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Milan, Italy  6/8/1989
Arena Civica

"We're going to play Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

(Guitar Fill)

She said to me
She said is... is anybody listening
Push my face against her eyes she said...
You look and I'll look out
A minute 'til midnight, on the day before Christmas
A minute 'til midnight, on the day before Christmas
Boy smiles, gives me an hour 'til midnight
How someone else who says... says

Push your...
Push your face to me (Whispered)
She pushes her face against mine (Whispered)
She says you don't feel as I do
So I push you away
So once I go should I...
All goes away and I wonder if I'll ever see you again

Picture that self go so too late
He said I didn't mean any of this
I didn't mean any of this
Letting out as the flowers fall down
As the flowers fall down

You wait for me where...
I wait for you where I always wait
Behind the signs that sell the news
I'll watch for you where I'll always watch
Behind the signs that tell me shhhhh...
So faaaaaaarrrrr
So far away

(Guitar Fill)

Looks inside and then she... pushes like coals that match
And look into your eyes its like feel how I feel
Do as I do
Just as I hold you up and I look just like ?

What's the color that you've ever seen?
Holding out, look at these, won't you fight your way clear, oh
And belong to me
And belong to me

Then you smile, the day before Christmas and a minute 'til twelve
You looked down inside of you and see the same stars as you
Live on the same world as you
Be the same place as you
Tonight as you

Say there's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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