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Barcelona, Spain  6/21/1989
Velodromo Municipal

"He turned around and said... woke up from this before here. They're really like a brass band down at the end of the pier. After the ship... and it had no name, said can anyone see it? It's got no name. It's your ship, you go on first and name it. And he walked on... then suddenly, the gang plank was pulled away and all his friends and family were left there. And he knew the name of the ship, it was called 'Farewell Summer'. When he woke up, he walked to his grandfather and said, when you die, is it like being on a ship that pulls away from everything you love and it's called 'Farewell Summer'? And his grandfather didn't say anything. This is called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

So come down here
Hands up high ?
I take you out with me... to look at the stars like we used to
I can finish what I'm doing in time
We can count the hours, 'til the sun goes down

In a sense it was something...
Pushing out it turned into a fish
Then turned into another fish so much bigger than the other one
It had arms

And then scooped itself out of the mud
Suddenly turned itself on its back
It looks at the sun... and...
Turns into... a thing as big as my hand
Turns into... a thing as big as up to my knee
Turns into a thing... that's as big as my thigh that now walked along on... on hands and legs

It still looked at the sky and think
Why does the sun come up?
How a thousand... like a billion people...
Like a billion trillion people before

Suddenly, up as high as me
Up as high as me
To reach up
To touch you as much as a man who's touched you
To touch you... as much as a man who's touched you

She said... you're living in the age where a billion years that gravity has been king and...
Why don't you step out of that?
It makes you feel so much bigger than you should
Even without the children would... makes you feel bigger than you should

Falls down
But the only thing he forgot is the size of the eyes of the men who'll say yes or no
So I stand there like no one
And someone walks up... they go... says... say yes
And I won't say no

I think for fuck's sake someone's walked on the moon
He still walks up and says... choose
But then you can't say no
Go and join the ones who said no before
I still don't know what I would do! (Yelling)

(Guitar Fill)

There's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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