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Heerenveen, Holland  5/6/1989
Thialf Isstadion

"This is for my orphan and also for Shellyan Orphan, which is called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

I wake up on days like today
Look outside you say this patient
Couldn't be the boy you are
You didn't feel this way

But sometimes, you wish I could put it back
And just push it in... you be so much like that
Looking back, how it used to be

If I saved it up for the days of this spread
Of the weeks in this spread
Of the years of this spread
I'd be gray in this spread

I'd say we're so lucky to have so much time
So save it all
Save it up and do nothing
Save it up and do nothing

By myself, alone
Two steps away from any other sound
If I had the alibi here in my hand
I would kill you
I would kill you

(Guitar Fill)

Say there's nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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