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London, England  7/24/1989
Wembley Arena

"This one feels like the oldest song that I ever wrote, and it's dedicated tonight to Shellyan Orphan because they've been so fucking brilliant. It's called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

I watch for you
In ?
High in the center...sends I always do
I beside her here

I can hold her
I ever never do with you
And I will hold her
Like I can never do with you

Is face her
She looks away
As beautiful all of the world
The most beautiful of the world

He grabs her and says
After all of these years I still love you so much
I still love you so much

He puts his face away as he never can look
Once he's looked away and she's looking around
For another thing to start...
Like it never would

So I'll wait for you where I always wait
Behind the skys the scent of you!!! (Yelling)
I'll watch for you like yesterday
Touch like yesterday

(Guitar Fill)

There's nothing left but faith
(Ending Lyrics)


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