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Colmar, France  6/12/1989
Theatre Du Parc Des Expos

(Beginning Lyrics)

You come outside with me
Just hold my hand like we...
Take me to the edge of the world she says
Fall out in a human ?

She says I've seen him so many times before
Sun's coming up, eyes go red
Hang your head just only that much above the floor
I'll crawl... to see you again
I'll crawl... to see you again
I'll crawl

If you could just once stop, see yourself young again
How it meant to walk to the edge again
And... stay quiet, stay young

You say, I've... I've watched you do this so many times before
And each time you get... that much further away
She'll say wait... for yesterday
I say this... shhhhhh
I've got to ?

But that you're standing in the sun she says... one air away
All I want is a hand that can take me aside that's as strong as my own that won't give up when they call (Yelling!)
That say look at that... it's so far down (Yelling!)
A hand that won't give up that's as strong as my own, that will pull me aside...

She'll say, it goes (Yelling!) so much deeper than that
Cause she never tells me
It goes so much deeper than that she's...

(Guitar Fill)

So just spread wide the way you are
I'll wait for you where I always wait
Behind the doors that sell the news and I'll watch for you...
And I'll watch for you
And I'll watch for you
I'll watch

There's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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