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Torino, Italy  6/9/1989

(Beginning Lyrics)

It's so good just holding you like I knew I should
If I could just once hold out my hand
Through the hair that blows like gold

Remember this and come and then right down
In an instant my eyes took in every single sight
And every sound of that second
The way she looked at me

Sucked in his eyes ever seen through
Sucked his mouth that he'd ever been through
Sucked his nose that I've ever smelled through
Sucked his ear that he'd ever sung into
Sucked his tongue I'd ever warmed up to
Sucked us inside and ever be inside

She listened to me
Her hair was always like...
It's's just one more...gone away she said
Gone away I said
Gone away I said

I kiss you again
I kiss you again
I kiss you again
I kiss you again

She says...and the time will always pass
And I'll go away
You won't see me anymore

Stand and soon my hands...
And I just stare but out at the back of the door she... (Whispered)

Hear it deep inside she says
Come looking for me!!! (Yelling)
She says come looking for me like you would
Come looking for me like you would

I never
'Cept would
'Cept I never would
I never would

(Guitar Fill)

There's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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