Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness/Thirty Three/Beautiful (Riff)

    Performance 00-00-00
    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

    American Music Awards 00-00-00
    1979/Jackie Blue

    UK Hotel 9-00-91
    Drown/Suffer/La Dolly Vida/Obscured/Snail

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin Atomic Records 10-22-91
    Silverfuck/Bye June/Blue/Siva/Smiley/Suffer

    Holland Hilversum 6-30-93 (Drown)
    Spaceboy (Acoustic)/Dancing In The Moonlight (Cover- Thin Lizzy, Acoustic)

    Chicago, Illinois Tower Records 7-26-93 (Drown)
    Rocket (Acoustic)/Cherub Rock (Acoustic)/Today (Acoustic)/Mayonaise (Acoustic)/Hummer (Acoustic)

    Dronten, Netherlands Lowlands Paradise Festival 8-28-93 (Drown)
    I Am One/Disarm/Geek U.S.A./Drown/I Am One/Cherub Rock/Silverfuck/Today

    VIDEO MTV's Most Wanted 00-00-94 4 min (8) PRO3
    Disarm (Unplugged)

    VIDEO MTV Europe 00-00-94 5 min (8-) PRO3
    Mayonaise (Acoustic Outside)

    London, England Astoria Theater 2-25-94
    Rocket/Quiet/Today/Disarm/I Am One/Hummer/Geek U.S.A./Spaceboy/Siva/Cherub Rock/Luna/Starla/Never Let Me Down/Silverfuck

    VIDEO MTV London, England Astoria Theatre 6-10-94 26 min (8+) PRO3
    Soma/Disarm/Today/I Am One/Cherub Rock

    Reading, England Reading Festival (Turpentine Kisses) 8-25-95 26 min CD0
    Today/Disarm/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/Siva/Mayonaise/Cherub Rock

    Chicago, Illinois Riveara 10-23-95
    Tonight, Tonight/Jellybelly/Zero Power/Zero/Today/Disarm/Fuck You (An Ode To No One)/Thru The Eyes Of Ruby/Geek U.S.A./Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/Cherub Rock/Mayonaise/X.Y.Z.

    Amsterdam, Holland 12-12-95
    Jellybelly/Zero/Disarm/Today/Fuck You (An Ode To No One)/Thru The Eyes Of Ruby/Where Boys Fear To Tread/Cherub Rock/X.Y.Z./Geek U.S.A./Silverfuck

    Sydney, Australia Request Lounge 3-13-96 (Turpentine Kisses) 38 min CD0
    Tonight, Tonight/1979/Cupid De Locke/Thirty Three/Take Me Down/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/To Forgive/Muzzle

    VIDEO Dusseldorf, Germany 4-17-96

    Denver, Colorado 8-30-96 Soundcheck (7+) 48 min
    Unknown Song/Zero/Mouth Of Babes/Where Boys Fear To Tread/Silverfuck

    Denver, Colorado 8-30-96 (7+) 114 min
    Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness/Where Boys Fear To Tread/Zero/Cherub Rock/To Forgive/Tonight, Tonight/Today/Thru The Eyes Of Ruby/Thirty Three/Disarm/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/An Ode To No One/Porcelina/Beautiful/Porcelina/Muzzle/By Starlight/Silverfuck/Drown/Hummer

    Radio Broadcast 00-00-98 (10) AUD2
    To Sheila/Tear/Ava Adore/Tonight, Tonight/Shame/1979

    Viper Room 1-15-98
    To Sheila/Perfect/Let Me Show The World To You/Once Upon A Time/Daphne Descends/Ava Adore/Crestfallen/Shame/Tear/Need (17 Riff)/1979

    Stockholm, Sweden 5-25-98 (4-) 128 min AUD2
    To Sheila/Tear/Once Upon A Time/Crestfallen/Ava Adore/Daphne Descends/Ruby/Perfect/Tonight, Tonight/Stumbeline/Bullet With Butterfly Winds/Shame/For Martha/1979/Transmission (Cover Of Joy Division,With Lyrics From The Beatles "Help")

    Houston, Texas 7-12-98 (9-) 132 min RAD3
    To Sheila/Behold, The Nightmare/Pug/Crestfallen/Ava Adore/Perfect/Annie Dog/Blank Page/Tonight, Tonight/Let Me Give The World To You/Stumbeleine/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/Shame/For Martha/Presentation Of Check/1979/Transmission (Cover Of Joy Division, With Lyrics From David Bowie's "Let's Dance")(Cut In Middle)

    Mountain View, California Bridge School Benefit 10-18-97 (7) 53 min
    To Sheila/Ava Adore/Tonight, Tonight/Set The Ray To Jerry/1979/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/Eye (With Marylin Manson)/The Beautiful People (With Marylin Manson)/XYU/Muzzle

    The Mamas And The Papas

    Monterey, California Monterey Pop Festival 6-18-67 CD0
    Straight Shooter/Got A Feelin'/California Dreamin'/I Call Your Name/Monday, Monday/Dancing In The Streets

    VIDEO VH1 Behind The Music 98


    VIDEO VH1 Behind The Music (Studio 54) 99


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