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Prato, Italy 6-6-89  6/6/1989
Firenze Stadio

"Grief... it's like... this is probably going to be the last song... and it's... well... I don't know, anything you want, it's called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

And someday then I get down on the clouds
Say you look golden
Had the brightest...sunniest hair that I've ever seen
Fell right from the top right down to her knees

She said...if I could paint...a flower just underneath your eyes
I could love you like no one would

And a boy with her
Much older than me
Hair short and a face as weathered as weathered can be
A far away look in his eyes
That I've since come to recognize
And the stupidest thing was that he called himself...

Said I can paint it for you
So he took me away
Took me out
Showed me what the snow can do
Showed me what the sky can look like
Showed me what a stone can be
Showed me what never can do
What never can do

Look outside that I stare I reserve
I wanted so much to stay his friend
I said when I grow older I'll try to be like you

The girl was so young
Her hair so bright
She says push me away 'cause you'll never understand my type

I can walk above the clouds or down with her
And I couldn't really be scared about anything in the world
She said hold my hand and just look at me
You'll remember this forever

And I was only 13
I thought forever meant getting through school to the summer
And some time later on a night like this
I see flowers in the sky
And comets
Gives me the biggest, wildest, blondest kiss in the world

If I could walk on air again
If I could walk on air again
If I could walk on air again

(Ending Lyrics)


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